April 10, 2017

Changing The Brain with Dr. Jan Bedell, Podcast #19

God has given us an amazing feature in the brain called Neuroplasticity.  It allows the brain to change in its neuro-connections when specific NeuroDevelopmental (ND) Approach to Life stimulating techniques are applied...

February 17, 2017

Here's a key to helping students be successful readers most parents and teachers don't know or understand.

Dr. Jan Bedell explains that a prerequisite to reading using the phonics approach is a good auditory processing ability (auditory short term memory). If processing...

January 9, 2017

To Label or Not To Label? That is the question. 

This podcast discusses whether or not labels are effective and the amazing work from Dr. Jan Bedell at Little Giant Steps.

The latest podcast discusses the challenging world out there for parents of struggling learners. Ta...

November 22, 2016

Multi-sensory math facts program that is easy, fast (7-9 minutes a day). The NeuroDevelopmental Approach brings about increased neuro-efficiency, improved memory, and the basics will last a lifetime!

November 19, 2016


Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

Sale: November 25th – 30th,

Detailed Reading Comprehension* works on developing and improving the following:

1) Understanding that word combinations have very precise meanings

2) Attention to detail

3) Discrimination skil...