What makes these products unique? 

Answer: The NeuroDevelopmental Approach incorporated in these products opens a world of possibilities.  Give your Kindergartener a firm foundation of brain development through products that make life and learning easier.

Providing your student with frequent exposures to information in short and intense sessions is the key to successful learning. This teaching technique combined with activities designed to boost auditory and visual short term memory as well as encourage brain organization provide the foundation for your child to excel both academically and physically.

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Parent Education:

Another essential building block to success in school and life is auditory short term memory.  Find out more here:

Kindergarten Featured Product:

Early Learning Foundations (ELF) Level 2

A NeuroDevelopmental program that includes math. 

Consider these recommendations to round out your curriculum package.

3RsPlus Books           3RsPlus Flash Cards      First Steps        First Steps in a Flash         Instand Words Level 1 & 2                                                                                  Reader            Computer Program                  Computer Program 

1000 Most Commonly       Visual Discrimination         Picture Speller               Detailed Reading             Be Positive 

     Used Words                            Game                                                                   Comprehension             Audio Tracks

Sold separately but included in ELF Level 2:

Numbers 1-100      Random Numbers 101-1000          Counting Audio               Skip Counting             Info to Know

  Flash Cards                           Flash Cards

Clock Flash           Rapid Recall System         Visual Circle Math Part 1          Number Tracing Disc

"Please extend our appreciation to Jan and the rest of the team for their loving endeavor to provide an easy to follow “structured” approach to combining math and the basic block of ND program exercises through the Early Learning Foundations Curriculum! This curriculum has really helped us stay more on program the last two weeks AND has made integrating our personalized programs into the day much more achievable! Needless to say, our boys are enjoying the school-exercise routine that’s finally getting (consistently) set in our home! The bonus for us as parents is that we’re really beginning to SEE differences in their processing and social skill abilities since adopting this ELF program into our personalized exercise program….the consistency and repetition really do help(!). So, thanks for physically showing us HOW to integrate it altogether with ELF so we that could achieve this new level of growth in our ND program!

Thanks again for your help with our inquiries and blessings on you! We’ll look forward to working with your team again for the next level of ELF!"

J.P. & co. 4/13

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