#63 Why Cursive? Dr. Jan Bedell

It is really necessary to teach your child cursive? Is your child just not getting it? Today Dr. Jan Bedell visits with Prisca Lecroy one of the co-owners of Cursive Logic.   Read More


#59 Hidden Gem Dr. Jan Bedell

Do you have to supervise every minute of your teens school day?  Are they unfocused and unable to complete their tasks?   Dr. Ron Johnson of Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum has created curriculum that gives our students positive role models.  It is the mission of his company to recover at risk children.    Read More


#58 Special Needs Resources Dr. Jan Bedell

If you have a special needs child then you need to tap into the resource of SPED Homeschool and Peggy Ployhar.  She is the CEO of SPED Homeschool, homeschool mom, sibling of 10 adopted special needs children and she served on the board of two state homeschool organizations as their special needs advisor.    Read More


#57 Training in Behavior Dr. Jan Bedell

Does your child know good etiquette? How about you? Do you know proper etiquette?  Have you trained your children up in the way they should behave?  Today Dr. Jan Bedell speaks with Monica Irvine from The Etiquette Factory.   Read More


#56 Behavior Dr. Jan Bedell

Do you have a child that is constantly in trouble? They don’t look at you when you talk to them.  They don’t follow directions.  They don’t answer when spoken to.   This may not be defiance!   Read More

#55 But I Want To Go To College Dr. Jan Bedell

You have a child that wants to go to college, but they are struggling to finish high school.  What is a parent to do?  We want our kids, big or little, to reach their full potential!  We want them to set goals and reach them.   Dr.  Jan will share some effective tips to help get that brain organized, improve the processing, and help make sure things are getting stored in the correct place so it can bring it back out without a struggle.


Listen in to today’s Brain Coach Tips to hear an inspirational story of a seventeen-year-old whose dreams of going to college were almost dashed.   Read More

#54 ADD Resolved Dr. Jan Bedell

Does your child have ADD or ADHD?  Do you need some hope?  Dr. Jan visits with Michelle, who shares her personal story of frustrations to victories with her son.   This story will give you hope!  Call 972-758-1260 for specific direction about where to start on your journey to reduce or eliminate the symptoms on the ADD/ADHD checklist.    Read more

#53 Reading Struggles - Is it Dyslexia? Dr. Jan Bedell

Do you wonder if your child with reading struggles might have dyslexia?   We encourage you to think differently about labels. Typically, if you have a number of symptoms that are on a checklist, it is assumed that you have that label. The good news about that is, The Neurodevelopmental Approach finds what is causing the symptoms and teaches you to work to eliminate those symptoms.  That is what Dr. Jan does in this episode of Brain Coach Tips. 


Don’t miss the handout with many symptoms of Dyslexia and the root causes that could be addressed with NeuroDevelopment.  Read More

#52 Stressed Child - SOS! Dr. Jan Bedell

Is a stressed environment the norm for your homeschool?  Dr. Jan discusses some root causes of stress from metabolic challenges to disorganized brains. Solutions are also given to reduce the stress of math and reading struggles even if a child has learning labels like Dyslexia, ADD, OCD, Autism Spectrum, etc.  Read More

#51 Cornerstone Of Math Dr. Jan Bedell

If your child is struggling in math or is even labeled with a disability like dysgraphia; if your gifted child needs a good math foundation so he can progress at his own pace; if your 5-15 year olds are having difficulty remembering their math facts, this podcast for you!  Dr. Jan explains how your children can achieve a solid foundation in math and have a cornerstone (quick recall of math facts) that will benefit them for a lifetime.  Read More 

#50 Kindergarten Skills For Academics Dr. Jan Bedell

Underlying developmental building blocks are necessary for a kindergarten child to be ready for more formal academics.  From Little Giant Steps’ perspective, kindergarten is the culmination of effective development in six areas.   When there are gaps in one or more areas of development, children can suffer from a myriad of learning challenges and even learning labels like ADD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, CAPD and many others.  Most people try to fix these inefficiencies with curriculum when in fact, curriculum is designed to advance an individual that already has efficient brain development. 


The six areas of development (tactility, auditory, visual, manual, language, and mobility) that are the foundation to function are expanded this week.  The precise activities, described this week, can produce better function. 


