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You Deserve Some Great News!


The best part of participating in Book Fairs, Homeschool Conferences and the like is when a parent comes to our booth to tell of the wonderful things that has happened to their child as a result of them working with their child utilizing the Neuro-Developmental Approach Programs we supply.  In some cases, they have just listened to some of Dr. Jan Bedell’s presentations she gives at these events. She teaches parents the basics of what needs to happen with Intensity, Short Duration, and Frequently over a period of time.  When Dr. Jan returned from the last convention at Woodlands, TX, she related this report from s mom who took Dr. Jan’s teachings to heart and did the work!

“Last year at the Woodlands Conference a single mom came to the booth with concerns for a child that was very low functioning.  She got The Neuro-Developmental Approach DVD and has been working on the activities described in the DVD for a year.  Her report, when she came to the booth this year, was glowing.  She mentioned the child could do things she had never been able to do in her entire life.  Thank you Lord for equipping this mom with the determination to press into the knowledge and apply the techniques to change her child’s life.”

We are so blessed to learn of cases like this one.  In fact, these results are daily occurrences at Little Giant Steps!  Brain Training takes symptoms of a problem and turns them into functional abilities! Why?  Because, humans are developing creatures, and far too often these days our infants are missing vital steps that turn their crawling / cross-patterning movements into brain and body neuro-connections. The good news in all this, is that we never loose our ability to impact the central nervous system, as the neuro-plasticity of the brain [the ability to change and create new neuro-pathways and connections between the brain and body] last our entire lifetimes!  You are never too old to improve your ability to learn , recall information, comprehend, and perform in an organized manner. It takes practice.  But, as one mother told me recently, “My son now experiences what it’s like to try and practice something and it results in success.  Prior to him doing his Neuro-Developmental Program, it didn’t matter how hard he tried, he never could make progress in his learning, sports, or thinking.  Oh, and by the way….. he’s loving his college experiences and is handling it like we never dreamed possible.”

ND Screenings Available in Houston Sept. 18th and 25th, 2015

Don’t Miss This Opportunity In Houston This Month!

You can improve academic performance.
Forward to all your friends in the Houston area.

Nancy Williams, LGS Neuro-Screener Specialist
Nancy Williams
Sept. 18, 2015

Central Houston and Clear Lake
Location to be announced

Sept. 25, 2015

Central Houston and Spring/Woodlands. Location to be announced

Contact Nancy Williams, or  Call: 713 859-7631

Little Giant Steps provides screenings throughout Texas to help parents learn what they can do to enhance their child’s learning abilities and help them succeed in academics.

To learn more about Neuro-Developmental Screenings please click this link.

Winners From Iowa Home School Convention!

AndTheWinnersAre[1]Little Giant Steps is delighted to announce our winners of gift certificates given to two lucky winners at the Iowa Home School Convention!

Our first winner for this year’s convention in Iowa was Jen Crittenden!  She had her choice of products.

The second winner was Dale Gamache!  Congratulations to each one of you!

We so appreciate the opportunity to meet all those who came by our booth in the Exhibit Hall! This year we had the largest group of people. We were blessed to minister to so many families and help them find a way to improved learning abilities for their children! In fact, the team sent pictures of a booth full of people one hour “after” the hall was to close!  Thanks to everyone!!




7-9 Minutes A Day ~ Proven Math Facts Program

RRS Graph1“After 18 years of teaching, I finally found a math facts system that works! Even my lower level students flourished. The Rapid Recall System was so easy to use—and it only took seven minutes a day! At the end of the year the test scores proved that the students had retained their math facts. This is a fantastic product!”
- Tanda Trussell West Texas Elementary, Stinnett, Texas.         This double blind study was done in West Texas Elementary School.

“My daughter had a very difficult time ‘getting’ her math facts. We tried a lot of different approaches but nothing worked. Still searching, we tried the Rapid Recall System. Somehow, she began to know her facts before we studied them! I am so impressed and thankful for Rapid Recall. I recommend it to everyone with elementary students!” 
- S. Phillips, Houston, Texas



Special Convention Pricing for Rapid Recall

15-rrsdealsMay 1st and 2nd the Oklahoma City Home School Convention will be held in Cox Center.

