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Header logo sqLittle Giant Steps is a NeuroDevelopmental/Educational Consulting Group.

For the past 40 years, the NeuroDevelopmental Approach has been active and successful, however at the time it was discovered, the technology had no way of proving what was really happening to the brain after brain stimulating activities (cognitive, physical, and sensory) were initiated. Today that’s not the case, as scientists can use brain scanning and imaging technology and can see the changes made in the brain.

The process started with an evaluation, which included testing (academic and neuro-developmental). It was done initially so the functional baseline of the individual could be established. That would be from whence all measurement of improvement would be scored. Then the NeuroDevelopmental professional (ND) would write a program with various activities to stimulate those areas of the brain that were either not functioning at grade level, or were under-developed or missing. We call it looking at the root causes of learning issues. Today the procedure is much the same. The evaluation occurs, the ND writes an activities program to follow for a four-month period of time, then the individual is re-evaluated.

The feature in the brain (Neuro-Plasticity) is what allows the stimulating activities to change the brain by causing new neuro-pathways to be developed or connected, and even in some cases repaired!  Our bodies must have developmental steps completed in order for us to function at our fullest God-given potential.  Building neuro-connections is not much different than when a person goes to the gym and works on a body-building program.  If you follow the body-building activities over a sustained period of time; your body develops muscles where there weren’t any evident before!  The difference with the brain is that you can’t see the changes like you can the physical muscles.  The brain’s evidence is (for instance)  a dyslexic person’s ability to read develops, and their reversal of letters issues disappear. We don’t teach coping and compensating techniques, because the root functional problem is addressed and changed. All those symptoms that prevented them from being good learners no longer exist, because the brain’s connections have changed those areas not functioning before. They gain function!  For a person who can’t comprehend or remember from day to day things presented to them in school; the activities that stimulate the auditory processing areas of the brain and the lower levels of brain organization are addressed; then the student discovers they can follow directions, hold information they hear, retain it and recall it later, and best of all – utilize it in the real world of school.  Little Giant Steps screens, evaluates, writes programs, then trains the parents to become the experts to oversee the program at home, and to administer it, with the oversight of the ND and their assigned support person. The most gratifying part for the parents is that they gain insight as to how their child is improving at each re-evaluation. If the child is functioning up to appropriate age or grade level, then the child, teen, or adult graduates from the program!  They are done with Little Giant Steps’s services!  Mother nature takes over and continues growth and development as needed.  If, the re-evaluation shows that’s not the case, a new program with new activities is written, and executed from another period of four months.  Everyone is unique, therefore individualized programs are ideal. However, Little Giant Steps has created At-Home Programs such as Developmental Foundations. These programs follow a protocol that cover the majority of issues and are very affordable. Always our clients and customers have a support person who is available to answer questions, assist in administration of the programs, and encourage parents and their children as they travel this life-changing journey. The best way to express the joy following our programs is to share these messages from parents.

Are neurodevelopmental program activities a medical treatment?

Little Giant Steps is a Christian educational consulting service utilizing The Neurodevelopmental Approach which is developmentally and educationally-based. Activities recommended are not medical, therapeutic, or psychological prescriptions. Activities are offered for review, investigation and education. Application of activities from any of our brain training programs or brain training kits is at the sole discretion of the purchasing family. None of the LGS staff is licensed to practice medicine.

My child is currently undergoing therapy (Physical, Occupational, Speech or Vision) will neurodevelopmental program activities interfere with a current therapy program? 

 No. We have found that, after working with brain organization activities for at least six months, individuals realize enhanced benefits from therapy programs.  This is because when foundational brain inefficiencies are addressed and the brain becomes organized a solid basis is established within the brain for receiving the information and more efficient learning takes place.

More to come!

You Deserve Some Great News!


The best part of participating in Book Fairs, Homeschool Conferences and the like is when a parent comes to our booth to tell of the wonderful things that has happened to their child as a result of them working with their child utilizing the Neuro-Developmental Approach Programs we supply.  In some cases, they have just listened to some of Dr. Jan Bedell’s presentations she gives at these events. She teaches parents the basics of what needs to happen with Intensity, Short Duration, and Frequently over a period of time.  When Dr. Jan returned from the last convention at Woodlands, TX, she related this report from s mom who took Dr. Jan’s teachings to heart and did the work!

“Last year at the Woodlands Conference a single mom came to the booth with concerns for a child that was very low functioning.  She got The Neuro-Developmental Approach DVD and has been working on the activities described in the DVD for a year.  Her report, when she came to the booth this year, was glowing.  She mentioned the child could do things she had never been able to do in her entire life.  Thank you Lord for equipping this mom with the determination to press into the knowledge and apply the techniques to change her child’s life.”

