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TTD Convention-Starts June 26th!

LGSLogo1Jan Bedell, the Brain Coach, will be speaking at the Teach Them Diligently Convention:

Thursday, June 26th at 6:30 p.m. Room:Lonestar C2

“Make Learning Easier for Struggling, Typical, or Advanced Students!”

The foundation of all learning abilities is the efficient functioning of the brain. Remember your old dial-up connection to the Internet? Is your child’s brain like a computer with a slow connection speed? i.e. struggling academically and socially, not reaching his full potential; remembering daily chores and personal hygiene seem difficult for him? Do you suspect ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, or other learning labels? What is a parent to do? You could buy another curriculum OR you could address the “root cause” so academic success could be attained with any curriculum. The difference in function is HUGE! Discover brain boosting keys that will skyrocket your child’s learning potential regardless of learning styles or challenges.

Arlington Home School Book Fair Starts Today!



The Arlington Home School Book Fair starts at the Arlington Convention Center!!  Little Giant Step’s founder, Jan Bedell, M.Ed., M.ND. will be conducting a workshop, so be sure and check your schedules. Here’s the details:

 Saturday – 3:45 pm Room M-1 ,  “I’m Talking But Is My Child Listening?”

Then, please stop by our booth 611, as we have sales going on, many freebies, and lots of free resources. If you want to see your child’s learning experience become easier and their academic scores improve, we have been working with families for over 20 twenty years achieving uncommon results, regardless of whether your child is typical, gifted, or challenged. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge!

If you can’t make it, just go to our home page (link above) and begin the process of investigating what we do, how we do it, and on the right-hand sidebar please take advantage of all the free services we offer that helps you get in the drivers seat when it comes to helping your child reach their God-give academic potential!

Need directions?  Click Here

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Congratulations To “Little Giant Steps $100.00 Winners”!  We are happy to announce our two winners:

#1. Leslie Agee from Hendersonville, TN,    #2. Holli Taylor from Bryson City, NC.

Our next opportunity for you to win will be at Oklahoma City, OCHEC Home School Convention - May 2-3, 2014

The Arlington Home School will start May 9-10, 2014. Be sure and stop by our booth, and attend Jan Bedell’s Workshops.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Teach Them Diligently – Nashville convention! Wonderful people were sent to us, and God allowed us to minister to them and give them hope. Learning disabilities, difficulties do not have to be life sentences once you know and understand how to make changes in the communicating abilities between the brain and body. It all a matter of development! Thanks to all those who participated! We, as all of you, were blessed to be attending such an rich, renewing, and God-inspiring event. A big thanks to David and Leslie Nunnery from all of us at Little Giant Steps!

We are looking forward to seeing all of our fellow-Texans in Dallas June 26 – 28th at the Teach Them Diligently Convention – Dallas!  Come meet us:   Jan Bedell, M.Ed., M.ND., The Brain Coach will be speaking, so be sure and check the schedule so you don’t miss making learning easier through The Neuro-development Approach. #homeschool#, #learning difficulties#, #learning disabilities#,#math#, #reading#

Don’t Miss Out – Freebies Galore


Jan Bedell, M.Ed., M.ND., the “Brain Coach”, will be at the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Nashville, TN.  March 20 – 22, 2014!

Jan is the founder of Little Giant Steps (LGS). For over two decades LGS has changed the academic lives of children, teens, and adults.  We work with families to give them the skill and knowledge to assist in making learning easier, accurate, and quicker in recalling information.  Many products will be available at Nashville, but we also have them available online at the LGS Store.  The Freebies we’ll be giving out are a part of our culture, as we want to give away as much helpful information as possible.  Below are a list of freebies that can make a huge difference in an individual’s performance abilities.


  • ARTICLES (they’ll help you understand the modality, and how change is accomplished)
  • AUDITORY TEST KITS ( try this one first, then do the visual test. For little ones – Tiny Tots)
  • THE SURVEY (fill it out, a neuro-educational specialist reviews and sends back recommendations)
  • MATH PROFICIENCY ASSESSMENT (lets you know level of math performance and helps available)
  • WEBINARS (full training seminars with the Brain Coach)

Everything we do is according to God’s natural plan of development.  We use the feature in the brain call neuro-plasticity to change (improve) the functional level of an individual, and to create a better learning experience regardless of age or I.Q.  Everyone gains in ability by doing our programs. The brain training is easy, it does require at least 2 minutes twice a day, but that’s a small price to pay for a fuller, more successful educational, self-confident life.

