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Why Can’t He Follow Directions?


“Frustrated beyond reason”, the mother exclaimed, as she was telling us about the traits her son Jon was displaying.  “He’s a bright kid, but the most frustrating child I’ve ever dealt with, it’s like there’s a brake on in his head. I truly believe he wants to do good in school, but it’s just not happening!” Other behaviors were very disturbing to her, as well. “His homework is always so messy, and he forgets details and I just wonder if he’s paying attention, or is he being defiant and disobedient?”  It is difficult for a parent, especially when you have a vibrant, curious-natured child that appears to have everything they need to achieve in school. Parents typically notice behaviors that seem a bit “out of place”, but most of us just think it’s a phase they are going through.  Parents typically just want the child to “snap out it and pay attention!” Little Giant Steps (LGS) can provide insight into these areas of performance and we, along with the parents participation, can provide life-changing, natural solutions.

The most important thing we can encourage parents about is that when you see these kinds of “markers” it is our experience you are looking at learning issues related to neuro-development.  Which is a good thing, because problems can be fixed, and the struggles, frustrations, and learning difficulties can become a part of your child’s history, not their future.

Little Giant Steps has many articles on our website to help you educate yourself, and help to understand more about challenges your child may be experiencing. Here are a few tips to assist you in discovering what specifically is going on.

#1. Take the Free Survey offered on the homepage side bar, just click on the question mark.  Follow directions and email it to our Certified Neuro-Educational Specialist. Your survey will be reviewed and will be sent back with a recommendation to improve any issues.

#2. Follow this link to our Free Auditory Processing Test Kit (it is a snapshot of your child’s current auditory processing (short-term memory) abilities.  You’ll be able to discover if your child is performing at grade/age level.  The ability to fix that very important part of learning ability, is discussed, as well.  For more details, we have a booklet The Best Kept Secret In Education available. #homeschool #learning disabilities #school #autism #children #family #academics #hedua #ttd/nashville



Congratulations To “Little Giant Steps $100.00 Winners”!  We are happy to announce our two winners:

#1. Leslie Agee from Hendersonville, TN,    #2. Holli Taylor from Bryson City, NC.

Our next opportunity for you to win will be at Oklahoma City, OCHEC Home School Convention - May 2-3, 2014

The Arlington Home School will start May 9-10, 2014. Be sure and stop by our booth, and attend Jan Bedell’s Workshops.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Teach Them Diligently – Nashville convention! Wonderful people were sent to us, and God allowed us to minister to them and give them hope. Learning disabilities, difficulties do not have to be life sentences once you know and understand how to make changes in the communicating abilities between the brain and body. It all a matter of development! Thanks to all those who participated! We, as all of you, were blessed to be attending such an rich, renewing, and God-inspiring event. A big thanks to David and Leslie Nunnery from all of us at Little Giant Steps!

We are looking forward to seeing all of our fellow-Texans in Dallas June 26 – 28th at the Teach Them Diligently Convention – Dallas!  Come meet us:   Jan Bedell, M.Ed., M.ND., The Brain Coach will be speaking, so be sure and check the schedule so you don’t miss making learning easier through The Neuro-development Approach. #homeschool#, #learning difficulties#, #learning disabilities#,#math#, #reading#

What If It’s Something Other Than Bad Behavior?


Everyone at Little Giant Steps have experienced reaching a point where they were aware there was a problem with their child. Some of it was school, some was attitude, and some was way too much bad behavior. Each of us recognized something was not working right within our child. Most of us thought it was circumstantial and we expected it to work itself out.  After a while, things were getting worse instead of better.  Then for some of us, something happened that made the issue we’d been grappling with stand out,  an alarm sounded that we couldn’t ignore, and caused so much pain and worry; we went to all manner and means to find a solution.

Those who have followed the Little Giant Step’s programs have been blessed to watch our children move beyond their limitations, and to witness the transformation of a sullen, angry child into a son or daughter who developed not only skills that seem to elude them the first part of their lives, but now exude a level of confidence, self-esteem, and dare we say, “joy”! They are successful!  They can find their own way and seek the good things for themselves, because they now can organize information, be quick and accurate in their thinking, comprehension, recall, able to judge life better, and they now know they are worth it!

