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TTD-Sand Little Giant Steps (LGS) will be participating in Teach Them Diligently Convention May 28 -30th in Sandusky, OH. [Booth #412-414]. Our sister non-profit agency, Steps Of Hope, will be in attendance, as well. [Booth #416].  All this preparation will soon be repeated at the Dallas Teach Them Diligently Convention on July 16-18th! We are excited to be at these venues to share our ministry in a God-driven environment of celebrating family, home school, and living as a disciple of Christ! LGS is a faith-based neuro-educational/developmental group devoted to helping each individual with learning issues, labels, or disabilities discover the key to reaching their God-given potential through the Neuro-Developmental Approach – a time tested, drug-free, natural brain training program that helps the brain to change regardless of age or I.Q.  We fix functional abilities, thus learning becomes easier as the brain begins to be able to work efficiently. You could say we fix those developmental gaps, or provide needed repair when there has been an interruption of vital developmental steps. We provide activities (cognitive and physical) that helps the brain to generate neuro-connections so learning can become easier and memory retention greatly improves. After all, the biggest “learning organ” in our bodies is our brain!


cope-compLittle Giant Steps is a Neuro-Educational/Developmental Consulting Group. We work with people of all ages to fix functional learning issues through the use of Brain Training – The Neuro-Developmental Approach.

Today I happened across an article written by a woman who indicated she struggled with ADHD (Inattentive ADHD).  She described how she lost her car in a parking garage while taking her sons on a historical tour in an unfamiliar city. She mentioned the panic both she and her children experienced.  Many parking garages owned by  the same company!  Her solution for future outings was to use the GPS locator on her phone so this would not happen to her again. She stated her children have had to remind her to lock in the coordinates already.

I am so glad she found a way to cope and compensate for this problem.  But, my heart really cried out and wanted her to know there is a better solution!  Over the last twenty years Little Giant Steps (LGS) has been working with clients to eliminate the symptoms of many learning issues, syndromes, and disabilities.  How? You ask?  With Individual Brain Training based on the results 0f Neuro-Developmental Evaluation and Academic Testing. The most wonderful feature of the brain is plasticity!  That means the brain can change. Through our programs we create a profile of areas of the brain that are either under-developed, in need of repair, or just not functioning up the age or grade level. We then write a program of activities (cognitive and physical movements) that will impact those specific areas of the brain via specific techniques to change the brain and bring into being the functional abilities.  When connections are re-wired the symptoms of the disorder typically simply go away. It doesn’t matter what age you are or your I.Q.  Everything improves when there is Neuro-efficiency ~ functional abilities operating efficiently and effectively.  So, in many ways we are a paradigm shift for many people with learning disabilities, syndromes, etc.  We do not promote coping and compensating, because we know Brain Training can “fix” those areas so the individual can then function like the majority of normal well developed organized people.

Each one of us at LGS are passionate about this approach, because each one of us have seen the impact in our own children’s lives. My son was gifted, but dysgraphia and dyslexia was disabling to his performance both in school and sports. That was not the case after he finished his Neuro-Developmental Program. The dyslexia went away, the dysgraphia, the poor fine and  gross motor skills disappeared.  Today, he’s a very confident, professional (DDS)  who does advanced dental procedures in his dental practice.  The founder of Little Giant Steps discovered the Neuro-Developmental (ND) Approach for her mentally challenged daughter, who still couldn’t read by age 15.  Dr. Jan Bedell, at the time was a teacher, and she just knew there was greater potential in her daughter. She just didn’t know how she might reach it, so she quit teaching and went home to home school her. Then Jan stumbled across the ND Approach!  When she saw her daughter after a few short weeks on program being able to “perfectly fold towels” (which had never happened before), and she witnessed her new ability to think in an organized manner, and began to comprehend and retain her “reading and math” ~ her mother immediately enrolled in the long training courses to become a Neurodevelopmentalist. Today, LGS provides professional training for those professionals/parents who learn how to screen, evaluate, and train families in the techniques, programs, and the fine art of Brain Training.  In fact, Dr. Bedell is known as the Brain Coach! For more instances of these unique, yet common successes; I would encourage you to follow this link, so you might understand the depth and breath of the ND Approach.

My heart cries out, “Don’t settle for coping and compensating!”  There is a path available to become whole in functional abilities, which means becoming successful in academic, social, and general life pursuits!  We can end daily struggles and frustrations of learning disabilities and issues. We at LGS have been there and done it – so can you!

Winners At Arlington Drawings!



Friday Winner – Brandee Ratliff, picked up product at booth.

Saturday Winner – Misty Ellison, has $25.00 coupon on the Store to use.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all of you who stopped by our booth!

THSC in Arlington May 7 – 9.

JanAtlDON’T MISS THE GREAT DEALS! Jan Bedell, PhD, founder and president of Little Giant Steps, will be available to assist parents in significantly changing academic challenges or struggles into smiles of success. After twenty years of working with families utilizing the Neuro-Developmental / Educational Approach, our successes in fixing functional learning issues has been repeated time and time again. To really understand how we work, we suggest you listen to the parents who have embraced our services, some through our professional services and testing programs, some by mearly purchasing our at-home neuro-educational programs, and adding them to the home school activities already in process.  For more Information click here. DON’T MISS THE SALE ON RAPID RECALL SYSTEM!  (a math facts program that is done for 7 – 9 minutes a day with fantastic success). 15-rrsdealsRapid Recall System does what it claims, the retention of math basics with permanent recall due to the program’s unique design based on the Neuro-Developmental Approach.  It is a spiraling sensory integrated program that actually produces connections in the brain.  It helps to create neuro-efficiency which makes for easier learning, regardless of the subject. Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD, designed this program, and she will be in our booth (#117) at the THSC / ARLINGTON BOOK FAIR, ON THURSDAY THROUGH SATURDAY,  MAY 7-9, 2015 AT THE COX CONVENTION CENTER, ARLINGTON.  TX.  Be sure and stop in and learn how vital you can be in helping your child improve their academic abilities. Dr. Jan’s Workshop:

Saturday May 9th,   Room M-2  - 1:45  pm
 “Foundations of Learning Styles (More than Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic)”   
Description: A child’s learning abilities increase, when their brains are properly stimulated. The Brain Coach will teach you  brain boosting tips for all learning styles. Your teaching can be more effective and your children’s learning optimized! Discover the most efficient way to teach math operations, math facts, spelling, and penmanship.