Not only is proper development necessary but the chemistry of our body has to be considered as well.  You can receive a free metabolic consultation after submitting your request.  See details for this and other savings in the handout. Read More

#49 Long Term Memory Boosters Dr. Jan Bedell

Many families seek help for their children with learning labels and learning struggles. Long term memory issue is often a common theme for this children.  The memory boosters presented this week along with those in podcast #23 will give parents tools to make a change if the child’s learning struggles.


Today, learn about the importance of visualization and conceptualization in aiding the long term memory.  Also included are activities to enhance both these skills.  Read more 


Don’t miss the handout attached here with key products to help visualization as well as discounts.

#48 Preschool Essentials Dr. Jan Bedell

Preschoolers really need to have an organized brain to achieve peck performance when starting formal academic.  Neurodevelopmental have discovered, that it is not the “preschool skills” books that make the change in brain efficiency.  It is the development of the central nervous system and most especially the brain that makes all the difference. 


This week’s Brain Coach Tip is dedicated to teaching you how to stimulate the six areas of development that are the foundation to function – tactile, auditory, visual, manual, language, and mobility.  See details in the handout where you can read more about this episode.

#47 Brain Plasticity - God's Special Gift Dr. Jan Bedell

In the mid-1950 and until recent times, it was thought the brain was hardwired by the time you were an adult. You were basically stuck with what you have if you were 20 years old or older.   Recent technology has now confirmed what neurodevelopmentalists have known since the 1950’s.  The brain changes throughout life! These changes are referred to as brain plasticity. 


Listen this week as the Brain Coach describes the important principle of brain stimulation to produce better function.  Read more

#46 Let's Fix It! The NeuroDevelopmental Approach For Life Dr. Jan Bedell

Does your child, or maybe even you, have issues with reading that cause you to suspect dyslexia?  Are there sensory issues and attention problems that are similar to what you read about ADD or ADHD? Does your child have a syndrome or is considered “special needs” (autistic, OCD, PPD, developmental delays or low IQ)?  Jan found hope for her daughter with special needs through The NeuroDevelopmental Approach for Life.  Come and hear how you too can “fix it” so functional abilities are improved. Metabolic challenges are also discussed in this episode. Join the Brain Coach as she explains root causes of learning, developmental and metabolic issues and ways to “fit it.”


Don’t miss the handout with key points from the podcast and links

to pertinent resources and discounts.


Read More

#45 Navigating Special Needs Home Schooling Dr. Jan Bedell

It can be a lonely educating your child with special needs.  This week, you will hear from a mom that has walked the walk with two children.  One child had a severe diagnosis of PDD (Pervasive Developmental Delay) and the other was labeled ADD.  God was faithful with help and support along the way.  Hear Michelle’s story from struggling mom with struggling children to triumphant progress and a calling to support others in their journey to releasing full potential. Read more

#44 Strategic School Start Dr. Jan Bedell

It happens every year. Summer draws to a close and plans are made for the start of a new school year.  Teachers, young and old, experienced and first timers, get a great sense of anticipation about the prospects the new year holds. 


In this episode, The Brain Coach will help you to see what really matters when starting another year of home school.  You will hear how to stay on track with your purpose and vision and not get blindsided by things that are really not that important.  This is especially important for children that are struggling or have learning labels.  Don’t miss the handout attached here with key references from the podcast and links to pertinent resources and discounts. Read More 

#43 Answered Prayer - A Mother's Answer For Her Struggling Child By Dr. Jan Bedell

Be encouraged by this mother’s desperate cry for help and God’s answered prayer.  God moved a mountain for her adopted daughter so stressed with learning challenges that she felt worthless.  Do you sense there is a glass ceiling over your head?  Do you believe you are just not getting the help you need for your child that is struggling academically. If your child has a label of high functioning autism, ADD, dyslexia or is adopted and struggling emotionally and academically, this podcast straight from a mother’s heart is for you. Read more

#42 Special Needs Homeschool 911 By Dr. Jan Bedell

Is your child who has been struggling academically or is labeled with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Auditory Processing Disorder or dyslexia carefree in the summer and stressed during the school year?  If you are thinking about taking the plunge to home school your child with unique learning needs, this podcast is for you. Or, if you wonder if you have adequate knowledge to continue home schooling a special needs child, this podcast is for you, too.  Finding clarity about your purpose for home school will help you make it through any trial.   Join Dr. Jan for some clarity on purpose and equipping for success. Read more

