Where Do You Go Without A Starting Point?

THSC-ad-2-13-BYou can’t reach an unknown destination without some idea where you are. Little Giant Steps (LGS) sees so many children with below grade-level auditory processing skills. We would like to offer every parent a FREE Auditory Test Kit, as it is a sure remedy. By checking your child’s current processing level, it will establish an understanding of where your child is functioning in their auditory processing ability in relation to their age and grade level.

Once you know that start point, then the destination to improve, succeed, and create confidence in their learning journey can begin! I’ve listed more of the benefits below.
Auditory Processing can make the difference in a person’s ability to receive information, hold it in short-term memory, and then recall and utilize it. If a person can’t hold information in short-term memory, then the ability to move it into long-term memory fails. Here are a few other benefits of having an efficient auditory processing ability:
* Phonetic Utilization
* Behavior
* Following Directions
* Comprehension
* Conceptual Thinking
* Conversational Language
* Staying On Task

Your Test Kit arrives via email. You print it out, read the directions, then spend a few pleasant minutes sitting with your child calling out sequences, supporting them, smiling, and being animated when they “get it”.

To order your Free Auditory Test Kit follow this link Auditory Processing Test Kit, or go to our home page (www.littlegiantsteps.com) and on the side bar, you‘ll see the Auditory Processing Test Kit Request box directly below our newsletter sign-up. If you will work with your child twice a day for 2 minutes, and do this Monday through Friday for several months, you will be truly amazed at the improvement, and the confidence you’ll see!

I talked to one mother at a book fair about doing auditory processing activities with her son, and the difference I thought it could make for her son. The next year she saw me at the same book fair, ran over and hugged me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a clue who she was, since I’d spent such a short time with her. But, as she recounted our conversation, I began to recall her and her son.

As she told me, “Thank you so much! I went home and did just what you said, and my son had a turn-around in his whole school experience.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“At first I noticed, he was retaining much more of what he read. I could ask him questions the next day, and he’d remember not only the information, but he could articulate what he liked about it, or what he thought about it in context with his own life. This just blew off my socks, but what really touched my heart was his change in attitude about learning. Before, it was like pulling teeth every day to get his lessons underway. He would figet, wonder out of the room, forget things he needed in order to start his studies, you name it, he’d do anything to put off school. Now, he jumps in and gets it done.”

I told her,“I am so glad  you were committed to working with him in a unique and different way.  Not many parents think they can significantly change their child’s learning experience, when, in fact, it’s true. You can!”

Then her eyes welled up with tears, her lower lip quivered as she stated, “He likes himself now! He told me one day, he’s so glad he can try and get things right. He said, he never could figure out what was wrong with him. He knew he wasn’t like other kids, because he couldn’t think right. But now, it’s working, now he can remember things!”

Now it was my turn to hug her and softly tell her congratulations on unlocking her child’s potential. She went on the faith and did the work!  We at Little Giant Steps know and see every day what seems to be miraculous changes with our clients. When you change the brain, you change and improve functional abilities. Each one of us at LGS have had at least one child who struggled in their own special way with learning. Some of our kids were challenged, some of them typical, and some were gifted. I know this mom’s heart, as I, too, remember seeing my own child blossom into his great potential. I felt so blessed when his confidence soared, and he could finally attempt things he’d been unsuccessful in doing, only to see them changed into successful academics, career choice, and become a contributor to his fellowman and community with an abiding faith in God. Yep, it makes me struggle to hold back tears of gratitude, even today, many decades later.

Time Is Short

Jenee'LGSLogo1Little Giant Steps would like to request prayer for all of those attending the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Dallas – starting tomorrow June 26th -28th. It will be a time of great inspiration. You will be extremely up-lifted. For our clients and friends, please join with us, as well.  Because life, regardless of the circumstances, for us is real, we share:

The angel among us, Jenee’ Bedell, is God’s instrument of love and faith. As she deals with the last stages of bone cancer, this 37 year old young woman had the strength to hold, hug and rock each family member ~ her mom, dad and sister. Even now, she is the comforter! As believers we find it so distressing when this life turns dark and we don’t understand all we would like to about God’s greater plan. Today I offer this opportunity to pray for Jenee’. May God’s mercy and grace be upon her. May we profoundly know and look forward to life eternal with all those who go before us, and to celebrate this life, but even more valuable will be to share Christ’s heavenly kingdom as good and faithful servants.

TTD Convention-Starts June 26th!

LGSLogo1Jan Bedell, the Brain Coach, will be speaking at the Teach Them Diligently Convention:

Thursday, June 26th at 6:30 p.m. Room:Lonestar C2

“Make Learning Easier for Struggling, Typical, or Advanced Students!”

The foundation of all learning abilities is the efficient functioning of the brain. Remember your old dial-up connection to the Internet? Is your child’s brain like a computer with a slow connection speed? i.e. struggling academically and socially, not reaching his full potential; remembering daily chores and personal hygiene seem difficult for him? Do you suspect ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, or other learning labels? What is a parent to do? You could buy another curriculum OR you could address the “root cause” so academic success could be attained with any curriculum. The difference in function is HUGE! Discover brain boosting keys that will skyrocket your child’s learning potential regardless of learning styles or challenges.