How can a struggling son or daughter make such a turnaround?  Little Giant Steps has been supplying such services for twenty years. When a natural, developmental individualized program is practiced daily, the brain and body will respond.  As I explained to a woman today, “How we function as human beings is all in our wiring. It is in prompting through specific stimuli, that we can coax the brain to begin to build or grow new networks, high-speed transport systems, or rewire the existing connections, and thereby gain new or improved function.”  The Neurodevelopmental Approach does not look to a diagnosis or label, because we are really only interested in looking fixing the function - or  fixing the problem. When proper function isn’t happening, it’s our job to evaluate, write a specific program that will bring  each area in the brain up to the appropriate grade level of function. When that is done, most unproductive symptoms disappear! It is like taking a huge anchor off someone’s back. When our son’s and daughter’s are unhappy, stressed, and failing, they do not thrive in a normal environment. LGS provide the tools and means of creating better connections between the brain and body.  When the foundational developmental steps are significantly improved, we see these behaviors recede and the abilities needed to be successful in academics, problem solving,  and being neurologically efficient (the brain and body communicating fast and accurate between the varying senses and systems). These activities cause the individual to blossom into self-confident, curious, and life-embracing individuals, because at last they can “do things” and succeed.

So, if you are looking at a spiral of self-defeating behaviors developing in your child, take a break.  Go to our website and take “The Survey“. It will help you on your journey to making life better, not only for your child, but for you and your family, as well.  Fill it out the survey, submit it, and a Certified Neuro-Educational Specialist will look it over, and come back to you with helpful recommendations. No cost, no charge. We want you and your child to find the solution you are seeking, and this is a first step in that direction. Review our website, there is so much valuable information to help you navigate through this rough patch…. and with our brain training programs, that’s all it is – a rough patch in your life. Learning issues, bad behavior, and failing in school are not life sentences when you decide to make a change. Little Giant Steps is here to walk you through this life-changing journey.


“Hi, I was just thinking about you guys at LGS!  I am in college now, and thanks to the help you gave me when I was 14 years old, I am able to follow my life’s dream.  There is nothing I would rather do then to be a worship leader and write worship music. While in college I recorded a new song.  I hope to get to see you again someday! Again thanks to LGS for helping me be who I am today.  Take care, Allison, 11, 2012″         (You can listen to Allison on My Space – we loved being a part of changing her life for the better, we are so blessed! ~ LGS)  Allison Huntly




It’s Started! Homeschool Convention Season!


Jan Bedell, M.Ed., M.ND – Speaking Schedule ~ Don’t Miss Her!

The Little Giant Steps dream team is hard at work in booth 1102, at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN!

While many may not be able to be there to hear her in person, I would encourage you to seek new knowledge on how to help your child reach their full God-given potential in academics, physical coordination, and social maturity by taking advantage of our free webinars available to you in the comfort of your own home!  These are full training seminars, with helpful tips, techniques, and many services she’s giving away while Jan  is in Nashville.

There will be recordings done that can be acquired through Teach Them Diligently .  Recordings from the 2014 Conventions may be purchased here.

If you’d like to get the Convention discount on one operation of Rapid Recall System ( 7-9 Min. A Day – A Math Facts Program, that will give mastery of quick, accurate math facts), email me:, Subject line: ME TOO!  Allow a week to receive it, as our order dept. manager is on the road this week!

Friday 10:30 am #1.Create a Positive Home and Learning Environment (General &  Special Needs Population).  Room:  Jackson A      

Friday 3:00 pm  #2.We’re Talking, but are they listening?   Room: Jackson C

Saturday 9:00 am  #3.Make Learning Easier For Struggling, Typical, and Advanced Students. Room: Lincoln C



Don’t Miss Out – Freebies Galore


Jan Bedell, M.Ed., M.ND., the “Brain Coach”, will be at the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Nashville, TN.  March 20 – 22, 2014!

Jan is the founder of Little Giant Steps (LGS). For over two decades LGS has changed the academic lives of children, teens, and adults.  We work with families to give them the skill and knowledge to assist in making learning easier, accurate, and quicker in recalling information.  Many products will be available at Nashville, but we also have them available online at the LGS Store.  The Freebies we’ll be giving out are a part of our culture, as we want to give away as much helpful information as possible.  Below are a list of freebies that can make a huge difference in an individual’s performance abilities.


  • ARTICLES (they’ll help you understand the modality, and how change is accomplished)
  • AUDITORY TEST KITS ( try this one first, then do the visual test. For little ones – Tiny Tots)
  • THE SURVEY (fill it out, a neuro-educational specialist reviews and sends back recommendations)
  • MATH PROFICIENCY ASSESSMENT (lets you know level of math performance and helps available)
  • WEBINARS (full training seminars with the Brain Coach)

Everything we do is according to God’s natural plan of development.  We use the feature in the brain call neuro-plasticity to change (improve) the functional level of an individual, and to create a better learning experience regardless of age or I.Q.  Everyone gains in ability by doing our programs. The brain training is easy, it does require at least 2 minutes twice a day, but that’s a small price to pay for a fuller, more successful educational, self-confident life.