#41 Siblings Of Special Needs Kids By Dr. Jan Bedell

Parents must put a special focus on their child with special needs, and rightfully so. Yet, how are the siblings affected?  Join Dr. Jan today as she hosts her daughter who candidly shares her experience as a sibling of an individual with special needs.  This information would apply to siblings of those labeled ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, developmental delays, CAPD, Autism, syndromes, and genetic disorders of all types. Read more

#40 A New Label On The Block - CAPD By Dr. Jan Bedell

Labels are being given to children and adults at an alarming rate. One of the newer labels is CAPD. CAPD stands for Central Auditory Processing Disorder and is sometime referred to as APD or Auditory Processing Disorder.  Many times similar symptoms associated with CAPD are also experienced by people that have or are suspected of having ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and other learning struggles.  Auditory processing presents challenges for every part of our society.  In this podcast, discover the NeuroDevelopment reasons these symptoms occur and what can be done to change the future for those with these labels.  Read more

#39 Far-Reaching Effects Of Ear infections By Dr. Jan Bedell

The Brain Coach, Dr. Jan Bedell, will guide you through the far reaching negative effects of ear infections and fluid on the inner ear.  The detriment for children with small ear canals, like many of those with Down syndrome, are significant. These negatives can also make learning challenges worse and actually be the cause of some of the symptoms in labels like ADD, CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder), tonal processing and other auditory processing issues. Other areas that may be affected are the development of balance, motor skills, muscle tone, articulation as well as eye convergence.  Read more and get the handout with answers for these negative situations.

#38 Healing From Trauma By Dr. Jan Bedell

The discussion this week focuses on the brain’s resilience and how it can recover from the effects of trauma in a person’s life.  Dr Jan will be joined by a colleague, Ruth Young. Ruth has been a NeuroDevelopmentalist for 15 years, is a pastor’s wife of 37 years, an author of many articles on the NeuroDevelopmental Approach and a great study guide, Release From Fear.  Ruth fell victim to childhood abuse and knows firsthand the healing effects of the NeuroDevelopmental Approach. Read more and find the handout related to this episode.

#37 Neurodevelopment Can Help Your Child With A Syndrome or Brain Injury By Dr. Jan Bedell

NeuroDevelopment equips professionals as well as parents with the understanding that precise stimulation to the brain, done with frequency, intensity and over time can improve functional ability.  Whether a child has a brain injury or one of the numerous syndromes currently identified such as Charge, Down, Williams, Angelman, Fetal Alcohol just to name a few, there is hope and help for a better life. Read more...

#36 I Said, "Hold Your Pencil Right!" By Dr. Jan Bedell

Have you questioned if the battle to get your child to hold a pencil correctly is worth it?   You think it is important but the constant nagging it takes to make that happen is very tiring. This week the Brain Coach will share why many children struggle to hold their pencil correctly and what can be done.

Whether you have a child you suspect might have dysgraphia or a child that is typically developing, gifted or challenged because of a syndrome, this information will give specific direction on making handwriting easier. Receive the handout and read more here.

#35 Essentials for Spelling By Dr. Jan Bedell

An important skill for life is spelling. Parents often wonder why some children spell well and others don’t.  This seems common even when the same reading program is used for all the children.  Some professionals recommend learning to spell using the phonetic approach.  Find out what NeuroDevelopmentalists refer to as prerequisites for creating good spellers in this episode.  Read more to find links to information about training the brain in these essential skills.

#34 Adopted: Isn't Love Enough By Dr. Jan Bedell

Adoptive parents you are the greatest!  Someone needs to clap for you so I am going to do it. Thank you for taking the steps to become a hero to an adopted child!  Heroes go through hard things to get that “hero” acknowledgement.  Some of you didn’t know you were a hero and thought you just had a love for children and your fellow man and that would be enough to help this new little person in your life.  Emotional, behavioral and learning issues can occur when a child has the trauma of adoption.

