Brain Training for Adults and Seniors

When the brain has specific stimulation, it responds with improved performance so whether you are just starting college, in the prime of your earning year or a senior, you can enhance your brain’s function for organized thinking and better memory.

“Regardless of age, stimulating the brain will always improve one’s life”

Keep It Simple ~ Keep It Fun

We are healthier when our lives are balanced and the confidence in our abilities is strong. Little Giant Steps (LGS) is an organization that has worked, for close to two decades, in helping individuals discover improved brain function, better long term retention of information, accelerated short term memory skills and most importantly a reduction in stress and anxiety that often robs our dignity and confidence.


“I don’t have to stumble around trying to think of the words to express myself.” 

Enjoying Life

We help people by teaching them how to return to neuro-efficiency (providing there’s no progressive disease present).  When our mind is functioning efficiently, we can think, recall, communicate and relax while interacting with family, friends and others who are a part of our lives. Doubt and fear, which often robs us of our self-confidence, become a thing of the past.


“I’m not so forgetful.” 

Research Based, Brain Based, Techniques for the Mind & Memory

The best way to describe this incredible program is to have you understand a special feature in the brain; it’s called neuroplasticity.  This neuroplasticity provides a way for the brain to change, repair or even create new connections. The brain is made up of 3% cell bodies, and 97% connections.  When you increase the connections, you increase function!  The way to make that happen is by stimulating this special feature, neuroplasticity, in the brain. When you stimulate it very specifically, the appendages of the brain cells begin to grow and branch which ultimately creates stronger connections or what is called neuro-pathways.


 “I feel like my old self and I’m not worried about so many little things like I used to.” 

How Does It Work?

There will be specific activities you will do once or twice a day for a very short period of time.

Here are some of the areas addressed by the activities included: Stimulating the vestibular system and relaxation, improving short term memory, balance, coordination, helps muscle tone and improve posture, helps oxygenation, help develop or repair the central nervous system, helps the immune system function properly, helps the lymph system, eye tracking -convergence and divergence and reading comprehension. Once you show you are functioning at your “normal” level, then you will have created, repaired or developed the connections you need and we are sure you will be experiencing a much better state of mind!  Our recommendation, once you finish the program, is to continue doing the activities one to five times a week to keep in top “neuro-shape”.


“It was like taking a weight off my back I didn’t even know I was carrying.  I thought doubt and anxiety was just a part of aging. Now that I’ve given my brain a bit of a “tune-up” I’m relaxed and enjoying life so much more.”

 “After I did Jan’s program, I discovered freedom of stress and anxiety, because I struggled with retaining what I read and couldn’t remember directions. Life is easier and I feel more confident. It was easy and I am so grateful.”

 ~ 55 year old client

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