Developmental Foundations (DF)

Combine DF with your child’s current curriculum or school program to produce the competitive edge for success in academics and in life. This program maximizes strengths and eliminates the frustrating weaknesses caused by brain inefficiencies. Information is stored properly and easily retrieved when the brain is functioning at peak capacity. 

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Jonathan now college ready! -

What did you like about Developmental Foundations?


"I liked the audio/visual aids and a math recall system have been great.


I am pleased with this program because I feel like this is helping to fix the underlying problems with G.

schooling as opposed to focusing on compensating for her issues.


Without this program, G. and I were getting nowhere with her schooling. It seemed like no amount of repetition, flashcards, videos, and reading were helping at all. This program helped explain why and gave us a great first step to fixing the underlying issues that are stopping G. from learning."

R.K. 11/17

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“We thank God for the staff of Little Giant Steps and the Developmental Foundations Program.  Through the program we saw our son become more aware of his surroundings, more aware of other people around him and their space, more aware of areas to  jump in and help others and more in tune with how to communicate and respond in conversations.  We anticipate greater progress as we continue with Little Giant Steps.”

V.R. 8/16


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“I really appreciate your weekly reminder emails, thank you. We have been working on this program for at least 3 weeks now. I feel that we have already seen some results. We went to a follow up appointment with my sons Occupational Therapist last Friday, she has now released us and said she no longer needs to be my sons OT, to please continue doing whatever we are doing at home, because it is working! Thank you!!!! I am so excited to see what 4 months of this program will bring. 
Thank you"

A.W. 3/15

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