This week, the Brain Coach Tip will address what happens in the brain when trauma occurs. It requires more than just love.  Read more and get the handout for podcast #34 here...​

#33 Autism Solutions By Dr. Jan Bedell

The label of autism often strikes fear in the heart of parents.  One confusing things is the huge range of functional abilities contained in an autistic label.  Many people refer to this as a “spectrum disorder” or being on the Autism Spectrum. Autism is a complex diagnosis and contains symptoms of short term memory delays, sensory integration dysfunction, disrupted chemistry of the body being, behavior issues and more.  Get the handout and read more...

#32 Create a Positive Learning Environment Part 2 

By Dr. Jan Bedell

Behavior modification has been an age old topic for centuries and is often a confusing topic for parents.  Learning challenges or low auditory processing complicate the issue even further.  Your days of counting to three, escalating your voice, spankings that may not be effective and still not getting cooperation from your children may be over. Just you take to heart and put into practice the message from part 2 of Creating a Positive Learning Environment.  Read more...

#31 Create a Positive Learning Environment Part 1 

By Dr. Jan Bedell

A negative environment in your home is no fun for anyone.  Many factors can cause this unwelcome situation.  Some of these causes could, to some degree, be things you never thought about.  The good news is that there are simple solutions!  Symptoms of learning challenges and even labels like ADD, ADHD or dyslexia can result from these brain inefficiencies.  We are not talking about labeling your child, far from it.  Equipping parents is our mission.  Be sure to get the handout attached at this link with specific notes from the podcast and examples of what I am sharing in this episode. Read more...

#30 When Does Homeschooling Begin Part 2? 

By Dr. Jan Bedell

Here in part 2, the Little Giant Steps’ Brain Coach, leads you through the last stage of brain organization at the cortex level.  We are also diving into specifics of the importance of giving input to your young child so life and learning are made easier.


This week, we teach you to avoid symptoms that can lead to learning struggles or labels like ADD, ADHD or reading challenges that can lead to the label of dyslexia. Short, daily activities will build brain pathways to make your child’s functional ability soar.   The handout at this link will provide notes to help you remember what is said in this session and discount codes for life-changing products and programs. Read more...

#29 When Does Homeschooling Begin Part 1? 

By Dr. Jan Bedell

Most parent think about educating their children at about pre-school age. The Brain Coach shares a different perspective in this episode. She has some tips that will save you countless hours of effort later in the child’s education.  When a child goes through ALL the developmental steps, the foundation is laid for success when more formal education is started.  At Little Giant Steps, we believe these developmental steps are vital to avoiding learning challenges and even labels like ADD, ADHD or reading difficulties.   READ MORE and find the handout that illustrates what is being said.

#28 The Best Way to Teach Reading By Dr. Jan Bedell

The battle wages on for how to best teach reading. For over the last 150+ years proponents from both sides are unwavering about their recommendations.  The reading curriculum pendulum has swung back and forth from sight to phonics and back again as the controversy roars on with little attention given to anything except method. This has resulted in millions of individuals diagnosed with dyslexia and other reading challenges.


In this episode, the Brain Coach gives tips on what systems must be working well in the brain for reading to be automatic. She will reveal the best way to teach reading. Be sure to get the handout attached at the following link. Read more…

#27 Organizing Einstein: Enhancing the Abilities of the Gifted Child Part 2 By Dr. Jan Bedell

Here in part 2, Jan continues the topic of staying ahead of that voracious appetite for new material that comes with a gifted learner.  Additionally, the concept of teaching with frequency, intensity and duration to accelerate learning and make academics more effective is expanded.

Part of the discussion will focus on the importance of all learning channels working well.  Each channel is designed to process certain types of information i.e. the best learning channel for math facts is the auditory channel.  Learn how The Rapid Recall System makes math facts mastery second nature for accurate math assignments and changes mental math skills for gifted, typical or struggling learners for a life-time.

Read more…

#26 Organizing Einstein: Enhancing the Abilities of the Gifted Child Part 1 By Dr. Jan Bedell

The gifted learner presents a whole new set of challenges for parents.  Staying ahead of that insatiable appetite for new ideas can definitely keep a home school mom on her toes.