Tip: Improve Learning Success


When parents are looking for help in getting their child on a path to achievement, that is where Little Giant Steps works. Parents recognize many perplexing learning difficulties encountered by their sons or daughters in the classroom or homeschool, and they typically don’t know what to do. Typically will ask us, “Now, what is it you do?”   So for all those who would like to know, I’ll put it in a nutshell:

Little Giant Steps, is a neuro-educational/developmental consulting group. We provide professional screeningsevaluations, neuro-educational curriculum, supplemental educational programs, and in-home, at-a-distance programs. We also provide a number of FREE services: Auditory, Visual & Tiny Tots Test Kits, Surveys, FREE Webinars, (full educational seminars), Educational Articles.
We work only with natural means to reduce or eliminate learning challenges. We provide programs designed to stimulate the brain to change for improved functional ability.  What is the greatest learning tool humans have?  The Brain!  How is it possible to improve function? There is a feature in the brain called neuro-plasticity, which when stimulated results in physiological improved changes in the brain. By dynamically changing, adding, repairing the neuro-pathways (connections) between the brain and body, we get a state called neuro-efficiency.  When there is neuro-efficiency, improved function develops!  By the way, it doesn’t matter if it’s a child, teen, or adult, nor what the I.Q. may be – all are helped in reaching their God-given potential through The Neuro-developmental Approach.


By stimulating the brain with specific kinds of activities (both cognitive and/or physical motion), the result causes the ends of the nerve cells to grow.  Now, if you and I wanted to get to a specific destination in a hurry by car, would you go down a dirt road in the country, or get on a super-highway?  Yes, the super-highway.  Doing neuro-developmental activities can result in better brain organization, improved short-term memory, better auditory, visual, and tactile processing of information, which is like driving down a super-highway – everything is faster and easier. Some of our clients have likened their experience of improved function as going from a dial-up line on a computer to a high-speed internet connection!  There is greater efficiency, faster communication, and instantaneous response from you senses and systems (sight, hearing, feeling) happening between your brain and body.  That’s neuro-efficiency!  For instance, Jan Bedell, founder of Little Giant Steps, known to others as the “Brain Coach“, developed a math facts program (Rapid Recall System) that takes advantage of the ability to create neuro-efficiency.  It’s done in 7-9 minutes a day, with great intensity and frequency.  The result after getting the brain, eyes, ears more efficient is an accurate and rapid recall of math facts that lasts a lifetime!  The brain, when it becomes efficient, receives, comprehends, stores, and can accurately recall information at much higher rates than before doing our programs.  It’s not rocket science!  It is capitalizing on how God designed our brain and the neuro-plasticity to become fast and accurate in communicating with our body’s sensory systems. It makes everything about learning easier.


All  have experienced struggle, a time when we just keep missing the mark. We know that small part of ourselves that disappoints us, but even more painful can be those around us who are disappointed or frustrated with us.  Many of us have felt the sting when our brothers and sisters, friends, and sometimes classmates tease us, call us names, or bully us about what we are not successful at doing.  The price we pay is a loss of our self-confidence.  Who can feel good about themselves when it seems like we fail more than we succeed?   I have seen enormous turn-around in this part of our client’s lives when their brains get organized, when they can think quickly and accurately, and especially when they remember the right answers!  It doesn’t matter how old you are, when anyone can discover the key to unlock our learning potential ~ IT FEELS GOOD!   You get to walk away from those old days of failure, self doubt, and for a few, self-hatred.  You discover you “CAN” do things and do them correctly! You also discover what freedom you now have to follow your own special dreams and interests, because you are no longer being tied to the ground by the anchor of learning issues, disabilities, or even syndromes.  That’s what keeps all of us at Little Giant Steps so excited.  Our kids, teens and adults leave our program with the function they were struggling with fixed!  It’s no longer an issue!  We are always blessed by being in a place where we see the wonderful transformation of people’s lives.  Parents get a front row seat, because we assist them in becoming the expert in applying the program at home (we do have our programs in schools, as well), but we can more clearly witness the wonderfully defining moments along the way and share the entire families’ renewal as life becomes better for one or more members as they travel with Little Giant Steps on the very special and unique learning journey.



Want Improved “Following Directions, Paying Attention, etc.”?



Get ahead of the game by getting a free test kit from Little Giant Steps, then follow up with great information on them at the conventions listed below! Jan will be demonstrating how to administer Auditory Tests, Visual Tests, and Tiny Tots, so you can know the current level of processing ability of anyone in your family who takes the test! If some are not up to appropriate age or grade level, there is an easy fix that will last a lifetime! Once you know the level of ability, you can very easily use any of the recommended products to start helping your child, yourself, or even your spouse to gain an increase in ability to following directions, comprehend, pay attention, increase short-term memory, and improve many other globally affected areas. Get free test kit now:

If you want to understand more fully about “The Best Kept Secret In Education” order the 22 page booklet. It gives games, and many helpful tips to accelerate your child’s performance abilities in or out of school.

