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Learning Struggles Can Be A Matter of Development


Neuro-Developmental Screenings are a very quick snapshot of the current functional abilities of your child.  A Neuro-Educational Specialist will observe your child doing cognitive, physical, and sensory activities (parents are welcome to sit in on a screening because they can learn , as well, a new base of knowledge and techniques that they can apply to help understand ques and clues about learning issues.

Individuals can gain an understanding of themselves or their child through a screening. We are shifting the focus from looking at the symptoms to looking at root causes and learning why those symptoms are occurring. It is in finding the cause that the remedy becomes clear. Typically it’s a simple matter of development.

Little Giant Steps has many resources on our website. You can even attend our webinars for free!  Most parents are unaware of the positive significant impact they can have on their child’s learning abilities! Also, check out the right sidebar on our home page and discover other important free services.

If you wonder why your child has difficulty: following directions, remembering what they’ve learned from one day to the next, struggles with new concepts, is disorganized in their thinking or physical maintenance; we have over twenty years experience in working with families in bringing The Neuro-Developmental Approach into your lives where you can see significant change, functional abilities develop, and a happier, more self-confident child emerge.  It is truly a life-changing program that can bring children, teens, and adults into their fullest God-given potential.

Introducing Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD, M.Ed., M.ND.



Jan Bedell, aka Brain Coach™, has been a master neurodevelopmentalist for over two decades. Her experience as an educator in the public, private and home school realm has allowed her to bring forth her true passion–helping parents better the lives of their children by enhancing their brains.

This approach to learning was life-changing for her own daughter with special needs and has proved the same for those who have applied these brain building principals over the years.

Jan is the founder and president of Little Giant Steps a group of Christian neuro-educational specialists. Over the years Jan has developed an abundance of curriculum and training programs for parents and professionals. The constant goal of Little Giant Steps is to help make learning and life easier for millions of individuals.


JanAtlLittle Giant Steps headed out to meet, greet, educate, and minister to those who will be attending the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Sandusky, OH. May 12th -14th at the Kalahari Resort.
Dr. Jan Bedell will be giving five presentations covering many aspects of learning challenges, the value of brain training, and life-changing techniques to take a struggling student to one of excellent academic performance. Here’s her schedule:

Thurs.– 6:30pm   Rm: Kalihari Ballroom D

  • “Helping the Mother’s Hurting Heart”

Fri. – 3:00 pm      Rm: Crown Palm Hut

  • “Riding the Reading Roller Coaster of Dyslexia”

Fri. – 6:00pm      Rm: Kalihari Ballroom F

  • “ADD/ADHD – The Absent Minded Professor”

Sat. – 9:00am     Rm: Crown Palm Hut

  • “The Art of Teaching Writing & How To Evaluate It”

Sat. – 3:00pm   Rm: Kalahari Ballroom F

  • “Just When I Thought as a Teacher,

            My Bright Child Starts Struggling”     


THSC / Arlington Homeschool Convention Starts Today


Little Giant Steps welcomes you to a great opportunity to learn and visit with our staff in the Exhibit Hall (Booth #713). Arlington Convention Center | 1200 Ballpark Way | Arlington, TX 76011 

Stop by and speak with our Neuro-Educational Specialists. They are there to make a difference for you, as they have been for thousands of families with students who may be gifted, typical, or challenged.

Get answers to those puzzling  questions when you know your student is intelligent, but:

  • Why is he so disorganized?
  • Why does she act like a younger child?
  • Why is his room such a mess?
  • Why is phonics so difficult?  I have tried several different phonics programs and she is still struggling.
  • Why is he so rough with his friends and siblings?

You can find answers for the root causes of these symptoms by talking with our staff. We hope this convention becomes a positive game-changer and we are there to inspire and bring hope to all.  Sign up for gift certificates drawing, too.  Every hour in our booth we will give a mini-workshop to help you understand what and how a Neuro-Developmental Program works. Stop by to get a personal consultation regarding any learning challenges you experience as a homeschooling parent. We offer lots of free resources, as well as, programs you can add to your school day that can improve learning performance. With new knowledge you can help your child experience greater success than ever before.

Atlanta Teach Them Diligently Drawing Winners!

AndTheWinnersAre1-300x172Little Giant Steps Congratulates our Atlanta winners:

Friday – Jamie Williams 

Saturday – Heather Bastow

We would like to thank those who stopped by our booth, and hope you received hope, inspiration and information that will help you teach your children ways to improve their academic performance.  We offer free services that can give you insights into your child’s current level of functional abilities:

FREE AUDITORY & VISUAL TEST KITS  – watch the video to learn how to administer it, then discover the far-reaching benefits of following the techniques that increase lower-level brain organization, following directions, comprehension, and many other “learning advantages” that are developed.

FREE SURVEY - By submitting one survey per individual you will receive our recommendations (reviewed by a Certified Educational Specialist)  for the best tools, methods of instruction, and/or programs to address your needs.

Thanks again!

Screenings Available – Register Soon

Covers1WHAT: Neuro-Developmental Screenings, $15.00  Get a snapshot of a few areas of current developmental functional abilities.