The foundation of the NeuroDevelopmental Approach for Life is everyone needs organized brain function to reach their full potential regardless of IQ. Read more…

#25 Special Needs Homeschooling 101 By Dr. Jan Bedell

Do you have children with special needs?  While every child is unique and needs specialized attention, some seem to require more. Many children these days struggle to progress through typical milestones and traditional curriculum don’t seem to help much.  Often there are learning, behavioral or emotional struggles. Many have received labels like Sensory Integration Disorder, autism, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, bi-polar disorder, Down Syndrome and a host of other syndromes. Included in the current list are acronyms like PDD, OCD, CAPD, ODD. What is a parent to do? 

Don’t miss the handout attached to the notes of this episode

with links to pertinent information and discounts.

There is hope! – Read more…

#24 Homeschool Success With Your Struggling Learner

By Dr. Jan Bedell

An increased number of children each year struggle with some type of learning inefficiency that makes academic progress a challenges or ends up giving them a learning or behavioral label like ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, OCD, bipolar, Asperger’s, Autism,….   Some experts say that 1 in 5 US children struggle under the weight of a learning issue.  Read more here and don’t miss the handout with discounts and other pertinent information. 

#23 You Knew It Yesterday - What Happened on the Test?

By Dr. Jan Bedell

Frustration can abound when children seem to grasp a concept and the next day it seems to be nowhere in sight. Being open to “think differently” can change all that.  The NeuroDevelopmental Approach has answer and the Brain Coach can train you how to make it happen. From learning challenges and labels like ADD or dyslexia, dysgraphia to syndromes; the brain can be trained to grow and form new pathways for better function. Be sure to review the handout and read more...

#22 Stop Twirling That String! By Dr. Jan Bedell

Knowledge of the NeuroDevelopmental Profile helps to uncover visual inefficiencies or distortions and is the focus of this Brain Coach Tip.  Discover cultural practices that may be causing some of these challenges for our children as they enter school age academics. Finding the root cause of visual inefficiencies can help you avoid labels such as ADD/ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder or even some Autism spectrum diagnoses.

​

#21 Stop Overreacting! It's Just A Sock! By Dr. Jan Bedell

Some children exhibit unusual or poor behavior when the wrong messages from their tactile system gets to the brain. The gateway to overall function is the sensory system.

These inaccurate messages often result in labels of Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) and these same symptoms can also be found in the labels of Autism, ADD and ADHD. Read more...

#20 Stop Overreacting! It's Not That Loud By Dr. Jan Bedell

Ever been really confused and aggravated with your child’s reaction to sound?  Have you been puzzled by his inability to understand what you are saying?  Have you thought that you might need to get her hearing checked?  If the answer is yes, then this podcast is for you.

There really is a cause for the things children do.  Hear some root causes and read more...

#19 Neuroplasticity-Rewiring the Brain with Dr. Jan Bedell

Neuroplasticity, hmm? That seems like a big word but once you break it down, it is highly understandable. God has given us an incredible gift. The word neuroplasticity breaks down like this: “neuro” means having to do with the brain and “plasticity” is the ability to grow and change.  Our brain changes all the time depending on the stimulation that it receives. For struggling learner or children with labels like dyslexia, ADD, ADHD or autism this is really good new.  How to energize the brain with the right kind of stimulation to build new pathway is the main question.  The brain can receive, organize, process and store information well with the right kind of stimulation. These little developmental steps cause giant strides in academics and overall function.  Little Giant Steps products and services make the most of God’s gift - neuroplasticity. Get the complete podcast and read more...

#18 Making Math Easier with Dr. Jan Bedell

Whether it is helping with homework or home schooling, we tend to teach the way we were taught or at the very least we are inclined to teach how we experienced school.  Is it any wonder so many children DISLIKE math?  This week, Jan Bedell, the Little Giant Steps Brain Coach, defies the traditional approach of doing a few problems in a new “math lesson” and giving the child “independent work”.  Traditional math myths are debunked in this episode.  Also, see the handout associated with this podcast and read more here...

#17 Making Reading Easier By Dr. Jan Bedell

Reading can be complicated.  Fundamentals to reading have to be considered when there are reading delays.  Yes, there are certain skill that must be in place for the brain to identify letters and words.  Receiving the correct information is the first thing to consider. In this addition of Brain Coach Tips, learn how to check the eyes for tracking and convergence.  In addition, learn the symptoms of poor central detail vision. Become equipped to check the child’s visual short term memory and improve visual discrimination. Storage of information for quick retrieval is also covered in this episode. Also find, a handout with additional information. Read More...