Little Giant Steps will have special pricing at our booth!


Jan will be giving several workshops you won’t want to miss:

Friday May 1st,  Room D  - 12:00 pm
 “Foundations of Learning Styles (More than Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic)”   
Saturday May 2nd,  Room A  - 12:00 pm 
“Learning Difficulties: Dyslexia/ADD/ADHD There is Hope for Change” 
Saturday May 2nd,  Room B  - 2:00 pm 
 ” Create a Positive Learning Environment”   






Dr. Jan Bedell,PhD, the Brain Coach, is available in Atlanta today and tomorrow to answer questions, and has two workshops left!

1. Friday, April 10th at 2:00-3:00 pm
“Birth to Five – The Most Important School Years”

2. Saturday April 11th at 2:00-3:00 pm
“Raising Leaders: Unlocking Potential”

She’ll be at the Teach Them Diligently Conventions in Sandusky,OH May 28-30th or Dallas, TX July 16-18.
Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your child’s academic abilities utilizing The Neuro-Developmental Approach – It’s easy, fun, and results will last a lifetime!




Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD, the brain coach, will be in booth 302, when not giving workshops. Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn and have your questions answered about how neuro-innovations can make dramatic improvement in your child’s academic performance, regardless of whether they are typical, gifted, or challenged.

See more about Little Giant Steps and its very successful programs to eliminate learning issues and difficulties. We fix function by impacting the center of all learning – The Brain!

Jan Bedell’s Sessions:

1. Thursday, April 9th at 7:00-8:00 pm
“Foundations of Learning Styles”

2. Friday, April 9th at 8:00-9:00 am – Special Needs
“Should I Home School My Child Who Needs Unique Intervention? You Can, You Should!”

3. Friday, April 10th at 2:00-3:00 pm
“Birth to Five – The Most Important School Years”

4. Saturday April 11th at 2:00-3:00 pm
“Raising Leaders: Unlocking Potential”


Should I Home School My Child Who Needs Intervention?

HS-SPYOU CAN, YOU SHOULD!      (This is the first of a series Jan Bedell will be presenting at Teach Them Diligently Convention Friday March 20 @ 10:30am – Rm: Lincoln D)

The traditional technique for struggling learners is more one-on-one instruction. What better place to get that assistance than at home, as well as a nurturing environment! As the parent you are actually the expert on your child. Now all you need are specific tools to create great strides forward! This workshop will also explore the pros and cons of labeling and how to make curriculum work for struggling learners. Should you home school your special needs child? The answer is a resounding YES!  Jan Bedell, Certified Master Neurodevelopmentalist, teacher,  founder of Little Giant Steps and retired home school teacher  utilized this approach with her challenged daughter and discovered  she was capable of levels of academics not thought possible!  When you change the brain by building vast neuro-connections, then functional abilities improve in all areas.  Jan has been teaching families how to unlock the real learning potential of children, teens and adults suffering from learning issues. It doesn’t matter the age or I.Q. when a person becomes neurologically efficient , life improves because functional abilities improve in academic, social, and physical.


The key to success is to have the right tools and knowledge. Little Giant Steps, a neuro-educational/developmental consulting group, provides training and materials.   First, we need to find out the specific areas not up to grade or age level.  We offer free surveys to help determine specific areas that need improvement. Access to this service is located on the homepage ( A certified neuro-educational specialist will review the survey and make recommendations. Recommendations could range from meeting needs through an at-home program,  a screening, or a professional evaluation and program.  The at-home programs (depending on the age or situation) could be Early Learning Foundations 1, 2 ,or 3, Developmental Foundations, or Advanced Brain Training. All were created by Jan Bedell, PhD, M.ND. to serve people struggling with learning difficulties.  Educational materials are incorporated into the programs, as a way of testing the results every four months to assess the improvement in specific areas of functional abilities.  This approach (The Neuro-Developmental Approach) is a natural process of cognitive and physical development. This is an educational modality, which does not use drugs and has over twenty years of successful intervention through partnering with parents and supplying them the tools to make positive life-changes for the struggling individual, as well as the entire family.


