3rd-8th Grade

Secure your student’s academic success with innovative products and NeuroDevelopmental brain training kits that offer the most efficient way of building a firm foundation. Equipped with this specific knowledge, you can build brain pathways that act like super highways transferring information from brain to body. Writing, reading, spelling, math and recalling specific academic subject matter is a breeze when brain pathways are efficient.

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Another essential building block to success in school and life is auditory short term memory.  Find out more here:

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Developmental Foundations (DF)

A NeuroDevelopmental Brain Training Program

Consider these recommendations to round out your curriculum package.

Auditory Conceptual Words         Rapid Recall System       

Visual Circle Math    Detailed Reading          Phonics               New Practice        Reading for          Reading About

                                   Comprehention                                               Readers               Concepts                  Science

   Visual Descrimination          Picture Speller           Skip Count                  CursiveLogic


Vocabulary Cartoons           Vocabulary Cartoons         Info To Know        Be Positive        

                                                      SAT 1 & 2                           Audio                   Audio          

Decimal City             Keys To Fractions          Keys to Decimals          Keys to Percents           Progressive Map