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Special Convention Pricing for Rapid Recall

15-rrsdealsMay 1st and 2nd the Oklahoma City Home School Convention will be held in Cox Center.

Little Giant Steps will have special pricing at our booth!


Jan will be giving several workshops you won’t want to miss:

Friday May 1st,  Room D  - 12:00 pm
 “Foundations of Learning Styles (More than Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic)”   
Saturday May 2nd,  Room A  - 12:00 pm 
“Learning Difficulties: Dyslexia/ADD/ADHD There is Hope for Change” 
Saturday May 2nd,  Room B  - 2:00 pm 
 ” Create a Positive Learning Environment”   



Celebrating our Atlanta Winners!

AndTheWinnersAre[1]As we close out the wonderful Teach Them Diligently Convention, we have two winners to announce:
Drum Roll, Please!
Both will receive the Little Giant Steps’ Neuro-Educational Programs of their choice!
A big thanks to all who participated by stopping by our booth and it was a pleasure meeting and ministering to so many wonderful families. Indeed we are blessed!




Dr. Jan Bedell,PhD, the Brain Coach, is available in Atlanta today and tomorrow to answer questions, and has two workshops left!

1. Friday, April 10th at 2:00-3:00 pm
“Birth to Five – The Most Important School Years”

2. Saturday April 11th at 2:00-3:00 pm
“Raising Leaders: Unlocking Potential”

She’ll be at the Teach Them Diligently Conventions in Sandusky,OH May 28-30th or Dallas, TX July 16-18.
Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your child’s academic abilities utilizing The Neuro-Developmental Approach – It’s easy, fun, and results will last a lifetime!




Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD, the brain coach, will be in booth 302, when not giving workshops. Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn and have your questions answered about how neuro-innovations can make dramatic improvement in your child’s academic performance, regardless of whether they are typical, gifted, or challenged.

See more about Little Giant Steps and its very successful programs to eliminate learning issues and difficulties. We fix function by impacting the center of all learning – The Brain!

Jan Bedell’s Sessions:

1. Thursday, April 9th at 7:00-8:00 pm
“Foundations of Learning Styles”

2. Friday, April 9th at 8:00-9:00 am – Special Needs
“Should I Home School My Child Who Needs Unique Intervention? You Can, You Should!”

3. Friday, April 10th at 2:00-3:00 pm
“Birth to Five – The Most Important School Years”

4. Saturday April 11th at 2:00-3:00 pm
“Raising Leaders: Unlocking Potential”


Reduced Prices at Nashville Convention

LGS1COME TO THE EXHIBITOR HALL, BOOTH NUMBERS: 609-611  Little Giant Steps brings great prices to our convention attendees. If you can’t make it to the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Nashville, then come to see us in:

Atlanta, GA – Apr.9-11,

Sandusky, OH-May 28-30,

Dallas, TX – July16-18.


This math facts program, created and developed by Jan Bedell, PhD, M.ND. can set the stage for math success. Here’s a what a teacher who used this seasoned program in her class: After 18 years of teaching, I finally found a math facts system that works! Even my lower level students flourished. The Rapid Recall System was so easy to use—and it only took seven minutes a day! At the end of the year the test scores proved that the students had retained their math facts. This is a fantastic product!”  - Tanda Trussell West Texas Elementary, Stinnett, Texas Here are the discounts on

Rapid Recall System at the Teach Them Diligently Home School Convention:





For the complete set (4 operations) see more details HERE.


Free Tip To Improved Academic Performance



Welcome to all attending the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Nashville!

For you parents who will be purchasing curriculum, I highly recommend you get a Free Auditory Test Kit from Little Giant Steps. Why? Because it will give you a snapshot of the current status of your child’s processing ability (above or below grade or age level), and how to improve it, so they can receive, comprehend, store and recall information quickly and accurately! It will take you all of about 10 mins. to do this assessment. Order it on the right side of our home page: – or click on the picture.’s free and you’ll receive it via email. It can make a huge positive difference in their academic performance and successes with whatever curriculum you purchase!

Don’t miss Jan Bedell’s workshops on:

Friday at 10:30 am in Room:  Lincoln D.  -

“Should I Home School My Child Who Needs Unique Interventions? You Can, You Should!”

Friday at 1:30 pm in Room:  Pres. Chamber B -

“Foundations of Learning Styles (More than Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic)”

Saturday at 1:30 pm in Room: Pres. Chamber A  -

 “Birth to Five – The Most Important School Years”




Should I Home School My Child Who Needs Intervention?

HS-SPYOU CAN, YOU SHOULD!      (This is the first of a series Jan Bedell will be presenting at Teach Them Diligently Convention Friday March 20 @ 10:30am – Rm: Lincoln D)

The traditional technique for struggling learners is more one-on-one instruction. What better place to get that assistance than at home, as well as a nurturing environment! As the parent you are actually the expert on your child. Now all you need are specific tools to create great strides forward! This workshop will also explore the pros and cons of labeling and how to make curriculum work for struggling learners. Should you home school your special needs child? The answer is a resounding YES!  Jan Bedell, Certified Master Neurodevelopmentalist, teacher,  founder of Little Giant Steps and retired home school teacher  utilized this approach with her challenged daughter and discovered  she was capable of levels of academics not thought possible!  When you change the brain by building vast neuro-connections, then functional abilities improve in all areas.  Jan has been teaching families how to unlock the real learning potential of children, teens and adults suffering from learning issues. It doesn’t matter the age or I.Q. when a person becomes neurologically efficient , life improves because functional abilities improve in academic, social, and physical.