Want A Spiritually Renewing Time For Family?

TTD4Little Giant Steps Endorses This Convention

Jan Bedell, founder of Little Giant Steps, and other staff members had the pleasure of attending one of the Teach Them Diligently Conventions in Nashville, TN earlier this year.  Typically homeschool conventions run pretty much the same.  Our biggest delight and surprise was the focus and attention to spiritually nurturing the hearts and minds of all attendees!

I am sure you have had a similar time, when you came away from an event where you were more centered, refreshed, relieved, and hope was restored in the good, honest and true things of this life.  I had the privilege of talking with David Nunnery this morning.  He and his wife brought Teach Them Diligently into being as a part of their ministry.  They haven’t neglected meeting the challenge of creating a sustaining business of service without the “ministry”.  They have put the priorities in the right order, and everyone who attends this event will get more than curriculum, homeschool tools, aides, and tips.  Your soul will be lifted up, your sight into true values made clear, and the mystery and majesty of our God becomes evident.  Little Giant Steps will be in booth 001, look for us when you get off the escalator with great innovative resources that can make learning so much easier, and successful!

Do yourself and your family a huge favor, and get yourself into Dallas over the weekend of June 26th – 28th.  Allow your family to once again get on-track as a unit of believers whose cups runneth over!  To get your savings ($10 off regular registration price) CLICK HERE.   The convention will be at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel!



Jan Bedell, and the staff from Little Giant Steps will be in booth 001 during the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention. It’s being held at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel!  We attended the Nashville Homeschool Convention and were pleasantly surprised at all the wonderful events for children, teens and parents!  Not only will you have the opportunity to attend great workshops that will equip you with new information, knowledge, and skills, but the presence of the Lord will be so evident you will come away renewed and vitalized spiritually!  I don’t think there’s been a convention quite like this in the DFW area before.

Jan will be speaking three different times during the event. Be sure to put these times on your schedule, and bring paper and pencil so you will go home with new ways of doing things, neuro-developmental tips that can totally change and improve your child’s academic abilities!

Jan Bedell, the Brain Coach, will be speaking:

Thursday, June 26th at 6:30 p.m.  Room:Lonestar C2
 “Make Learning Easier for Struggling, Typical, or Advanced Students!”

The foundation of all learning abilities is the efficient functioning of the brain. Remember your old dial-up connection to the Internet? Is your child’s brain like a computer with a slow connection speed? i.e. struggling academically and socially, not reaching his full potential; remembering daily chores and personal hygiene seem difficult for him? Do you suspect ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, or other learning labels?  What is a parent to do? You could buy another curriculum OR you could address the “root cause” so academic success could be attained with any curriculum. The difference in function is HUGE!  Discover brain boosting keys that will skyrocket your child’s learning potential regardless of learning styles or challenges.


Saturday, June 28th at 9:00 a.m.  Room: Lonestar C2


 “A Positive Home and Learning Environment (General and Special Needs Population)”

Help! I’m drowning in chaos! What has happened to the positive home and learning environment I’ve always

dreamed of?

Saturday,  June 28th at 1:00 p.m.  Room: Lonestar C2

” We’re Talking, but are They Listening?”

Can he actually hear me, because he can’t seem to follow directions, stay on task, or remember what I read to him?  What’s a mom to do?



Many parents know they have bright children, yet they seem to be lost when it comes to helping them when it is clear they are struggling with learning in school.  Questions keep floating to the surface as they witness these puzzling events occurring from time to time. Often parents assume their child has a behavior problem, and set about trying to correct the situation. When that fails, many are angered at the whole situation, and feel totally powerless in changing the course of direction for their child. Some turn to silence while they watch their child headed down the slippery slop of failing daily in academics.  Sometimes learning incidents are reported by teachers, grandparents, siblings.  And, of course, there are always report cards and failed tests that bring the news of problems to the spotlight! Parents know there is a problem, but haven’t the slightest idea about a solution. It’s not their fault!! Child or Parent! Most parents are not taught about root causes in the brain such as short-term memory deficits, auditory and visual processing abilities, how to correct difficulties in receiving, comprehending, storing and recalling information.  So what’s a parent to do?


Little Giant Steps (LGS) has been about the business of providing educational and neuro-developmental solutions for the past twenty years. A parent asked me, “So what exactly do you do?”  My best response is, ” We work with the root cause of all learning ~ the brain!”  When we see a child who is unable to focus, can’t remember things from day to day, in our frame of reference we see a functional problem as being a developmental issue; a neuro-developmental issue to be specific. We treat the root cause of the problem, and our goal is to bring about functional abilities that are missing, or poorly developed.  We teach parents what activities are needed, (cognitively, and physically) to achieve uncommon results in leaving the learning disability, difficulty, poor performance in a child’s, teen’s or even and adult’s past history.


