Individual Evaluations

During an individual evaluation our Certified Neuro-Educational Specialist assesses challenges the participant is experiencing with gross motor, fine motor, speech, language, auditory and visual function.  Our goal is to determine what inefficiencies exist in these areas as well as addressing any sensory integration, behavioral or academic concerns. An individualized, four-month brain training program is designed to address the root causes of inefficiencies found.

Steps to obtain an evaluation:

1. Orientation: Order and watch the two hour NeuroDevelopmental Approach DVD

prior to sending in your History Form unless this has been completed previously.

2. History FormComplete and submit the History Form and a digital photo. 

Submission information is located at the top of page 1.

3. Schedule Your Appointment: A Little Giant Steps staff member will contact you within

seven days of receiving your History Form to schedule your appointment and accept your deposit.

4. Evaluation DayDirections to the evaluation site and more information about the evaluation will be sent to you via e-mail after your appointment is scheduled.

5. Your TrainingYour program and training for program activities will be accessed through

our Individualized NeuroDevelopmental Program (INP) website.

6. Re-EvaluationsYou will be contacted by a Little Giant Steps staff member to schedule

your four month re-evaluation either before your appointment or on the day of your appointment.

I want to receive a recommendation about the best option to help my child...

Do you need more information?  Please click here for the most commonly asked questions about evaluations.

"When I was asked to use one word to describe our experience with Little Giant Steps, I said, “far-reaching”. Learning of Ashton’s God-given left handedness is surely the most positive result of being on the Little Giant Steps program. We would never have discovered that he was really left-handed ourselves. Using his left hand, along with left eye and left ear dominance will be a great leap in getting him on to better functioning in all areas of his life.
Also, far reaching is the effect of neurodevelopmental principles and concepts on other members of our family and our home education. Occluding eye and ear became normal for several of us. My reading comprehension, actually listening comprehension with audio books, has vastly improved. We also see improvement with a younger son showing dyslexic symptoms and struggling to read.
We’ll be forever grateful for Little Giant Steps methods and activities as we continue to use them in the education of us all."

On LGS program from February, 2009 to January, 2011


Cedar Creek, TX

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"It's hard to feel successful when you are parenting a child who is delayed. 

It's easy to feel like you simply don't have what it takes.


That was how our story with Little Giant Steps began.


From the time our son had just turned three years old, he endured many appointments with various doctors, all trying to determine why his speech wasn't developing properly. It seemed each doctor or evaluator had a different idea of what was or wasn't wrong and what we should or shouldn't do. With our heads spinning and a growing sense of anxiety, we tried a number of recommended avenues and nothing worked.


...until we found Little Giant Steps, that is.


From the moment we met her, we knew Dr. Jan saw potential in our son. She gave us hope and equipped us with the tools we needed to help our son move forward, both developmentally and academically. 


Does this process require a lot of work and dedication? Yes.

Did we have to make changes in our schedule and the way in which we did things? Certainly.

Did it change our lives? Definitely.

Was it worth it? Absolutely.


As home-schooling parents, we struggled with the prospect of teaching a delayed child whose starting point we couldn't really evaluate. He couldn't express to us what he already knew, so how could we teach him? With the help of Little Giant Steps, however, we soon found ourselves in a position to better understand his needs and recognize his progress. By the time he was age-appropriate to begin Kindergarten, we knew just what to do. By first grade, his speech was understandable and his progress was remarkable. He was reading and spelling at a much higher level than his age would suggest and his math skills were approaching a third grade level. He continues to astound us and those around us on a regular basis, thanks to the help of Dr. Jan and Little Giant Steps."

D.K. 2/17

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"When I was asked to use one word to describe our experience with Little Giant Steps, I said, “FANTASTIC!”
After the first month I asked David if he noticed any difference and he said, “Yes. My eyes do not hurt when I read!” I didn’t know that they hurt in the first place! However the eye activities that were put on his program helped his eyes track better, so he now enjoys reading! He also says that he can concentrate better and when given instructions he can remember a list of them without having to ask repeatedly what he is supposed to do next. His reflexes are better, he can enjoy a conversation better by having quicker responses, and he has more confidence in himself.
We are excited that David has done so well and that he was able to graduate in just 4 months! We will continue with the program that our evaluator, Ruth Young, designed for us for another year. We have seen such great improvements that we want to make sure we glean all that we can from this program!"
On LGS program from December, 2008 to April 2009 (Just 4 months!!) 18 years old


Plano, TX

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"Thank you so much for this wonderful program that has helped my daughter so much! The program helped us determine that she should be left handed and that while transitioning was difficult, there are a plethora of significant ways her life has been improved by switching handedness!”

D.W. 8/16

Houston, TX

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"I am writing to you today to tell you about my experience with Little Giant Steps.  I brought my son to you when he was in first grade because the private school he attended told me that if I didn't put him on medication for ADHD they would expel him from the school.  I had recently picked up a brochure about your program and so I scheduled an appointment with you instead.  That was the best decision that I ever made for my son.  We began the program and within as little as two weeks I saw a dramatic improvement.  The principal of the school also told me that he saw a, "night and day difference", in my son. He told me to keep doing whatever I was doing.  We continued the program for about 4 years and over that time I saw amazing changes in  my son's behavior.  The changes were permanent not just a masking of symptoms as are the medications.  To this day my son is calm and one cannot even tell that he ever had ADHD.  I am so thankful that we did not have to put my son on the medication because all medications have side effects and consequences.  The neuro-developmental program has no side effects and no negative consequences.  I have told so many people about this program because I believe in it so much.  My son believes as well.  He has thanked me many times for not putting him on the medication and for using your program instead. He is now 18 years old and your program changed his life."

O.W. 4/17


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