Learning Challenges

Thousands of parents struggle with thoughts of their child falling behind in school and some even wonder if the child will ever be able to handle daily life as an adult. 

Is the struggle you face due to a label or challenges with daily responsibilities, academics, behavior or emotions?  Little Giant Steps’ NeuroDevelopmental Approach, has methods and tools available to train families to change the root causes of these issues instead of continuing to cope and compensate because of the symptoms.

 "When I was asked to use one word to describe our experience with Little Giant Steps, I said, “far-reaching”. Learning of Ashton’s God-given left handedness is surely the most positive result of being on the Little Giant Steps program. We would never have discovered that he was really left-handed ourselves. Using his left hand, along with left eye and left ear dominance will be a great leap in getting him on to better functioning in all areas of his life.
Also, far reaching is the effect of neurodevelopmental principles and concepts on other members of our family and our home education. Occluding eye and ear became normal for several of us. My reading comprehension, actually listening comprehension with audio books, has vastly improved. We also see improvement with a younger son showing dyslexic symptoms and struggling to read.
We’ll be forever grateful for Little Giant Steps methods and activities as we continue to use them in the education of us all."
On LGS program from February, 2009 to January, 2011


Cedar Creek, TX

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 After just one month in LGS, our son Josh has made some amazing progress. Several days ago, he wrote his name for the first time with all the letters facing the correct way. This may sound like a small, even trivial thing for most children, but not for Josh. He is nine and this is a giant step! He has also started reading in the First Steps reader. After using the First Steps CD for 2 weeks, he was able to read two chapters quickly and confidently. The look on his face was worth a million dollars! We love LGS. Even though we have only been in it for a short time (4 weeks), I can already tell a difference in Josh.



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