ThankfulnessLESLIE NUNNERY, OF TEACH THEM DILIGENTLY, reminds us ( in her newsletter) of the many things we have to be thankful for in our heart of hearts, deep within our souls.

Little Giant Steps has so much thankfulness, because we are fortunate enough to hear God’s call to serve those in need. Every day we get that privilege as we, our families and students apply the principles of The Neurodevelopmental Approach. This modality, which creates, renews, and strengthens the function of the brain, results in improved academic abilities, social interaction, and self confidence for those with whom we share our skills and talents.

These words are from a song written by by Keith Getty and Stuart Townsend. It is especially appropriate when our clients have to step out in faith to do the work in order to reap the benefits of leaving a learning disability behind, discovering they no longer struggle with school, and for many, in life in general.  You see, when the brain gets organized, the processing abilities become age appropriate, and other areas of learning issues are fixed, it seems like a miracle. Little Giant Steps have been working for over twenty years with children, teens and adults, and I am sure you can understand the joy of having problems fixed where learning is concerned. To share in the joy, follow this link to our Success Stories.

Just to let you know, Little Giant Steps serves families throughout the State of Texas, but we also have developed excellent “At-Home” Programs.  I would encourage you to visit our store and review Early Learning Foundations 1, 2, 3 levels (depending on the age of the child),and Developmental Foundations has helped so many children become higher functioning throughout the world.  Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD, M. ND, has been working feverishly to bring forth even higher achievement in her new “At-A-Distance” ND Programs, which will be coming out before Christmas!  Just so you’ll be looking for them:  Advanced Brain Training will be the first release.  We’ll keep you posted.

Remember learning disabilities, difficulties, syndromes, and many more learning issues DO NOT HAVE TO LAST A LIFETIME!  It’s a God-created feature in the brain that allows us to retrain, and change the connections in the brain and when you get all the senses together in concert as early development is supposed to happen; that’s the miracle that we are so thankful for knowing about, knowing how to apply, and see a new child, teen, or an adult move out of their disability into their God-given potential.  Truly we are blessed to play an educational and neuro-developmental part of God’s restorative power.  The best news: parents like yourself can experience these miracles with your children, as well.

We are counting our blessings, we hope you will too!


Do You Know How Proficient Your Child Is In Math?


Many children struggle with math-facts. Typically math can seem like a new language, and in fact, it is.  Little Giant Steps (LGS) has been successfully addressing those struggles and turns them into positive experiences, as well as a skill-set the student can master with ease. A student’s grasp of math-fact mastery is the vital foundation for all math that will follow.  We help your student get it right from the beginning.

The ND Approach to learning includes enough neuro-input for any individual to learn math at any age.  Too often students are left behind because they’ve simply not had enough input to master and understand, or it may be due to lower-level brain disorganization, poor auditory, and visual processing. or other developmental issues. Why would that be the case? It has to do with the development of their neuro-network or connections between the brain and body. What LGS provides that is missing in all other math programs, is the specific stimulation that results in the creation of new neuro-pathways. Our programs work toward raising the functional levels of the brain, which results in greater neuro-efficiency.  The greater the neuro-efficiency, the greater the ease of learning.  Increases in thinking, auditory and visual processing, and memory abilities are a by-product in the specific design of all of Little Giant Step’s curriculum and supplemental programs. When the student is working with ease at grade level, LGS’s job is done!



Little Giant Steps knows parents can set realistic performance expectations if they know the current level of proficiency with regard to their child’s mastery level.  Go to this page. Follow the directions.  From that point on you will be working with a Certified Educational Specialist.  Here’s what happens:

  1. You administer the assessment tool.
  2. You report the results per directions on the page, (It’s on our home page, too. Just look for the picture like the one on the right and click on it.)
  3. The neuro-educational specialist evaluates and scores the assessment.
  4. Makes recommendations.
  5. Emails to you the results and recommendations.  It’s that simple!

Remember, there are lots of freebies on our site, i.e.  Auditory and Visual Processing Test Kits, and information that help you make learning easier for your child. Many hours of video have been provided to educate and train you in our methodology. Go to: God bless you.