15 Minute Day Planner: 


1. Can be used for moms’ to organize the day for INP completion as well as other responsibilities.

2. Used for teens to have some say in their schedule and coordinate with mom about their time together and accountability for independent activities for INP completion.



Weekly Program Tracking Sheet: 

Use this tool to track program activities completed throughout the week.

Monthly Update Form: 

Use this form to communicate progress to your support person during the second and third months of your program cycle.

Evaluation Report Form: 


1. To communicate progress to your support person 30 days after your new program.

2. Important to have completed before your re-evaluation to communicate effectively with your evaluator.

History Form: 

Complete this form and submit it to Evalinfo@LittleGiantSteps.com  or fax it to 972.325.4119 to start the evaluation process.  A Little Giant Steps team member will contact you about beginning our program.

Testimony Submission Form: 

Would you like to bless others with your LGS testimony? We would love to hear about your life changes.

Training Login

Access your program and training for program activities through our Individualized NeuroDevelopment Plan (INP) website:


All INP Web Training Users:                 inp.LittleGiantSteps.com


*High speed internet is required


Login Information:


E-mail Address:     Your e-mail address all in lower case.

                           Example: office@littlegiantsteps.com




Note:  If more than one individual in a family is on program, you will access all INPs by using the first to be on program or oldest individual’s name as the password. After you login, all family members on program will appear in the upper left corner. Click the name you want to view and then “View Program” 


  • View your INP as many times as you would like for 30 days.

  • Click on each activity from the View Program page for instructions.

  • Activity directions may be in the form of handouts, video clips (introductory and demonstration) or descriptions accessible after clicking on the activity.

  • Always complete each activity as demonstrated or described within the directions.

  • Please contact your support person if you have any questions about the activity.

  • We recommend that you view your INP immediately and watch each video clip at least once a week while your program is available.


If, after 30 days, you would like to reactivate your INP choose one of the following:

   1. Mail a $10.00 check to Little Giant Steps, P.O. Box 863624, Plano, TX 75086 with your child’s name on the memo line

   2. OR reactivate from our store: 

Support Staff


The program participant’s first name with only the first letter capitalized.

        Example: Timothy

If there are four letters or less in the name, the number “1” is added after the name so there are a total of 5 characters.

        Example:  Mark1, Jan11


Client Support Team

Neuro-educational Specialist      

Jan Bedell                           


Support Representative   Michelle Thompson      

Administrative Support Team


Billing Inquiries

Scheduling new evaluations

Scheduling re-evaluations  

Program Inquiries  

School Inquiries 


Support Representative

Allen Bedell

Bobbi Wingard                     Bobbi Wingard      

Bobbi Wingard                     Bobbi Wingard