We are so blessed to learn of cases like this one.  In fact, these results are daily occurrences at Little Giant Steps!  Brain Training takes symptoms of a problem and turns them into functional abilities! Why?  Because, humans are developing creatures, and far too often these days our infants are missing vital steps that turn their crawling / cross-patterning movements into brain and body neuro-connections. The good news in all this, is that we never loose our ability to impact the central nervous system, as the neuro-plasticity of the brain [the ability to change and create new neuro-pathways and connections between the brain and body] last our entire lifetimes!  You are never too old to improve your ability to learn , recall information, comprehend, and perform in an organized manner. It takes practice.  But, as one mother told me recently, “My son now experiences what it’s like to try and practice something and it results in success.  Prior to him doing his Neuro-Developmental Program, it didn’t matter how hard he tried, he never could make progress in his learning, sports, or thinking.  Oh, and by the way….. he’s loving his college experiences and is handling it like we never dreamed possible.”

A Parent Discovered Simple, Effective Tools

1-kidsHappyThere Is So Much You Can Do

Here’s a mom who wanted to let you know what works! Be sure and check out the side bar on the home page for many free services to help you discover how your child is functioning, and many tips – even a free review of a survey by a Neuro-educational Specialist with recommendations.

“I have a praise. My six year-old son was evaluated at the beginning of October. He was stuck at 3 auditory. [That means he could only retain 3 numbers (digits) and repeat them back to her after hearing them in a prescribed sequence. Children should be able to process the same number of digits as their age up to age 7]. My ND showed us how to bridge to 4′s. Last week Vince was consistentlyDigit Span Cards doing 4′s!!

I was originally going to make my own digit span cards, and it never got done. So, I bought some (Digit Span Cards) from Little Giant Steps. (These are cards you practice and play games for 2 minutes, twice a day.)Digit Span Cards

I bought some digit span cards. I love them. It is so much easier to get things done when everything is right there and done for you.  (Editors note:  We suggest you order a Free Test Kit to establish the current functional level of your child’s auditory and visual processing abilities. All directions are included with our products)

I bought the whisper phone- love it. My son is now saying Vincent instead of Sincent. I have also been using it with my other kids. My 8 year-old had a hard time saving virgins (a bible quiz answer). Immediately he could say it correctly. Also, my almost 3 year-old has been using it.

The service was very quick. I received my order in just a few days. (Thanks Jan) P.S. Don’t forget there are a world of free information offered on their website, too!” ~ investigate, educate and bring your struggling child into his/her real potential!

Jan. 9th – MGA Winter Conference

“Equipping for the Journey”
Sponsored by
Texas Home Educators and Morning Glory Academy                          129 Pecan Street, Keller, TX  76248.

Saturday, January 9, 2016,   9am – 3pm

For every homeschooling parent, from beginners to veterans.

This conference is designed to encourage and equip EVERY parent. If you are new to homeschooling, we are here to assure you that you can guide your child’s education, and do it well. If you are a veteran in need of a ‘lift’ along the way, we are here to encourage. If you are preparing for high school and are a bit intimidated, we are here to offer you experienced suggestions and guidance.

Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD. M.ND., founder of Little Giant Steps, will be on hand to teach parents new techniques and methods that will make learning easier.  Look for these presentations on the schedule:

“Foundations of Learning Styles” by Jan Bedell - A child’s learning abilities increase when their brain is properly stimulated.  The Brain Coach will teach you brain boosting tips for all learning styles. Optimize your children’s learning abilities!

“Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia/ADD/ADHD – There is Hope for Change!” by Jan Bedell - Labels are simply long lists of symptoms not a “disease”. Jan, aka Brain Coach, guides you through the root causes of symptomatic labels. Parents can be the key to a child breaking free of labels.


Why Little Giant Steps Exists



In 1992, Jan started a journey that transitioned her from a former school teacher, to a desperate home school mom of a struggling learner into a master neurodevelopmentalist. She witnessed her daughter with a 40 IQ learn how to read and do math on a 4th and 5th grade level!  She knew this was her calling to bring hope and healing to those parents experiencing learning struggles within their home.  You see, regardless of age, IQ, or label, brain training can change ability and function!

With her new knowledge of how to optimize brain function, coupled with her previous experience as a public, private and home school teacher, she understood there was more to education than just technique and curriculum. She found hope for her daughter through The Neurodevelopmental Approach that ensures the brain is ready for learning and has been sharing the good news with all who would listen for over two decades. Today, Jan’s passion is teaching parents how to stimulate young brains earning her the title, Brain Coach. Through the years her work has helped children, teens and adults discover their true God-given potential without labels. That work has been life-changing for all those who have applied her brain building principals, making life and learning easier for thousands.

If you are anything like Jan, you want more than encouragement.  You want answers, direction and a clear path for results for your child no matter what the extent of his/her challenges. Hear and read stories of struggles to victory and how your role as parents is key to your child’s success.  Don’t give into the fear of limitation that often comes with a label. Come build your awareness of God’s faithfulness in every area of life at Little Giant Steps 

ND Screenings Available in Houston Sept. 18th and 25th, 2015

Don’t Miss This Opportunity In Houston This Month!