Subject line: Screening  (City)

(Limited Number Of Appointments Available)

WHERE: Teach Them Diligently Convention – Atlanta, GA ~ April 28-30, 2016    &  Sandusky, OH ~ May 12-14, 2016


* Increased Short Term Memory   * Enhance Retention    * Understand Directions              * Increase Comprehension   * Lessen Confused Thinking   * Improve Language Skills                     * Boost Visual Discrimination     * Improved Academic Performance

Invitation To Homeschoolers In South Dallas


YOU ARE INVITED……(An Adult Only Event)

Dr. Jan Bedell will give a presentation for parents of homeschoolers:


MARCH 29, 2016,   9:45am – 11:15am

Please Follow The SALT Signs. Proceed to the Back Parking Lot & Entrance

1437 W. Pleasant Run Rd.   DeSoto, Texas 75115

The Joy of Walking With God’s Children

LGSLogo1Little Giant Steps is so blessed to be at Teach Them Diligently! Dr. Jan Bedell and our staff are excited to serve the families in Nashville this week, in Atlanta April 28th, and Sandusky May 28th! Many captives who struggle with learning can be set free!  That’s the good news we bring.

It is in God’s design for us to teach parents how to create or restore efficient neuro-pathways in the brain is quite possible and highly successful. The brain training techniques we bring results in greater brain organization, comprehension, reduction in frustration, increase in abilities to hear or see and retain information, and a better comprehension and know the satisfaction of the multitude of experiences life brings to each person (regardless of age, I.Q., gifted, typical, or challenged)! By the way, the efficiency gained lasts a lifetime!

The symptoms of not being able to stay on task, follow directions, being disorganized and confused, unable to recall information from one day to the next do not have to be a lifetime struggle in the learning process. When simple brain training activities are done twice a day, for two minutes, for several months, the plasticity of the brain (God’s magnificent feature for change) begins to build new connections. It results in a re-wiring process. These connections are developmentally correct, as our Neuro-Developmental Approach is based on scientific tests, practice, and success for the past 40 plus years. Now with the imaging abilities of our radiological technologies our methods are proven and predictably correct! Every living person can benefit from the brain training we offer. Come learn about it this week at the convention and help restore, enhance, or improve your child’s academic performance, self-confidence, and satisfaction in learning!  Oh….and if you take advantage of these activities, you too, will gain in abilities, as well!

Is Your Child Functioning At Grade Level?


Screenings Offered at Home School Conventions

Dr. Jan Bedell of Little Giant Steps is offering Neuro-Educational / Developmental Screenings. If you are interested in knowing the current status of your child’s learning abilities, and gaining easy remedies for less than desired performance; then you need to register now!  Paste this URL in your browser to access the registration and information page.  You will receive your appointment via email. Convention Fee: $15.00

There are a limited number of appointment times, so set your child’s screening up now!  Here are the convention locations and dates:

  1. Teach Them Diligently Convention in Nashville, TN, March 17th, 18th, 19th, 2016

  2. Teach Them Diligently Convention in Atlanta, GA, April 28th, 29th, 30th, 2016

  3. Teach Them Diligently Convention in Sandusky, OH, May 12th, 13th, 14th, 2016

  4. Florida Parents Educational Association, Orlando, FL May 26th, 27th, 28th, 2016

Providing parents with a snapshot of their child’s current functional levels is our way of saying thank you.  Knowing your child’s auditory, visual, and sensory abilities which results in their processing, comprehension, and speed of recalling information; you then have the advantage to increase their proficiency, speed and accuracy in their academics. There’s a distinct advantage to your child when brain organization is increased. Not to mention for you, learning how a few brain training activities can catapult your child’s functional abilities.

Register at LGS Registration Web-page to discover how you can help your child’s brain work more efficiently whether they are gifted and advanced in academics or struggling just to keep up.

It’s a New Year! Let’s start Fresh!

doubt-femaleIt’s a New Year! Let’s start Fresh!

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Why is reading, spelling or math so difficult for my child? Why do they seem to know something one day and not the next? Why are they so disorganized? Why does it seem to take so long to teach him? I wonder if my child has something called Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Low Auditory Processing Disorder, or something else? Does my child have something like Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome? Why is she struggling so much with reading comprehension? Something is just not right! Why is my bright child struggling to learn? If you have asked some of these questions, you are not alone… These are all signs of a weak foundation.

One thing that’s always needed in our educational development is to read, comprehend details, and have the ability to recall the information later.  Dr. Jan Bedell, a neuro-educational /developmental specialist has long seen the carnage that occurs when a child can’t read.  It’s like the whole train (educationally) runs off the track. One determining factor is that typically everyone, including the child, is unhappy with the circumstances.

For 1 night only, January 26th,

Jan Bedell will be our featured speaker

At the Center for Home Education

5733 Watauga Road, Watauga Tx. 76148

Starting at 7:00 p.m.  Call for reservations: 817-281-2293

Jan Bedell, B.S, M.ND, M.Ed, Certified Teacher, and Certified Master Neurodevelopmentalist, began her professional life with a love for children and a deep desire to give them the best academic start possible.

 Little Giant Steps
Equip individuals with specific knowledge, expertise, and methodologies to assist themselves or children they are involved with as they prepare for their fullest, God-given potential and destiny. Offer hope, encouragement, and support to individuals, families and professionals while giving God all the glory.

Space is limited so Reservations are required!

This event is free and open to all parents.

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