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Incredible Changes

Welcome to Michelle Lochridge, one of our newest ND’s. I’ve asked each one of the ND’s to contribute to the blog. If you care to comment on anything on the blog, please do! We are so blessed with caring parents who have the ability to reach out to help others. This is the case of Michelle. Let’s listen to her story:


I am sitting in sunny Colorado as I write this.If you had told me 3 years ago, I would have been able to leave my family for a few days, I would have laughed. God’s grace is amazing. My family learned about Neurodevelopment and Little Giant Steps in 2005. My eldest son has Aspergers and at that time he stuttered.The 1st  4 months we were on program his stuttering disappeared. I think that is what sold me on neurodevelopment. My other son has Autism and my daughter has spectrum like symptoms. Needless to say our house was a very emotional house. It was hard to find a sitter because frankly no one could handle the three. It seemed that everything set them off emotionally. At times on program progress has been swift , at time progress has come slowly, but it has been incredible to see the changes in my family. Our favorite program activity has been Puzzibits. We love fiddling with them. Many an adventure in our family has started with a hand full of these.

My Autistic son who never noticed the world outside has taken to asking many if they know Jesus, or Do You have a relationship with Jesus? His concern of others amazes me.

I am a mom with 3 on program and we still have a ways to go. The improvement I have seen in my children led me to ask Jan Bedell how one became a neurodevelopmentalist. What started as curiosity for me soon became a mission ordained by God. It has been a journey of discovery from me. I have learned so much about myself and about my children. My prayer is that I will be able to help other parents whose children would benefit from neurodevelopment.

This journey has not always been easy, but it has been the right one for us. God continues to amaze me as he places the help I need to accomplish my children’s program. I am at peace knowing that though many miles away, program will continue and my children are in good hands.

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