When The Brain Is Prepared To Read ~ Miracles Happen!

  Just when you least expect it!

 Listen to what a mom has experienced with her daughter after the Little Giant Steps (LGS) Neuro-Educational Program:


    As you know, Shannon has always had difficulty reading and comprehending and has never just sat down to read for the fun of it. I sent her to work with her father Thur. and Fri. He gathered a couple of books and off they went. After her program was finished, she was not allowed to do anything but read or sit quietly. To our shock and amazement, she read all 3 books during those 2 days. They are “Junie B. Jones” books, not exactly War and Peace, but they are chapter books and they were all about 85 pages. I was glad that she used her time wisely, but did not want to think a turn-around had occurred for fear of being disappointed, once again.

     She continued to read over the weekend, when she DID have other options. So yesterday morning we went to the library and got 3 more books, plus the “Junie B. Jones” books on audio CD. She sat down in the library and started to read right then.

     And do you know, by this morning, she’s on her 3rd book….3RD BOOK…this has NEVER happened in her 12 yrs of life. She keeps saying, “I can’t believe I like to read now!”

    As you may recall, one of my frustrations has been her attitude toward her Little Giant Steps Program, to the point of calling the activities stupid on a daily basis. After stating for the 3rd time, “I can’t believe I like to read now!”, I used that as a teaching moment, asking her if she felt that way a year ago, before starting the LGS program. Her reply was no. I reminded her the only thing she has done differently this past year, was her LGS program. She agreed, but said she didn’t understand how “tuck in blast out’ or any of the other activities was helping her brain. I asked if she knew how her bicycle was put together and how the gears and brake system work. She said no. I said, well, think of your brain as your bike. You don’t know “how’ exactly the gears and brakes work, but you “know” they WILL when you get on to ride. You may not know “how” these activities have helped your brain, but you now realize they HAVE, so jump in and keep working to get even more improvement.

    I told her how proud we are and emphasized that this “giant step” forward is truly a miracle from the Lord. He heard our many, many cries and I mean CRIES and gave us a program to not just help her, but heal her. While we have miles to go before we sleep, our hope for her future has never been brighter. Thank you, Ruth, for your continued effort to encourage and challenge Shannon.  ~ L. T.

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