#16 That Absent Minded Professor with Dr. Jan Bedell

Is there an Absent-Minded Professor roaming around your house?  That really smart child that has a low attention span, can’t sit still, challenged with following directions, knows something one day but can’t find the information the next, struggles in noisy environments, is irritated by light touch or clothing, etc.  These symptoms often show up on the ADD/ADHD checklist. From a NeuroDevelopmentalist perspective, these symptoms are caused by a misfire in the brain.  Read more about the medical model vs the NeuroDevelopmental no medication model to help. Don’t forget the handout you will find in the link.


#15 ADD/ADHD A Drug Free Solution with Dr. Jan Bedell

In our opinion, the labels like ADD/ADHD are simply symptomatic labels.  There is definitive test or scan that is used to diagnosis an individual with this label.  There is however, a list of symptoms or a checklist filled out by family member and a professional.  Instead of this approach, a NeuroDevelopmentalist, explores all the possible “causes” of these symptoms. 


Learn the three main areas that cause symptoms of ADD/ADHD: metabolic (chemistry of the body), neurodevelopmental, and reactions to stress.  By addressing the root causes, the symptoms diminish and often disappear altogether.  This is how we provide a drug-free solution to ADD and ADHD symptoms. Read more and don’t miss the handout attached at this location. Read more...

#14 She's Such A Drama Queen By Dr. Jan Bedell

When a child is labeled a Drama Queen or King.  The classic response from parents is frustration and aggravation.  Trying to calm the highly charged environment through reasoning or redirecting often ends in the parent getting sucked into an emotional response.  The viscous cycle of reaction added to reaction makes it hard for everyone.  Read more…

#13 He is Just Not Trying with Dr. Jan Bedell

An estimated 1 in 5 US children suffer as a struggling learner...  These children are typically highly intelligent and that intelligence hides the fact that they have learning struggles or even disabilities. This is because of their ability to cope and compensate… Ruth Young, a 10 year veteran NeuroDevelopmentalist, joins Jan to share some experiences of students with labels like ADD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, high functioning autism and others…   Read more…

#12 School Reboot After a Break with Dr. Jan Bedell

Moms and children need a break from the school routine. How do you gracefully get back in the swing of things after a holiday or summer break is often the question?  Join Jan Bedell, the Little Giant Steps’ Brain Coach for tips to transition from fun, stressful, wonderful and exhausting breaks to productive school days.  Read more…

#11 Avoiding Labels By Dr. Jan Bedell

To Label or Not To Label? That is the question. 

It is a very puzzling world for parents of children that struggle with learning and unusual behaviors. 


All types of questions arise like, Why can’t my child:

  • stay focused on his work

  • remember from one day to the next

  • pay attention

  • read, understand math, spell and/or write

  • be ok with textures of food or clothing

  • get dressed in the morning? After all it is just a sock!


You might ask yourself; is this a character/behavior issue or is there another cause for this inability to follow directions?


Another question you might have is; do I need to get him/her tested for a learning disability?


Read More…

#10 God Made Us Different By Dr. Jan Bedell

Intelligence comes in many forms.  The Brain Coach explores Dr. Howard Gardner’s identification of the many different ways a person can be intelligent.  Besides your specific “IQ smarts,” you may also have kinesthetic, spatial, musical, logical/mathematical, linguistic, naturalist, interpersonal or intra-personal smarts.  … Many symptoms on the ADD/ADHD, CAPD, dyslexia and the autism spectrum checklists come from the inablity to fulfill your giftedness because of a disorganized brain…  Read more… 

#9 Shoring Up the Foundation of Learning Styles By Dr. Jan Bedell

The brain has an incredible ability to change in order to build the foundations for learning.  There are certain natural God given intelligences. What is the best way to take advantage of these intelligences? 