Don’t Miss Jan Bedell at Teach Them Diligently Conventions

AudProcessBkJan Bedell,M.Ed., M.ND, founder of Little Giant Steps, will provide knowledge and tools that can assure each parent they can leave her speaking presentations with the ability to improve their child’s learning and academic abilities!

Jan will be speaking at:

Teach Them Diligently Nashville Convention March 20th – 23rd

Teach Them Diligently Dallas Convention June 26th – 28th

For over twenty years the “Brain Coach™” ” has served the home school community, public and private schools by teaching parents and teachers the value of working with the best learning tool we have – the Brain!  She’s written curriculum (Rapid Recall System)&(Detailed Reading Comprehension), at-home-programs (Developmental Foundations), and fun neuro-developmental programs (Early Learning Foundations)&(Early Learning Foundations Teacher Manual)-levels 1,2,3. Please visit our store catalog for many more useful tools, aides, and programs.

Be sure and check the schedule of speakers for the conventions in Nashville and Dallas at this website (Teach Them Diligently) and mark her down as someone you won’t want to miss.  Oh!  Bring a pencil and paper, because you will leave with many tips and ideas to have fun, creative ways to increase processing, memory (short & long-term), and even help them to follow directions, stay on task, be happier and more confident students in their academic abilities! See you at the Teach Them Diligently Conventions in Nashville and Dallas!

Change The Course of Academic History In Your Home

StopStruggle  Every Day We See Success

Every day the Neuro-Educational Specialists see children, teens, and even adults move from being people who struggle with learning, to folks with confidence, increased comprehension/memory, and faster processing of the information they encounter.  It is possible to discover a new ease of learning never dreamed possible.  There is no magic. It’s all done by addressing functional issues in the brain. Mostly those developmental steps or stages that may have been missed for a variety of reasons. In the next paragraph I’ll share what a reader expressed about the information we have on our blog.  I hope you, too, will join the growing number of people who now know that having learning issues is not a life sentence!  It doesn’t matter whether an individual is gifted, typical, or has special needs.  Ones potential can be realized with the right application of a Neuro-Developmental/Educational Program.  That is Little Giant Step’s specialty! We’ve  even created an at-home program for those who desire to make a difference in their children’s lives and it can all be done effectively at  home!  It’s called: Developmental Foundations. Please investigate, gain knowledge, then commit to making a difference in someone’s life of learning.

“I truly wanted to write down a small word in order to thank you for all the nice items you are showing on this website. My time consuming internet research has finally been rewarded with extremely good facts and strategies to exchange with my friends and family. I would mention that we readers are definitely lucky to exist in a useful site with  many wonderful professionals with good techniques. I feel really lucky to have seen your website and look forward to some more amazing moments reading here. Thanks again for everything.”

Little Giant Steps (LGS) is here to make a positive difference in peoples lives!  Come by and read our helpful articles! They’re FREE!  Learn about the ND Approach. We have a full length seminar available on our store!  If Dyslexia is a problem, see the training sessions we’ve made for you. If you wish to discover whether your child is processing information at his/her grade level, then order our Free Auditory Test Kit! Or, if you have many questions and would like some answers, then please avail yourself of the Free Survey. Your information will be held in confidence, and reviewed by a Neuro-Educational Specialist and recommendations are emailed back to you for your consideration.  Lastly, we offer an opportunity for you to get some questions answered in a live telephone conference call with Jan Bedell, The Brain Coach™.  She offers these special times to talk with her every Monday evening between 8 p.m. – 9 p.m.  See this link for all the details. I know  a FREE LIVE CONSULTATION with Jan Bedell, M.Ed., M.ND, founder of LGS can be of immense help to your child and family!  Just get going!   Have a blessed day and come back soon!

