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Steps For Assuring Success In School

First Step: 

 Get your child neurologically organized.

Little Giant Steps has been providing education for parents and teachers for many years, so they can assist their children to reach their full academic potential.  All learning begins with the brain. So, first let’s get the brain ready to learn. Everyone, regardless of age or I.Q. will improve in their abilities if their brain is better organized and neurologically efficient.

A child arrives in this world with many areas of the brain still developing.  One of the crucial stages of early development includes establishing the central nervous system so the brain and body get connected (we call this “becoming neurologically organized”).  When a child is neurologically organized, information can travel effortlessly between the senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell).  When a child is neurologically organized, his movements are coordinated and he has age-appropriate fine and gross motor skills.

Most children become neurologically organized without any outside assistance.  God designed the human brain in such a way that when an infant begins moving, the brain receives the stimulation required to develop higher function.  Infants start out with very random and primitive movements, and then, as the brain develops, their movements become more complex.  It is the cross pattern movement of crawling and creeping that is so vital to a child’s continued progress and development.

If your child didn’t spend much time crawling and creeping, or if they skipped this important developmental stage, there is good news!  It is not too late!  Young children, teenagers, and even adults, can benefit by spending time every day crawling and creeping on the floor in a good cross pattern.  It just takes 2 minutes, twice a day each for cross crawling (like an army crawl) and cross creeping (up on hands and knees).  That’s just 8 minutes a day, five days a week!  Make sure the opposite hand and knee hit the floor at the same time (this cross pattern movement provides the proper stimulation to the brain).  The benefits will amaze you!  Improvement can be seen within 2 to 4 months in academics, behavior, social interaction, coordination of movement and other functional abilities.  It would be best to do these cross pattern activities for at least 6 months to ensure that the brain has received enough stimulation to make these positive effects permanent! 

See you next time with Step 2.  God bless.


Kindergarten Students Excel Beyond Expectations

 Why Do Neurodevelopmental Programs Succeed?

It was discovered about 40 years ago that the brain was not hard wired as initially thought. It was also discovered by stimulating the brain through the use of specific activities, one could create new neuro-pathways or connections.  The brain is made up of 97%  connections and 3 % cell bodies.  It is the connections that allows the brain and body to communicate at lightening speed.  Normal growth and development requires certain vital steps to be completed in order for the person to reach their full potential academically.

One of the programs developed by Little Giant Steps is called Rapid Recall.  In the last year it’s been incorporated into our Early Learning Foundations program.  In fact, the kindergarten class at Summit Christian Academy utilized it beginning in November of 2010.  Rapid Recall System is a math facts program that works along side the regular math curriculum utilized by the school.  All Little Giant Steps’ neurodevelopmental programs help all students regardless of I.Q. or age to get their brains organized, improve their auditory and visual processing abilities , raise their academic performance and many other neuro-efficiency advantages.  See what a difference this program made to this kindergarten class:

See other research data from LGS Educational Services website.

The Brain Coach Upgrades Neuro-Educational Programs

Winning Over Learning Disabilities

Jan Bedell, The Brain Coach, Strives For Excellence

Over the years Jan Bedell, founder of Little Giant Steps and leader of the LGS Dream Team, has been inspired by God to create Neuro-Educational Programs.  Each year we change up and improve our educational curriculum that is richly embedded with neurodevelopmental activities, as a means not only to prepare the students to function academically, but to prepare the brain to receive, comprehend, process, store, and recall information in the most accurate and efficient way possible.

  • This year is no exception.  The biggest change for 2011 has been the improvement in Early Learning Foundations (ELF).  Now, there are three levels (and expect a level 4 next year).

* Early Learning Foundations Level 1 – Serves preschoolers and helps them with becoming more school-ready with gaining neuro-efficiency in addition to getting them ready for reading, writing, and math. We’ve added a new DVD to teach you how to use this program more effectively! All facets of the activities within this program will stimulate the brain to improve and enhance your child’s Auditory, Visual, Tactile and Gross Motor abilities. You’ll be amazed at your child’s new found skills when they become neurologically organized. They will be able to stay on task, follow directions and they will enjoy learning. Here’s what one mom had to say about this program:
“I ordered Early Learning Foundations for my “just turned” 4 year old. This is the most incredible curriculum I’ve ever had!! It almost makes me have “momma guilt” for not having it for my two older children. I also ordered ABC’s in a Flash and look forward to using it.”  K. S. in Spring, TX

* Early Learning Foundations Level 2- Serves Kindergarten. ELF is a multi-sensory approach to teaching basic math skills to early learners as well as individuals with challenges. Level 2 begins where Level 1 leaves off.  Rapid Recall System is included in the Kindergarten Level 2 ELF.  This program is not only excellent with what it accomplishes educationally and neurologically, but it is fun! Watch this video and listen to this principal with what she witnesses in her classrooms.

* Early Learning Foundations Level 3- Serves 1st grade.  Again this program is innovative, educationally sound, and the children love it. Watch this classroom’s response to taking a one minute speed and accuracy test with the Rapid Recall math facts program.    More information on the research done in schools on Rapid Recall System is available on LGS Educational Services website.  Have a blessed day.

Rapid Recall Intergrates Math Facts At Any Age

Each year Little Giant Steps (LGS) has had more opportunity to do research on this product.  It’s been exciting to see the breadth and depth of this program and how successful it is in doing what it was designed to do.  It helps to organize the brain, provides the right kind of “In-Put” so people from 5 to 50 can capture a skill that is imperative for easy math computation.  Rapid Recall System is the best supplemental skill-building program on the market that we’ve seen.

