1. How do I know if Developmental Foundations 2 (DF2) is right for my situation?   Answer...

2. How is Developmental Foundations 2 (DF2) different from Developmental Foundations (DF)?    Answer...

3. I noticed that Developmental Foundations 2 (DF2) is a Brain Training Kit like Developmental Foundations (DF).  Can I use DF2 activities with my entire family as with DF?   Answer...

4. What is included within the Developmental Foundations 2 (DF2) Brain Training Kit cost?   Answer...

5. What can I expect to happen after I order the DF2 program?   Answer...

6. What types of assessments are necessary to receive a DF2 program?   Answer...

7. How long does it take to get started with the DF2 program after turning in my assessments?   Answer...

8. How will I learn the activities within my DF2 program?   Answer...

9. How much time each day does it take to accomplish program activities with DF2?   Answer...

10. How many weeks would I be working on the DF2 program?   Answer...

11. What type of support will I receive while working with DF2?   Answer...

12. If further NeuroDevelopmental brain training intervention is needed after DF2 is complete, what are the options?   Answer...

1. DF2 could be your next best step in your journey toward neurological efficiency if four to six months of Developmental Foundations has been completed and one or more of the following apply. The participant:

  • seems somewhat disorganized (coordination, thoughts, actions)

  • is mixed dominant (hand, eye, ear and/or foot)

  • has long term memory issues or inconsistent recall of information

  • has previously identified eye function concerns, skips letters or words when reading or has difficulty discriminating visual details

  • has difficulties writing on the line and/or poor spacing between words


2. DF2 is a more individualized program than DF.  This group of activities is designed after the assessment process for the participant and targets issues that are gleaned from that specific information.  After the program is designed, the supplies needed to accomplish the program are shipped to you in a kit.

3. Even though there may be some activities on your DF2 program that are good for everyone, the program is individualized and is designed specifically for the participant for whom the assessment is completed. That said, any gross motor movement activity that you would traditionally consider to be in a PE type program is appropriate and encouraged for any member of the family.

4. Included in the DF2 Brain Training Kit:

  • Assessments

  • Little Giant Steps staff review of completed assessments

  • Individualized Program Design

  • Supplies needed to complete the program

  • 30 days web training to learn program activities on our Individualized NeuroDevelopmental Program (INP) site

  • E-mail support for any questions or concerns


5. Step by step process after ordering DF2:

  • You will receive an assessment packet with instructions via email. 

  • After the assessments are completed and returned, we will design an individualized program for you within 5-7 days.

  • We will activate your program on the Individualized NeuroDevelopmental Program (INP) site, notify you that it is active and ship your supplies.  (There will be many activities you can learn and start doing before your supplies arrive).

  • You will be able to view your program for 30 days on the INP training website and receive e-mail support for 16 weeks after the program is activated.


6. Assessments include:

  • Math Computation

  • Math Fact Proficiency

  • Eye Tracking

  • Dominance

  • Auditory Processing

  • Word Recognition


7. A program should be designed and activated within 5-7 business days after your completed assessments are received.  If you do not receive notification that your program is active after 7 days, please contact our office at 972.758.1260

8. You will receive information about each program activities on the Individualized NeuroDevelopmental Program (INP) site.  In order to accomplish the activities successfully, view video clips and/or handouts providing the necessary instruction.

9. As with DF, DF2 activities are generally implemented 5 days per week with the possibility of a couple of exceptions for passive type activities that would be done 7 days a week. For best results, allow approximately two hours per day.  This time frame includes reading and math sessions and is total time is dependent on how the program is designed. This does not require a consecutive block of time and some activities can be done independently or with casual observance.


10. DF2 is designed to be accomplished over a 16 week period of time.

11. Most questions can be answered via e-mail but if more discussion is needed a Little Giant Steps representative will call you.  It is our desire to make your journey as effortless as possible.  We are committed to your success and willing to assist you with any questions or concerns.

12. Your program options after DF2 is complete would include: 

  1. Advanced Brain Training 2 – An even more individualized program based on videos you provide and additional assessments.

  2. In-person Individual Evaluation – Highest form of individualized program requiring travel to one of our evaluation sites.  This is recommended once per year until functional issues are resolved.