ND Tip: Make Math Fun, Fast, and a Lifelong Friend

Add-cover-w-binding-teacher-241x300Little Giant Steps has over twenty years experience in addressing learning issues, especially in math. Jan Bedell, M.Ed., M.ND., has created a program  (Rapid Recall System) that has over ten years of successful experience of turning tears over math struggles into smiles, and most importantly, the child’s confidence soars as they discover they are capable of doing math fast, efficient, and with correct answers! The program is not magic, even though most families think so after seeing the vast changes in their child’s potential develop into academic success. The secret is in the specific Neuro-Educational/Developmental techniques utilized and the key to all Neurodevelopmental Approach Programs is in the frequency, intensity, and short duration!

Suggestion:  The Neurodevelopmental Approach to academics takes the stress out of academic performance (output) by providing lots of information (input).  Have you ever noticed that when you go to check on a child 10-15 minutes after sending them off to do their math, that they are staring off into space or doodling on their paper?  The intensity is GONE!  It takes intensity to get the brain to recognize the importance of information and store it permanently 

Tip #1:  Do not send your child into another room to do an entire page of math operations! Those pages may involve new concepts that may not be permanently stored. The struggle kills the motivation to learn and any enjoyment of learning!  Take the stress, frustration (your and his or hers) and tears out of your child’s math sessions by spending just 10 to 15 minutes on math, twice a day, for the difference is, you do it with them! Just think about it, you have spent that much time in the past just trying to get them back on track, right?  Instead of coaxing them to do something they are not ready for, do every other problem for them while they watch.  When there is a new concept, you will do three problems, and then the child will do one similar problem, and then repeat the process for this new concept.  Once the child understands a concept, you can gradually work back to doing one problem, and then the child does one similar problem.  On all previously learned problems you share them 50/50.  Math gets done quickly with great input, input, input!  Math struggles are then a thing of the past.


Tip# 2:  There is a big difference between understanding math operations and the rote memory of math facts.  Children that really know their math facts and don’t have to rely on the time consuming process of counting in the air or on their fingers, enjoy math more.  These children can zip through math operations pages with ease.  They experience fulfillment of correct answers instead of red circles on their page indicating wrong answers that have to be revisited.  Bluh!  Consider doing a Free Math Proficiency Assessment to find your child’s current math facts proficiency (email with Assessment in the subject line).  Give a one minute test as described in the instructions, submit the results and get recommendations as to what can make math easier for your child.

The Rapid Recall System takes from 7-9 minutes a day!  Scroll down on the Rapid Recall Page to hear from those who’ve tried it! Have a blessed day!

Dyslexic Reversals Resolved

PastDyslexia  A Parent Speaks About the Little Giant Steps Program

“After 10 months on the Little Giant Steps program, this week all the letters my 10 year-old daughter had continually and consistently written REVERSED since kindergarten have flipped and now fluently come out on paper facing the right way.  She doesn’t even pause to ponder which way the letter “p” faces.

 I thank God and rejoice that her learning problems are falling by the way side as her brain changes and new neural pathways are built.  This learning challenge seems to have vanished!  I thought it would remain a challenge and she would always pause to ponder which way her letters and numbers go. Is this truly the difference in The ND Approach and learning to compensate? Our diligence and hard work on program is paying off.  I am celebrating and wanted to share.  We had a Little Giant Step today!”     C. K. in Perry, Georgia

Little Giant Steps, is always so delighted to hear from our clients. After twenty years of working to free individuals from learning struggles, we simply give thanks to God when we    hear about a life-long change that has occurred due to the intervention we provide. We never tire of hearing from parents who have made a financial and time investment that yields long-term results and literally unlocks the key to a person’s learning potential.  Yes, the ND Approach fixes the problem, where coping and compensating programs tries to build around an unsound developmental foundation.  If you wish to know more about Dyslexia and how to help your child, then see the Dyslexia Workshop.

