Jump Start Training

Jump Start, a NeuroDevelopmental in-home program for ages six and under, is designed to pinpoint challenges and provide individualized program activities and support without traveling to one of our evaluation sites.  Jump Start activities greatly reduce or often eliminate the root causes of brain inefficiencies and are selected to address issues with gross motor, fine motor, speech, language, auditory and visual function as well as sensory integration, behavioral and academic concerns.  

How to start a Jump Start Training Program:

1. Orientation: Order and watch the two hour NeuroDevelopmental Approach DVD prior to

sending in your History Form unless this has been completed previously.

2. History FormComplete and submit the History Form and a digital photo.  Submission information is located at the top of page 1.

3. Remit Payment: Payment for your program can be remitted by contacting the Little Giant Steps main office (972-758-1260) or on the secure Little Giant Steps Store with this link:  Jump Start Program.

4. Brain Training ProgramThe NeuroDevelopmental brain training activities are viewed through our Individualized NeuroDevelopmental Plan (INP) website and will be available within 7-10 days of the confirmed receipt of the testing materials.

5. Future ProgramsJump Start 1 is the initial step in overall brain efficiency and is followed by other programs that can be accomplished in-home. The cycle for each individually designed program is four months.

I want to receive a recommendation about the best option to help my child...

"Before we started the program, my son was uncontrollable; he could not sit still for anything, even eating. Since we started the program he has progressively improved. He can sit for 20-30 minutes listening to music or doing fine motor activities, He sit for his meals, he is not perfect yet but he spends the majority of his time at the table during mealtimes rather than coming to the table when he needs to take a bite. He was also very disorganized, flapping his hands and dancing around the kitchen when he was surpassingly unloading the cutlery from the dishwasher with spoons and forks landing on the floor or ending up in his mouth. Nowadays he unloads the cutlery with purpose and swiftness putting everything where it supposed to go.  It is amazing to see him follow instructions for example when we make the bed, tucking the sheets, putting the pillow where it needs to go then stuffing his pajamas under the pillow. When I am with him at church, I usually go with him to the bathroom if I need to go because he would just run off. The other Sunday I asked him if he wants to wait for me in the foyer where we normally sit, he sat down and I assumed that meant he wants to sit and wait. I rushed to the bathroom, wondering to myself if I have lost my mind, but when I returned, he was sitting where I left him, his face turned towards the direction I was coming from."


Kind Regards

G.M. 8/16

New South Wales, Australia

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"Our 2.5 year old daughter has greatly benefitted from Jump Start 1.  Her improvement has contributed to increased gains in her First Steps therapy with PT, OT, and DTC.  We are now working on Jump Start II."

R.S. 8/16

Middlebury, IN

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