You can improve academic performance.
Forward to all your friends in the Houston area.

Nancy Williams, LGS Neuro-Screener Specialist
Nancy Williams
Sept. 18, 2015

Central Houston and Clear Lake
Location to be announced

Sept. 25, 2015

Central Houston and Spring/Woodlands. Location to be announced

Contact Nancy Williams, or  Call: 713 859-7631

Little Giant Steps provides screenings throughout Texas to help parents learn what they can do to enhance their child’s learning abilities and help them succeed in academics.

To learn more about Neuro-Developmental Screenings please click this link.

Is Math Difficult For Your Child?

boyschoolworkSpecial Tools To Help Make Math Easier

For a limited time Little Giant Steps has decided to offer one of our most helpful tools to assist parents in making a significant difference in their child’s academic performance.

A great accompaniment would be Rapid Recall System ~ a multi-sensory math facts program created by our founder Jan Bedell. Both products will work independently, but Rapid Recall System can only upgrade the experience specifically in math.  Click here to learn more about Rapid Recall System (Scroll down to view video.) You can choose one operation at a time or get all four operations.

“The Best Kept Secret In Education – Auditory Processing” is a training tool and for the first time ever is being offered FREE!  Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD. created this guide that works!  Simply by clicking the button below,  you will receive an email with this tool to follow and work with your child. We recommend you take two minutes, twice a day to play the activities explained in the guide - we encourage you to make them fun! You can even play them in the car, while doing chores, etc.  What child doesn’t love the undivided attention with a parent that makes things fun?

Since you’ll be building new neuro-pathways, the time it will take is different for each child. However, we recommend you play the games for a period of four months to make sure you and your child see and experience the positive performance.  (If your child has challenges, special needs or syndromes – it can take longer, but can be very effective in improving their abilities, as well.)  The secret for any child is “In=Put”.

                                                                          CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE GUIDE

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LrnMadEZTODAY!!!  July 16th will be the start of Teach Them Diligently Convention at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas! Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD. will be in the Lonestar A1 Room for her 2:00 pm workshop:

 “Birth to Five – The Most Important School Years”
Little Giant Steps Your knowledgeable guidance in the early years positions your children for a lifetime. Academic abilities results from a good foundation of brain function. Dr. Jan, the Brain Coach, gets you started on the road to success.

Little Giant Steps will be in the exhibit hall at booth 90-907. There will be discounts, drawings, and lots of free resources. Best of all there will be some our staff to talk with you and answer questions.

Please check your schedule as our non-profit sister agency, Steps Of Hope, will be there with excellent resources, Linda Kane, a master level neurodevelopmentalist, and Pastor Alan Bias. Both will have their books available and they, along with Jan, will be giving very helpful and worthwhile workshops Thursday through Saturday.

This convention will be a spiritual highlight to you and your family! See you there!

Winners From Iowa Home School Convention!

AndTheWinnersAre[1]Little Giant Steps is delighted to announce our winners of gift certificates given to two lucky winners at the Iowa Home School Convention!

Our first winner for this year’s convention in Iowa was Jen Crittenden!  She had her choice of products.

The second winner was Dale Gamache!  Congratulations to each one of you!

We so appreciate the opportunity to meet all those who came by our booth in the Exhibit Hall! This year we had the largest group of people. We were blessed to minister to so many families and help them find a way to improved learning abilities for their children! In fact, the team sent pictures of a booth full of people one hour “after” the hall was to close!  Thanks to everyone!!




Don’t Miss The Great Deals!

RRS-1This Thursday through Saturday, Little Giant Steps will have great deals at our booth (P121 – periphery-hallway booth) at the Iowa Homeschool Convention at the Airport in Des Moines, Iowa!  Just one of those good deals is Rapid Recall System, a proven math-facts program that establishes the vital math foundation that will last a lifetime!  But, don’t just take my word for it, read what parents and teachers are saying about this product:

“My daughter had a very difficult time ‘getting’ her math facts. We tried a lot of different approaches but nothing worked. Still searching, we tried the Rapid Recall System. Somehow, she began to know her facts before we studied them! I am so impressed and thankful for Rapid Recall. I recommend it to everyone with elementary students!” - S. Phillips, Houston, Texas

 After a research project conducted in a public school – West Texas Elemetary, Stinnett, TX, here’s what the teacher had to say:

“After 18 years of teaching, I finally found a math facts system that works! Even my lower level students flourished. The Rapid Recall System was so easy to use—and it only took seven minutes a day! At the end of the year the test scores proved that the students had retained their math facts. This is a fantastic product!”  - Tanda Trussell West Texas Elementary, Stinnett, Texas 

RRS Graph1