Academic Success Is Assured


 As a young mother, it never occurred to me that I’d ever have to “help my son’s brain function better”.  I had two very bright sons who were inventive, communicative beyond their years, and were just wonderful! The oldest one started his schooling without a hitch.  My second son was a bit of a different story.  He had trouble coloring and utilizing his gross and fine motor skills correctly. Then I became aware he wasn’t tracking with his eyes, and as he went into first grade, he was beginning to struggle with all the things he should have been doing with reading, and writing. He was good at coping and compensating, but at times he’d get so discouraged because he wasn’t able to do things his peers were doing, regardless of how hard he tried.  I am so thankful we found help. It truly was a turning point for him and his academic abilities. Little Giant Steps, a neuro-educational/developmental consulting and training group has been changing lives of those who struggle with learning issues for over twenty years.  They specialize in partnering with parents and helping individuals reach their God-given potential.


I was one of the lucky parents, I found a Neuro-educational Specialist who tested my youngest son, and wrote an individualized program with both cognitive and physical activities that would stimulate the brain in areas that were lagging in function. The ND Specialist let me know the fact my son had never crawled as an infant was a great interruption of his early neuro-development and as a result he was experiencing functional problems, which he assured me could be remedied. As a matter of fact, I began to see his disorganization disappear right before my eyes! For two years I worked with my son, and by the time he graduated (which all students do, when they are functioning up to or beyond grade-level). The Neuro-developmental Program solved so many issues. My son, who had been diagnosed as Dyslexic, no longer was reversing letters, and could read with the best of his friends. Seeing his gross and fine motor skills come into being was a real delight. He far exceeded all of our expectations academically, as well as in sports. He holds a doctorate degree today. He’s a very successful professional serving his fellow-man.  The program I did with my son will serve him throughout his entire life.  His brain and body connections became efficient and well organized.  His improved processing skills allowed him to succeed in so many areas.


It’s getting an evaluation, or doing an “At-Home ND Program”, you will get a program that will work,  then you just do the activities. They are not difficult, but may be challenging from a discipline point of view.  It’s like developing a habit of doing exercise. The good news is that most activities are required for two minutes, twice a day, for five days a week. The investment of your time will serve your child, teen, or adult for the rest of their life!  Consider whether you want to see a successful academic change.  If the answer is yes, I’d encourage you to start by submitting the free Survey we provide, review with the Neuro-Educational Specialist, the recommendations for your child, teen or adult.  Our website has information about Evaluations, Programs, and Parent Testimonies.  Filling out the history form is the first step to setting up an Evaluation.  Now just do DO IT!

Merry Christmas from Jan Bedell and LGS


 Little Giant Steps, a neuro-educational/developmental consulting group, exists because we have a passion for seeing children, teens and adults who were plagued with learning issues (diagnosed and undiagnosed) go from struggling to succeeding and surpassing what they or their families ever expected.  All this is accomplished by a brain training program that’s been in existence for over forty years.  However, it was far ahead of its time, and now through the advancement of technology and science, what we’ve seen in advances in eliminating learning disabilities with our clients, now is proven.  The key to these wonderful transformations comes from our brain training programs, curriculum, supplements and tools that organizes the lower levels of the brain. This organization is supposed to happen as a matter of natural development, but typically we see infants being placed in seats, jumpers, and all kinds of gadgets that interrupt the natural path-building to neuro-development.

Jan Bedell, LGS’ Brain Coach TM, started out by changing the life of her own daughter who was mentally challenged, then she became trained as a Neurodevelopmentalist, in addition to her being a certified teacher with twenty years experience.  She has a genius-like gift in developing neuro-educational programs, and since 1992 she’s changed the academic lives for thousands.  If you would like to know more about Little Giant Steps’ Programs,  or need answers about learning issues or disabilities, please join us on Monday evenings at 8:00 pm (CST) for an hour long teleconference. If no one calls in by 8:20, the call is cancelled until the next week.  Here is the  link to all the information so you can talk personally with her.  Remember, there is no charge to speak with her, just the call.


Because we realize parents have so many questions about what they can do to help their child achieve academic success, we now have a FREE SURVEY.  Fill it out, email it to us, and a Neuro-Educational Specialist will review it and give you a professional review and recommendation free of charge.  That’s just one more of our “freebies” to help you start out the New Year.  May 2014 be a time of seeing your child, teen, or even yourself experience a turn-around in knowing what it feels like to think in an organized manner, to have increased memory, processing abilities, and a self-confidence beyond your wildest dreams.  God bless you.