Overcoming learning challenges that plague a staggering 1 in 5 US children and to build a foundation of good function, one must understand the brain’s amazing abilities and how with proper stimulation it can change. The Brain Coach discusses how to advance the function of the auditory, visual and tactile systems.   Most learning labels have their origin in specific inefficiencies, i.e. dyslexics often have visual issues, low auditory and visual processing and mixed dominance; a contributor to ADD symptoms comes from low auditory processing and ADHD adds sensory issues to that low auditory processing deficit; CAPD … Read more…

#8 Understanding the Foundation of All Learning By Dr. Jan Bedell

A paradigm of many in academia is The Learning Styles Philosophy. It has also been adopted by homeschool families.  This philosophy promotes the idea that you should find the primary learning style of each student and then center all teaching on whatever you found.  The NeuroDevelopmental Approach for life and learning endorses the idea that it is best to have brain efficiency in all learning styles.  This allows for the most success in academic pursuits as all bits of information have a preferred way of entry to the brain.  Read more…

#7 Dyslexia Reading Roller Coaster with Dr. Jan Bedell

After this episode, you will understand more about why we at Little Giant Steps say that most labels are symptomatic labels. Symptoms are what most people pay attention to or focus on.  The focus needs to shift to the root cause of the symptoms so there can be an altered outcome.  Coping and compensating is what is typically offered from the educational community. From a NeuroDevelopmental perspective, the symptoms are caused by a glitch in the brain and can be improved and in many instances eliminated by addressing the root issue. There are activities that can change the way the brain functions even when diagnosed with dyslexia. Read more…

#6 Draw Close to God in a Busy World with Dr. Jan Bedell and Pastor Alan Bias

Pastor Alan Bias joins Jan Bedell for some tips on how to hear God in the “everyday”.  Learn how to avoid the “Big Gray Swirl” of busyness and distractions to experience all life has to offer.  Children with special learning needs like gifted children or learning labels like dyslexia, ADD, ADHD or autism, experience more complicated factors in life.  Pastor Alan explains why life can seem like a blur and how to slow down and be available to hear God speak. God has answers for us for every situation if we quiet ourselves, raise our awareness and give Him an opportunity to speak.  Read more…

#5 The Dilemma of Dyslexia with Dr. Jan Bedell

It is reported that 15-20% of the population has a language based learning disability and dyslexia appears to be the most common.  From what I have seen, parents don’t really want a label, they want to know how to fix the issues.  If you listen to some of the “experts”, one has to cope and compensate for life because of this condition.  From the NeuroDevelopmental perspective, dyslexia actually comes from several different brain inefficiencies that can changed.  Each person has a unique set of root causes that need to be addressed.  Hear from one man that has struggled with these issue all his life but now has hope.  Read more…

#4 Demystifying Auditory Processing with Dr. Jan Bedell

Do you want to know the best kept secret in education? It is auditory processing. Not many people know about it, yet it affects everyone’s function in everyday life.  Low auditory processing has reached epidemic proportion and now officially has its own label – CAPD, Central Auditory Processing Disorder.  There are different degrees of challenges in the area of auditory processing, and I contend that it is one of the root causes of many learning labels such as dyslexia, ADD and ADHD.  At the very least it is creating a negative situation for children that are struggling whether they are gifted, typical or have labeled with a learning disabilities. Read more…

#3 Three Keys to Learning Anything with Dr. Jan Bedell

You can teach and your child can learn anything when you understand these three simple keys to learning – frequency, intensity, and duration. Even the children that are struggling with learning or those who are considered special needs can accelerate function with these keys.  Included in this podcast is an example the best way to teach math facts and other subject matter?  The Little Giant Steps’ Brain Coach, will share how to use these keys for success to make your home school efforts more productive in less time.  Read more…

#2 The Foundation of Learning - The NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life with Dr. Jan Bedell

The brain must have a good foundation to be most productive. The brain’s organization and the ability to receive, process as well as store information well is vital to success in everyday life. The information presented about The NeuroDevelopmental Approach for Life can enhance anyone’s abilities at any stage of life. 

NEURO refers to the brain and DEVELOPMENT is showing the path to efficient function. The brain controls everything so understanding some fundamental concepts allows you to maximize God’s incredible design. Read more…

#1 Brain Coach Tips with Dr. Jan Bedell

Brain Coach Tips: Changes Lives 

Learn Jan’s journey from a desperate mom needing help for her own daughter to being known as the Brain Coach. Thousands of families have been helped so children can reach their full potential. Whether you have a typically developing, gifted or struggling learner, be empowered with brain enhancing information that will make your families’ life easier and more productive. Read more…