Developmental Foundations (DF) 2

It takes time to develop mature brain pathways necessary to increase functional abilities.  Developmental Foundations 2 (DF2) is an excellent choice for the next step toward brain efficiency after completing four to six months of Developmental Foundations.  This second step in NeuroDevelopmental brain training offers a more individualized group of program activities that increase: 

  • Long term memory

  • Brain organization

  • Eye function

  • Coordination

  • Fine motor/hand function

  • Short term memory

  • Reasoning skills

  • Reading comprehension

  • Math facts mastery

In addition, DF2 more specifically targets symptoms such as:

  • Losing your place when reading

  • Skipping small words

  • Not writing on the line

  • Poor eye contact

  • Inferior use of phonics

Do you need more information?  Please click here for the most commonly asked questions about DF 2.