Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Children and adults receive the labels of ADD and ADHD if a certain set of symptoms appear persistently over a six month period of time thus making them “symptomatic labels”. Little Giant Steps offers The NeuroDevelopmental Approach as a drug-free alternative to reduce, and often times, eliminates these symptoms. How is this possible? The brain’s natural ability to repair itself by building new neuro-pathways is made possible by specifically designed activities. Over time, these brain stimulating activities eliminate many brain glitches responsible for these symptomatic labels.

I want to receive a recommendation about the best option to help my child...

Aaron had been on Ritalin for four years then...

Little Giant Steps does not place labels on an individual.  Instead, we address the

root causes of the symptoms to allow for better function.

"I cannot say enough good things about Little Giant Steps! This program has been a life-saver for us. If you have a child with ADHD, autism, sensory processing issues, learning difficulties, or they just might be behind in an area of schooling…THIS is an incredible program to help. There is no monetary interest in me sharing. I’m just acutely aware of the struggles associated with learning and processing issues and so thankful the Lord led us to Little Giant Steps."

S.H. 12/14

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"When I was asked to use one word to describe my experience with Little Giant Steps, I said, life-changing. When our daughter started the program, she was highly frustrated, emotional, and her attention span was terrible. The only way she could focus on school work was in a totally quiet environment. She wanted to help and follow instructions but could not remember. She was also hyper-sensitive, we had to cut out all tags from her clothing. Megan improved two grade levels in math, word recognition and comprehension in one year. She can now read in a noisy room and leaves most tags in her clothing. Her auditory processing skills have improved dramatically. We know that Megan would have been given several different labels if we had taken her to Scottish Rite. We feel blessed that Little Giant Steps has given us hope for her future. Thank you and God’s blessings."

T.E. 7/05

Plano, TX

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