The key to success is to have the right tools and knowledge. Little Giant Steps, a neuro-educational/developmental consulting group, provides training and materials.   First, we need to find out the specific areas not up to grade or age level.  We offer free surveys to help determine specific areas that need improvement. Access to this service is located on the homepage ( A certified neuro-educational specialist will review the survey and make recommendations. Recommendations could range from meeting needs through an at-home program,  a screening, or a professional evaluation and program.  The at-home programs (depending on the age or situation) could be Early Learning Foundations 1, 2 ,or 3, Developmental Foundations, or Advanced Brain Training. All were created by Jan Bedell, PhD, M.ND. to serve people struggling with learning difficulties.  Educational materials are incorporated into the programs, as a way of testing the results every four months to assess the improvement in specific areas of functional abilities.  This approach (The Neuro-Developmental Approach) is a natural process of cognitive and physical development. This is an educational modality, which does not use drugs and has over twenty years of successful intervention through partnering with parents and supplying them the tools to make positive life-changes for the struggling individual, as well as the entire family.




Little Giant Steps, a neuro-educational/developmental consulting group, has helped children, teens, and adults discover their true academic potential regardless of whether they were gifted, typical or challenged. We treat the root cause of learning issues through brain training.  A natural brain stimulating program designed to help every individual become more neurologically efficient is what it’s all about.  It is a game-changer for those who struggle in areas of learning, memory, behavior control, sensory issues, and raises functional abilities for those at higher levels.  We do not teach coping and compensating techniques. We do not utilize drugs. We do fix the functional issues.  Dyslexia and many learning labels can be eliminated. We do practice and teach natural neuro-developmental activities that causes neuro-connections to grow which results in efficient communication between the brain and body, and restores or creates the ability to function up to an individuals true God-given potential.


“I really appreciate your weekly reminder emails, thank you. We have been working on this program for at least 3 weeks now. I feel that we have already seen some results. We went to a follow up appointment with my sons Occupational Therapist last Friday, she has now released us and said she no longer needs to be my sons OT, to please continue doing whatever we are doing at home, because it is working! Thank you!!!! I am so excited to see what 4 months of this program will bring.   Thank you.” ~  AW

** DEVELOPMENTAL FOUNDATIONS is an at-home program created by Jan Bedell, PhD, M. ND. who has been a certified neurodevelopmentalist for over twenty years. Through her work with children, families and adults, she saw a great need to help people gain functional abilities that could make their lives better and eliminate many struggles unique to them.  She recognized not everyone can partake of her services due to distance and financial constraints.  Thus she created this wonderful “At-A-Distance Program.”  You don’t just purchase this product and find your own way. You are trained and supported! The online training, which is so vital to changing functional abilities, is available with this purchase. Also, we have a dedicated person who supports you and encourages you, so success can be experienced rather than frustration, low self-esteem, and for some; life dysfunction.  Jan’s greatest service is making a life-long positive change in peoples lives.  Now, this program gives the service which before was only available to those who are able to take advantage of a full professional evaluation (more about evaluations on our website –

There are many free services on our home page (right sidebar). Check them out. In fact, viewing the videos will give you an education you’ll be glad to have.




Children with learning issues can benefit in many ways from Neuro-Educational Programs. Not only does the lower levels of the brain become organized, and they gain the ability to process information, but their frustration levels are reduced and is reflected in behaviors that are more positive. Here’s a comment from a mother of a client:

“Sarah is doing incredibly well. We noticed a change in her emotional state immediately. I could hardly believe it. I asked her ten year old brother, Michael, if he noticed a change in her and he said, “Oh yes, she still teases me, but now when she does it, she isn’t being mean!! Thank you so much for your help.” Blessings, CP

Little Giant Steps has been helping families for over twenty years discover the key to developing improved functional abilities. By applying the techniques and activities (cognitive and physical) found in The Neuro-Developmental Approach; academic, social, and physical aspects of individuals lives change for the better, and their true God-given potential emerges. Please visit our website and learn how others have made dramatic differences in the lives of their children, teens, and even themselves. Don’t miss out on the many free resources available. Take this opportunity to educate yourself about this development/educational model of solving functional issues.


HolidayNDTipAre things getting more hectic and chaotic? Are you finding yourself in a state of early panic, and the kids are starting to act out the tension that’s building in your home? Little Giant Steps has an ND Tip that will reduce the tension, foster love and security for your children, and boost their academic performance. Take 10 to 20 minutes to sit down with the children and read out loud to them. If they’re older, pass the book around so those with reading skills can take a turn to contribute. You get the advantage of reconnecting with your off-spring, and nothing feels better to a child than to have mom or dad spend time doing a designated activity. What you give to the child through this activity; is improvement in their auditory processing abilities. Read a paragraph or so, and then have them share their thoughts or insight about what they’ve heard. If you want, we make free auditory test kits available. So you can know whether your child is performing at, above, or below their age or grade level. You can get the free kit by going to our website ( and on right side-bar you’ll see some of the freebies we have for parents. Merry Christmas! Take time to enjoy the pre-holidays!