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Enter a world where children and teens reach greater heights in development and academics, where adults can gain superior function for college, the workplace and life.

Since 1992, Little Giant Steps has provided life-changing solutions for accelerating learning abilities in individuals whether they are gifted, typical or challenged.

Mission Statement

Equip individuals with specific knowledge, expertise, and methodologies to assist themselves or children they are involved with as they prepare for their fullest, God-given potential and destiny. Offer hope, encouragement, and support to individuals, families and professionals while giving God all the glory.

Meet Our Team

Jan Bedell, B.S, M.ND, M.Ed, Certified Teacher, and Certified Master Neurodevelopmentalist, began her professional life with a love for children and a deep desire to give them the best academic start possible. She focused on early development in her course of study and looked forward to teaching Kindergarten.Today, Jan’s mantra is: “What the future holds is not predetermined or preset ~ what the future holds is based on specific opportunities presented to the child or individual. When something different is done for the child’s brain development, the results can be entirely different – irrespective of their IQ.”

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Allen Bedell, a devoted Christian and long-time associate of Little Giant Steps (LGS),  is the husband, co-worker, and life partner of Jan Bedell and devoted father to their two daughters.

Over the years Allen’s role in LGS has continued to grow.

Allen serves his church faithfully, and participates in community charitable activities, and he serves on the Board of Directors of Steps of Hope, a non-profit agency.




Michelle Thompson is our Director of Client Support .

Michelle’s daily bread is ministering to the clients of LGS and carrying out the job of supporting families who are on program. She supports everyone by answering
their own, or their child’squestions, providing counseling, and encouraging parents as they work to prioritize
developmental needs over the many other daily demands of work and family. She is the one we all can count on! She is wise beyond her years and has great clarity when it comes to communicating about the requirements of the neurodevelopmental program. Her experience and expertise are invaluable.

Ruth Young B.A., ND

As a Certified Neurodevelopmentalist, Ruth provides consulting services and developmental assessments for children, teens or adults with learning difficulties. Her enthusiastic assessment, consultations, and instructions for clients and parents refresh their souls, as well as educate them.

Ruth has a B.A. in Elementary Education from Asbury College in Kentucky. She has taught for 24 years in two public schools, one private school and currently is home schooling in addition to her responsibilities with LGS Services, Inc. In 2008 Ruth founded Little Giant Steps’ first Strides Academy School (a college preparatory school that incorporates The Neurodevelopmental Approach) in Del Rio Texas.

Faith Haley, Neuro-educational Specialist

Faith Haley joined the LGS team in 2005, first serving as a branch manager then as a Certified Neuro-Educational Specialist and Screener. She is trained to identify root problems both physically and spiritually and is always ready to help those who mourn with a helping hand and heart.

She is very passionate about giving hope to parents whose children struggle to learn and hopes to one day see the flood of children with learning difficulties will slow to a trickle and stop!




Trudy Landis, Neuro-educational Specialist

A long time educator, home schooler, children’s pastor and lover of babies and children, Trudy delights in searching out ways to equip each member of a family to reach their full potential.

Trudy hopes to continue serving families in Central Texas with Little Giant Steps and the knowledge that in every place where we find ourselves inadequate as parents the Lord is good and faithful.

Trudy comes to Little Giant Steps with degrees in Early Childhood Education and Child Development. To prove herself a life-long learner she is also a Certified Newborn Care Specialist and an Instructor of Baby Signs.






Liz Sweet Neuro-educational SpecialistLiz’s daughter, Joanna, began the neurodevelmental program of Little Giants Steps and experienced an academic miracle. After witnessing this turnaround, Liz trained to become a Certified Neurodevelopmental Learning Specialist with Little Giant Steps and is also a site manager for New American School at Strides House School in Del Rio, Texas.

Liz’s mission is to fulfill her life’s verse in Titus 2:3-4 that calls for: “aged women …be in behavior as becometh holiness, …that they may teach the young women…” As a seasoned home school mother of 29 years, she has invested into the lives of her own four children and taught many other children during this time.

Jana Bacon Neuro-educational Specialits

Jana first started homeschooling her children in August of 1998 and continues to do so. Before homeschooling, she received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Texas State University, worked as a as a Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator in the state of Texas for a total of six years. She is quite an asset to LGS and will be a big help to you as you work your way through your Little Giant Steps program.









CJ Rezac, B.A. is Regional Director and serves as Director of Marketing, Development and Research.

She joined LGS in 2003 and has worn many hats as our organization has grown. If history repeats itself, she will continue to evolve with Little Giant Steps. Her love of learning and equipping herself with new skills is second nature. Besides her marketing responsibilities, she writes grants, successfully wrote the non-profit application for our new sister organization, Steps of Hope. She has been a liaison to the prison ministries within the DFW area and presenter to the Texas Prison Commission regarding The ND Approach and what it could mean to inmates. She authors the Little Giant Steps Ezine, newsletter, blog, E-books, educational materials and web content.


 Alysa Stephens, Director of Operations

As a member of the Bedell Family, grew up with a working knowledge of The Neurodevelopmental Approach. She watched her mother work with her sister, Jenee’, and then witnessed a desperate, teaching parent develop into a profoundly effective professional as a neurodevelopmentalist – her mother, Jan Bedell. Alysa is a bright, efficient, and energetic young woman who joined LGS with the assignment of shipping manager in 2006 and has since that time been promoted to Director of Operations for LGS. Alysa oversees the development and production of all our products, shipping, ordering, client scheduling, graphic and web design, and many more tasks that get thrown her way, which are too numerous to mention. She is a a very valuable team member!
Nancy Hance Certified Support Specialist, has been married for over 25 years and has three children. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Leadership.  Nancy worked for a cardiovascular surgeon as an RN then following her passion, switched to working in preschools as a teacher/nurse. She eventually began teaching on a full time basis. During these years she worked as a preschool director in a private school. She also home schooled her twin boys for over 10 years while looking for a way to help them with their learning difficulties. While on her quest searching for answers, she discovered Little Giant Steps (LGS) and together they have made great strides.Nancy is a huge believer in the LGS program. Nancy is a precious Believer who loves the Lord, people and loves to assist them in problem solving for solutions in helping their children. She is a big asset to LGS in helping and encouraging people. We are blessed to have her.
Nancy WilliamsCertified ND Screener Specialist Nancy Williams is a second-generation homeschool mom/maw-maw. She has homeschooled two of her biological children, her adopted daughter, helped out with several family members’ children, and helped out with her grandchildren’s homeschooling over a period of 18 years.She has also been a therapeutic foster parent for 17 years, having cared for over 50 children, and working extensively with so many of the children that had labels such as ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, visual perception and auditory processing disorders, mental retardation, Asperger’s, autistic, severe behavior issues, bi-polar, etc. 

Nancy has joined with the “LGS Dream Team” to provide Neurodevelopmental Screenings throughout the entire Houston metroplex area.  We invite you to contact her to set an appointment when she will be serving your area, or if you have a group interested, she’ll help you host a screening event.


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