This part of our website is just for you, our clients. Many have traveled our uncommon journey. We know the trials, the frustrations, the turnarounds, the victories, and the rewards for your persistence, patience, and commitment to the program.

Because of your selfless sacrifice, your child’s life is changed forever!

I’m Confused

Confusion is often a part of change.  We suspect confusion has been a part of your life as you have watched your child grow, then at the some point, you noted something was amiss. Your child’s learning experience was “different.”  Most of us try what we know and most discover that nothing we know about works!  By the time you’ve found your way to our door, you may find yourself depleted of all hope and confidence in helping your child.

Ready Yourself For Change

For your child’s first evaluation LGS tries to balance the practical needs of your time, the demands of the program, and training.  There’s a great deal of new information imparted.  Many of your suspicions will be confirmed after you have the results of that first evaluation.  For some, it’s a time of great emotional release.  With the light of the new knowledge they receive some feel grief and for some, the grief of rage. We at LGS remember when we, ourselves, were overwhelmed with frustration by our child’s non-compliance and remembering all the negative interactions.  We just didn’t understand.

Forgive Yourself & Move On

It’s little wonder that you have some form of confusion through this whole process! Having to deal with all of the relief, guilt, and the earnest desire to “fix” things can take on a sense of urgency, and along with it, the confusion that says, “How do I sort all this out?”  We will help you as you ease into the program.  It may take several weeks or even months.  Remember, no one is perfect; all we need to do is the best we can, and that will be good enough!

Keep this in mind; your child has everything to gain and nothing to lose.   Consistent brain stimulating activities will help them become neurologically efficient.  Meditate on the many miracles our Lord brought about.  The disciples did not have a clue how to feed five thousand, and then Jesus offered a surprising solution.  “You feed them.”  They thought, “Impossible!”  They focused their attention on what they didn’t have (food or money), instead of relying on God to make a way.  Let this time be a time of spiritual growth and commitment.  Just think; you didn’t have a clue as to how your child’s brain could be organized, and then we offered a program that can do just that! Do the best you can each day, and rely on God to show you the way…..even if you are not perfect!

Rely On God To Show You

If you think you’re alone and must rely only on your individual resources, your chances for success are diminished.  This program will work, if you do your part and trust God to hold you up in times of trouble.  We are there for you ~ just a phone call away.  For some of you, you will find a new level of maturity, because you will need to do something you’ve not done before – be consistent and be disciplined through the times you don’t “feel” like it!  You, too have everything to gain ~ a new way of loving and respecting yourself.  You will begin seeing the fruit of your labors that will be with your child for the rest of his or her life.  When we put aside old habits and focus on the task at hand, we are truly investing in our child’s future and enriching our own lives through this journey.  For more inspiration, visit our success stories.

When Discouraged

All of us go through times when we feel totally discouraged about everything.  It’s called “losing your focus.”  Usually, we lose our focus when we’ve got an imbalance going on in our lives.  Then, we have a tendency to “lump” all negative energy into one locale, which makes us feel helpless and hopeless about everything, and thus, the vicious cycle begins.

Ready Yourself For Change

Is that all there is?  Vicious cycles?  No!  Our Lord promises we will never be alone and we can do all things through Him.  His promises are true.  This is what our “focus” needs to be while we’re on program.  Tap into your spiritual beliefs!  You are working with your child to stimulate the brain to set the stage for learning success.  You have been chosen and blessed with a special gift to impart a new life experience to your child.  Is it easy?  Not always.  Is it worth it?  Yes… always!

You Get What You Give

Sometimes we experience deep discouragement, because we lose our perspective about who we are as a parent.  God made you the most precious person in your child’s life!  If you’ve lost sight of the love God has for you, then it becomes easier for you to lose sight of the love you have for your child, spouse and those close to you.  We would ask two things of you.  First, go somewhere quiet.  Get on your knees, if this will help you and ask God to lift you up.  Let Him know you are in need of a “makeover.”  Humbly ask for Him to restore you to the mother or father He’s called you to be in helping your child overcome his learning disabilities.  He will forgive any shortcomings. Then, ask for balance and faith in following His ways in all that you do.  Lastly, take some time to have fun with your child.  Do something where both of you can relax; a time to laugh.  Renew your love with this child and your family.

Love Is Always The Answer

Talk about the progress the two of you are making. Be aware of the little things.  Talk about how you both like to do the right thing, but how you miss the mark sometimes.  Then, talk about how you would like things to be.  If you’re not talking with your child like a very good friend, then the two of you need more time to play together and just “love on each other!”  Wake up to the loving friendship between you and your child.  This program needs to be seen as an opportunity to celebrate even the smallest accomplishments, because every little thing accumulates into a total change.  Have fun with it!  Intensity, Duration, Frequency – keep it fun.  Let that child within you come out and play with your child.  If you need help, call us.  All of our staff has “been there, done that!” We’ve all gone through a program just like you.

Don’t Ever Give Up

It is always with great sadness when a parent calls us and says, “I need to reschedule our appointment, because I’ve just not done the program like I should have.”  Experience has taught us that is especially the time when you need to keep your appointment.  We often forget the power of what the Holy Spirit can do (remember you are not alone in this), and you need to see what you have done!   We’ve not had a child come in for re-evaluation where there was not something positive that’s been accomplished.  Re-evaluations are a time for renewal for you and your soul.  Don’t miss out on the miracle of change that’s always there in God’s beautiful design ~ in the plasticity of the brain.  Doing “something” is never “nothing!”  Don’t ever give up!