Conventions coming up:             

Teach Them Diligently, Nashville, TN  -  March 20 – 22nd, 2014  

OCHEC Convention, Oklahoma City, OK - May 1 – 3rd, 2014    

Arlington Homeschool Convention, Arlington, TX -  May 8– 10th, 2014  

FEAST Convention,  Helotes, TX - May 15- 17th, 201  

Teach Them Diligently, Dallas, TX - June 26 – 28th, 2014

NAUMS Conference,   Fort Worth, TX - July 22 -24th, 2014

Orphans’ Lonely Beginnings Reveal How Parents Shape A Child’s Brain


Izidor Ruckel, shown here at age 11 with his adoptive father Danny Ruckel in San Diego, Calif., says he found it hard to respond to his adoptive parents’ love.


Little Giant Steps encourages you to understand what we do from a very different perspective.  Life can change dramatically, when connections in the brain that were never developed can be created, developed or repaired. Whether a child or a grown man, as Izidor is now, The Neurodevelopmental Approach, can and does work. If you have friends who have adopted children with issues of attachment, bonding, etc. Please pass this very important article coming from NPR and from the young man who has lived this dramatic life from which we all can learn.

If you’d like to listen to this story please follow this link 

Orphanage Romania

In the Institute for the Unsalvageable in Sighetu Marmatiei, Romania, shown here in 1992, children were left in cribs for days on end.

Photos by Tom Szalay

Please know Little Giant Steps works with learning issues of all kinds.  We have experience with adoptive families, fetal alcohol syndrome, brain trauma, cerebral palsy, as well as learning disabilities.  We would encourage you to learn more by going to our website and investigate.  Please feel free to take advantage of all the many free services and educational information (articles) we offer.  God bless.


“Be Positive”


BePositiveNow Give You Child A Chance To Move Off A Negative Center

Little Giant Steps has worked with so many children who were struggling, unhappy, and experiencing defeat at every turn.  It’s been amazing to see how they can and will adapt to more positive perspectives when their processing abilities are improved, and they are exposed to positive “spiritual” reinforcement.

Be Positive” has turned things around for many.  One mother stated, “My son LIKES the Be Positive CD; as a matter of fact, he now seems to readily apologize for mistakes/misconduct–something he has NEVER been known to do. While we were talking a couple of weeks ago, he told me that something was “delightful”. (!!!) That sure brightened my day! (Need I point out that he never, ever has been known to say positive things–much less pleasant?!) I have also noted an improvement with willingness to cooperate and in a general sense, there is a slightly noticeable improvement in relationships with people… (Not constant, and not huge–but YAHOO!!) I hesitated to buy this CD because I didn’t want to waste my money, knowing how much my very-negative child would hate listening to it. I’m so glad I was wrong about this one!!! – E. W., Kerrville, TX

All children need to know how very special they are in the eyes of their parents, but also in the eyes of God. This audio CD will positively impact your child’s self-esteem and reaffirm what a wonderful miracle of God they truly are. This CD helps improve self-esteem, self-control, and helps to establish your child’s identity in Christ. Included on this CD are the following: Positive Affirmations, Phone Etiquette, Positive Responses to Situations, Manners, Greetings, Blessings, Self Discipline, and Love Letters from God.

Let your child listen to these tracks over and over again to increase their auditory processing ability and to cement into their heart, mind and soul what a special and unique person God has created. Be sure and stop by The Little Giant Steps booth at the Teach Them Diligently in Nashville (March 20-22), and Dallas (June 26-28).

Don’t Miss Jan Bedell at Teach Them Diligently Conventions

AudProcessBkJan Bedell,M.Ed., M.ND, founder of Little Giant Steps, will provide knowledge and tools that can assure each parent they can leave her speaking presentations with the ability to improve their child’s learning and academic abilities!

Jan will be speaking at:

Teach Them Diligently Nashville Convention March 20th – 23rd

Teach Them Diligently Dallas Convention June 26th – 28th

For over twenty years the “Brain Coach™” ” has served the home school community, public and private schools by teaching parents and teachers the value of working with the best learning tool we have – the Brain!  She’s written curriculum (Rapid Recall System)&(Detailed Reading Comprehension), at-home-programs (Developmental Foundations), and fun neuro-developmental programs (Early Learning Foundations)&(Early Learning Foundations Teacher Manual)-levels 1,2,3. Please visit our store catalog for many more useful tools, aides, and programs.

Be sure and check the schedule of speakers for the conventions in Nashville and Dallas at this website (Teach Them Diligently) and mark her down as someone you won’t want to miss.  Oh!  Bring a pencil and paper, because you will leave with many tips and ideas to have fun, creative ways to increase processing, memory (short & long-term), and even help them to follow directions, stay on task, be happier and more confident students in their academic abilities! See you at the Teach Them Diligently Conventions in Nashville and Dallas!