Learning Difficulties: Dyslexia/ADD/ADHD There is Hope for Change

JanB11-2014Saturday May 2nd, 2015 – 12:00 pm Room A – Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City, OK – Oklahoma Home School Book Fair

DON’T MISS THIS VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Jan Bedell, PhD – Neuro-Educational Specialist,  Master Neurodevelopmentalist

Do you suspect Dyslexia/ADD/ADHD or other learning labels? Labels are a long lists of symptoms not a “disease” or “brain abnormality.” Jan will guide you through the root causes of symptomatic labels and give practical skills for training your child’s brain to eliminate the symptoms. Parents can be the key to breaking free of labels and reaching beyond their limiting, negative effects! Open a brilliant future for your child through understanding how the brain works . . . or why it doesn’t currently seem to be working so well. The goal of this workshop is to help you unlock your child’s fullest God given potential.


Saturday May 2nd,  Room B  - 2:00 pm 
 ” Create a Positive Learning Environment”   


Special Convention Pricing for Rapid Recall

15-rrsdealsMay 1st and 2nd the Oklahoma City Home School Convention will be held in Cox Center.

Little Giant Steps will have special pricing at our booth!


Jan will be giving several workshops you won’t want to miss:

Friday May 1st,  Room D  - 12:00 pm
 “Foundations of Learning Styles (More than Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic)”   
Saturday May 2nd,  Room A  - 12:00 pm 
“Learning Difficulties: Dyslexia/ADD/ADHD There is Hope for Change” 
Saturday May 2nd,  Room B  - 2:00 pm 
 ” Create a Positive Learning Environment”   






Dr. Jan Bedell,PhD, the Brain Coach, is available in Atlanta today and tomorrow to answer questions, and has two workshops left!

1. Friday, April 10th at 2:00-3:00 pm
“Birth to Five – The Most Important School Years”

2. Saturday April 11th at 2:00-3:00 pm
“Raising Leaders: Unlocking Potential”

She’ll be at the Teach Them Diligently Conventions in Sandusky,OH May 28-30th or Dallas, TX July 16-18.
Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your child’s academic abilities utilizing The Neuro-Developmental Approach – It’s easy, fun, and results will last a lifetime!




Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD, the brain coach, will be in booth 302, when not giving workshops. Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn and have your questions answered about how neuro-innovations can make dramatic improvement in your child’s academic performance, regardless of whether they are typical, gifted, or challenged.

See more about Little Giant Steps and its very successful programs to eliminate learning issues and difficulties. We fix function by impacting the center of all learning – The Brain!

Jan Bedell’s Sessions:

1. Thursday, April 9th at 7:00-8:00 pm
“Foundations of Learning Styles”

2. Friday, April 9th at 8:00-9:00 am – Special Needs
“Should I Home School My Child Who Needs Unique Intervention? You Can, You Should!”

3. Friday, April 10th at 2:00-3:00 pm
“Birth to Five – The Most Important School Years”

4. Saturday April 11th at 2:00-3:00 pm
“Raising Leaders: Unlocking Potential”


Reduced Prices at Nashville Convention

LGS1COME TO THE EXHIBITOR HALL, BOOTH NUMBERS: 609-611  Little Giant Steps brings great prices to our convention attendees. If you can’t make it to the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Nashville, then come to see us in:

Atlanta, GA – Apr.9-11,

Sandusky, OH-May 28-30,

Dallas, TX – July16-18.


This math facts program, created and developed by Jan Bedell, PhD, M.ND. can set the stage for math success. Here’s a what a teacher who used this seasoned program in her class: After 18 years of teaching, I finally found a math facts system that works! Even my lower level students flourished. The Rapid Recall System was so easy to use—and it only took seven minutes a day! At the end of the year the test scores proved that the students had retained their math facts. This is a fantastic product!”  - Tanda Trussell West Texas Elementary, Stinnett, Texas Here are the discounts on

Rapid Recall System at the Teach Them Diligently Home School Convention:





For the complete set (4 operations) see more details HERE.


Free Tip To Improved Academic Performance



Welcome to all attending the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Nashville!

For you parents who will be purchasing curriculum, I highly recommend you get a Free Auditory Test Kit from Little Giant Steps. Why? Because it will give you a snapshot of the current status of your child’s processing ability (above or below grade or age level), and how to improve it, so they can receive, comprehend, store and recall information quickly and accurately! It will take you all of about 10 mins. to do this assessment. Order it on the right side of our home page: – or click on the picture.’s free and you’ll receive it via email. It can make a huge positive difference in their academic performance and successes with whatever curriculum you purchase!

Don’t miss Jan Bedell’s workshops on:

Friday at 10:30 am in Room:  Lincoln D.  -

“Should I Home School My Child Who Needs Unique Interventions? You Can, You Should!”

Friday at 1:30 pm in Room:  Pres. Chamber B -

“Foundations of Learning Styles (More than Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic)”

Saturday at 1:30 pm in Room: Pres. Chamber A  -

 “Birth to Five – The Most Important School Years”