Dyslexia is a label given to individuals with a myriad of challenges that include but are not limited to transposing letters, poor visual discrimination and visual short term memory as well as trouble reading.  At Little Giant Steps we view the individual as a whole and provide brain stimulating activities which greatly decrease or eliminate the root causes of the symptoms instead of teaching coping and compensating skills.  Our approach, The NeuroDevelopmental Approach, is responsible for the success of hundreds of individuals that have come to us in need of a better solution.  The symptoms of Dyslexia don’t have to be a weight that is carried throughout life.  There is hope for change and it is NEVER too late!

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"Update on Timothy!! Timothy is doing great! He is making mostly A’s in school. The teachers are blown away with the fact that he really doesn’t need any accommodations especially when taking the standardized tests. He reads very well but struggles with spelling. I cannot tell you how many times he notices how much better he reads than his friends who are dyslexic. He says, mom, they need Jan Bedell’s program!"

Dana C.

Frisco TX

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"After 10 months on the Little Giant Steps program, this week all the letters my 10 year-old daughter had continually and consistently written REVERSED since kindergarten have flipped and now fluently come out on paper facing the right way. She doesn’t even pause to ponder which way the letter “p” faces.

I thank God and rejoice that her learning problems are falling by the way side as her brain changes and new neural pathways are built. This learning challenge seems to have vanished! I thought it would remain a challenge and she would always pause to ponder which way her letters and numbers go. This is truly the difference in The ND Approach vs learning to compensate!

Our diligence and hard work on program is paying off. I am celebrating and wanted to share. We had a Little Giant Step today!"


Perry, GA

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"Seth was placed on the Little Giant Steps program primarily because he is (or was) dyslexic. He had all the classic letter and number reversals in his writing. While this did not seem to prevent his reading well, it certainly was a problem in writing and even, to a degree, in Math. I am extremely happy to report that Seth has been “reversal free” now for several months and that his spelling has improved drastically. He would not “test” as dyslexic anymore—thank you, Ruth Young!
Seth also had a few sensory issues which were addressed by his program. He will now eat onions (he always refused before). His coordination has also improved dramatically, even though he is in the middle of a teenage growth spurt! Improved enough to milk the cow—which is a VERY coordinated activity, in case you never tried it!"
On LGS program from May, 2009 to August 2010


Karnes City, TX

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