 Typically we think of this program being exceptionally useful for elementary students.  What we’re discovering is that it works just as effectively in Jr. High School and High School for more students (than a school likes to admit) who lack a working knowledge of their math facts.  The good news….. this program can bring about success for the challenged, typical and even gifted students, because the design includes the neuro-educational aspect of the Neuro-Developmental Approach.  This program, created by Jan Bedell, The Brain Coach, just keeps getting rave reviews year after year, as people discover it’s effectiveness.  Here’s note from a mother on Rapid Recall System:

“When I ordered the Rapid Recall System the lady said, “Be sure to share a testimonial with us when you’re through.” I thought to myself, “You may not want to hear mine.” Well, I am glad to share that you WILL want to hear mine!! My son is almost 12 and in 4th Grade, doing 3rd Grade Math. I ordered the multiplication one first thinking it would be easier since it’s just memorization anyway. We had to start with 0 times any number is 0 and 1 times any number is always that number. I’ll have to admit I was a little skeptical. NOTHING we have tried has worked before. Now he knows his multiplication facts and can say them quicker than I can flip the flash cards. My husband was as amazed as I was when he heard us practicing one day. My son also has gained even more self-confidence in learning these facts. Thank you hardly seems enough for your products! I have ordered several more and cannot wait to get started with him. He is excited too!!!”  M. M. 04/10

To see more of our research on Rapid Recall System please see our LGS Educational Services site.

#2 Learning Disabilities & Thankfulness

It may seem strange to have LD and thankfulness in the same sentence.  But, the fact is we are so thankful that the LGS Neuro-Educational Programs are successful at remediating and even eliminating learning disabilities.  After 20 years we see the successes in the lives of those children, teens and adults who came to us struggling to learn, but meeting failure (despite the fact they were smart, some even were gifted) .  LGS was able to bring the good news: Learning Disabilities are not a life sentence.  They discovered what it was like to leave the failure-laden experiences in the past and turn to a new life of liberty and freedom to do well in their future.  Yes, we’re very, very thankful.

When Your Child Hates Math!

Problem:  My child hates math.

Suggestion:  The Neurodevelopmental Approach to academics takes the stress out of academic performance (output) by providing lots of information (input).  Don’t send your child off to another room to do an entire page of math drills of a concept they are struggling with or just learning; this kills the motivation to learn and any enjoyment of learning!  Take the stress and tears out of your math sessions by spending just 10 to 15 minutes on math, twice a day.  During these short math sessions, when you are teaching a new concept, the parent/teacher should do three problems and then have the student do one similar problem and repeat.  Once the student understands a concept, you can gradually work up to the parent/teacher doing one problem and the student doing one similar problem.  For more information on The Neurodevelopmental Approach, please visit

Gifted Children With Processing Problems?

My son was 15 yrs. old with a high IQ and STILL had not memorized his multiplication facts. He was capable of understanding abstract math concepts, but was bogged down figuring out each simple computation because he did not have them memorized.  We tried everything imaginable before Rapid Recall System was recommended to us. I had actually given up and did not expect Rapid Recall System to work either. Amazingly, it did work with just spending a few minutes each day! He now knows all of his multiplication facts.   LS, California

Neuro-Educational Program: Rapid Recall System

Here is a note from a teacher involved in a research program done in 2008-2009:

After using the neurodevelopmental approach in my classroom this past year, my students improved academically, gained strength physically and matured emotionally.  These students individually were able to complete sequences of tasks without promptings as well as staying focused on the task that was before them.  Other adults around them commented that their reasoning skills as well as their organizational skills were far above those of peers.  Unlike other first grade classrooms in my past 18 years of teaching and those around us not participating in the program, these students were more respectful of each other and worked together to accomplish tasks without arguments.  Students were successful, so both the students and teacher’s stress level came down.   Together, we were working “smarter”, not harder. 


What a fantastic math facts system!  In 18 years of teaching, I have tried many ways to teach math facts but this system was by far the easiest to implement and I had better results with this system than anything else I have tried – all in just 7 minutes a day!   Even my lower-level students flourished and were successful under this system.

Tanda Trussell, First Grade Teacher

Plemons-Stinnett-Phillips CISD

Stinnett, TX

Early Learning Foundations ~ Prepare For Success!

The Math N’ More Early Learning Foundations  came into being as a way to help establish quick efficient processing abilities along with teaching skills in preparation for school.  Also, this course is great for those who have special needs challenges.  Many children with Down Syndrome have done exceeding well in their reading, writing and math readiness skills.  It’s fun, quick and easy.  Two minutes twice a day and you won’t believe the results!  It works from a multi-sensory and neurodevelopmental basis. Not only are the skills imparted to the individual, but the program is designed in such a way to create more neurological efficiency, which is of significant important for youngsters of today who are typically low in their auditory processing abilities due to the visual world they’re in and the fact many are not crawling or on the floor enough during those formative months where the brain must experience the tactile, neuro-musculature input that actually helps to organize the lower levels of the brain, provides development of their eye/hand coordination, etc.  Here’s a report from a person about Early Learning Foundations:

“My 3 year old grandson absolutely loves to do his Math N’ More Early Learning Foundations each day. In fact, he would like it if I’d let him continue past the two pages you recommend. Each day he wants to do more. He had terrible ear problems between ages 1 & 2. He missed a lot due to not hearing and his speech was distorted. It’s amazing how he’s picking up in his speech now that we’re doing some of the neurodevelopmental activities. Thank you for helping our children!”      C.R. 3/06

Early Learning Foundations ~ Math N’ More

I ordered Early Learning Foundations for my “just turned” 4 year old. This is the most incredible curriculum I’ve ever had!!  It almost makes me have “momma guilt” for not having it for my two older children. I also ordered ABC’s in a Flash and look forward to using it.     K. S. in Spring, TX

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