Math Facts Proficiency

Math fact mastery is an essential building block for students to have accurate computation and the ability to do math word problems.  Support your student’s journey in education by seeing where he or she currently ranks in these important skills.

Download your free instructions, proficiency assessments and answer keys for all four math operations here:

View the math proficiency scale to measure your student’s success:

Math Fact Proficiency Recommendations:

Below is our general recommendation for grades 1-5 for using Rapid Recall if you are just starting out with teaching math facts:

After completing the math proficiency assessments and determining the level of proficiency your student is currently working at we recommend the following:

  • If your student is within 5-10 points of being on level for a specific operation you may want to look into reviewing facts within that operation by using the Rapid Recall Visual Input CD. 

  • If your student’s scores indicate the proficiency level is more than 10 points away from the desired proficiency level, it is our recommendation to complete the specific Rapid Recall operation for that fact.