Tools for Children and Adults with Learning Diabilities
 Tools for Children and Adults with Learning Diabilities

In a world of hurt, there is hope.
In a world of learning challenges,
there are solutions.

The Neurodevelopmental Approach offers a key
to unlock potential for children, teens, and adults!

Developmental Foundations is based on the Neurodevelopmental Approach and is beneficial for people of all ages but especially for families with children who are struggling academically, behaviorally, or with low self-esteem. The activities included in the Developmental Foundations program are a very fundamental level of neurodevelopment, chosen from thousands of neurodevelopmental activities proven to address brain inefficiencies. Working on root causes of inefficiencies, these brain stimulating activities advance many areas, from fundamental brain organization which controls what we are able to do, to increasing abilities in short term memory, as well as reading and math. 

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Unfortunately, there is no “magic pill.” It takes consistent effort to reap the rewards that the neurodevelopmental approach has to offer. Developmental Foundations may be only the first step toward academic success for some individuals. Please see Frequently Asked Questions for more details. 

Click here to view testimonies from families that used the complete individualized Neurodevelopmental program through an evaluation with a certified Neurodevelopmentalist.  These families did not use only Developmental Foundations itself but their programs included many of the Developmental Foundations activities along with others which were individualized. It is our hope that Developmental Foundations will allow more families to be introduced to and to access the initial benefits of neurological organization that these core neurodevelopmental activities can bring.

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 Tools for Children and Adults with Learning Diabilities

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  Tools for Children and Adults with Learning Disorders