LGS let’s you start to learn and understand for free.  First, we recommend you take the FREE SURVEY.  You will get a Certified Neuro-Educational Specialist to review the survey and email a recommendation back to you.  If it were me (and I’ve been in your situation in the past), I would also take advantage to doing the FREE AUDITORY TEST KIT (it will show the current level of processing ability your child, teen or adult has).  I would add that information to the survey.  Just watching the video, will give you a good deal of knowledge you may not have had and will help you to see and understand what you are seeing in your child’s less than stellar performance.  Lastly you could do the FREE MATH-FACTS PROFICIENCY TEST.  Again, a Neuro-Educational Specialist will review this and you will get great feedback. There are many articles (free) and webinars, as well you will find under the information tab on the home page.  We do provide professional testing (academic, neuro-developmental) and individualized programs.  However, if you are at a distance from us and would like to do an in-home program, we have several products we’ve developed that will move your student to a more successful and functional range of succeeding in school.  Developmental Foundations (young through college) and Early Learning Foundations (younger children), Memory and Motion has been created for adults.  Investigate and start a whole new journey for you as a parent, and discover the key to opening your child’s true God-given potential!


Sweet ND Success for Parents


The most precious element of working in the Neuro-Developmental (ND) and Neuro-Educational field; is the expression of parents after they have taken their child through a few months of their programs. Little Giant Steps staff have had the rare and blessed privilege, over the past twenty years, to work with thousands of struggling children, teens, and adults who have, for a variety of reasons, struggled with learning, remembering, comprehending, and behaving appropriately in any given circumstance.

Parents discover relief and amazement when they see the ND methods can change the scope, trajectory, and performance of their child and the likelihood of a successful future.  The best way to demonstrate to you the effectiveness of an ND Program is to have the parents share their experience:

“We received the package you mailed us with the student work book and Bible flash cards….THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  We are greatly enjoying our “new” school time and the boys love having their own workbooks!  With this, I thought it would be nice to share the big hug with you that my second son gave me when I pulled out his very own workbook…so please consider yourself bear-hugged by my 5 year old this morning!

Please also extend our appreciation to Jan and the rest of the team for their loving endeavor to provide an easy to follow “structured” approach to combining math and the basic block of ND program exercises through the Early Learning Foundations Curriculum!  This curriculum has really helped us stay more on program the last two weeks AND has made integrating our personalized programs into the day much more achievable!  Needless to say, our boys are enjoying the school-exercise routine that’s finally getting (consistently) set in our home! The bonus for us as parents is that we’re really beginning to SEE differences in their processing and social skill abilities since adopting this ELF program into our personalized exercise program….the consistency and repetition really do help(!).  So, thanks for physically showing us HOW to integrate it altogether with ELF so we that could achieve this new level of growth in our ND program!   Thanks again for your help with our inquiries and blessings on you!  We’ll look forward to working with your team again for the next level of ELF! ”  – J.P.(the mom) & co.

From H.W.(a mom). Her son had many areas of struggle, sensory, coordination, comprehension, poor reading and math, to name a few:  “I just  have to brag on Ky.  This week we sent him to Robotics Camp,  It was every day from 9 am- 3 pm.  Ky, with a little help from the instructors, designed and built at least 6 different robots.  He had to read the manual to build the robot and used his fine motor skills to assemble the bots.  Not only did he make advancements with reading comprehension and fine motor skills, he was in a room with least 25 students and was never bothered by the noise level! What a blessing his life has changed for the better.”

I will continue to give you the many and varied parental stories over the next few weeks.  I pray these will inspire you to know that YOU can make a significant difference in your child’s ability to be successful in academics, coordination, behavior, and best of all the child discovers that they can try and succeed. Belief in their goodness is restored.  The spiritual grace of understanding how wonderfully they are made takes root, and they reach a level of confidence knowing they are worthy of the best life can offer. Be blessed.

A Lucky Winner Coming Up!


Occasionally we have opportunities that are rare, fulfilling, and results in “bringing us together” in very special ways.  You will be presented that opportunity when and if you and your family take the opportunity to register to be a participant in the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention. What makes it so different is the spiritual nurturing that goes on not only through their great lineup of featured speakers, but at the workshops where you will be spirit-filled as well.  As you go away, not only will you have new skills and knowledge, but a spiritual renewal that is as much a part of this exposition as is the educational experiences.

Little Giant Steps, (LGS) a Christian-based neuro-educational / developmental consulting group always comes t0 book fairs and conventions with a heart for service to parents, teachers, and students.  Yes, we are unique in our methods of helping individuals with learning issues, regardless of whether they are gifted, typical, or challenged.  We can serve a large variety of circumstances because our teaching and training is based on changing the most important thing in learning ~ the brain.  It is not a difficult journey or technically challenging. Because you have a child, then you understand about growth and development, because you’d had a ring-side seat watching and experiencing the changes in your child. Where LGS fist in ministering for improved academic performance, comprehension, processing abilities (auditory and visual), behavior, and socialization, is to address those areas of development that were missed for whatever reasons and circumstances the child encountered during those formative years. God gave all of us a brain that can change and with the professional guidance from LGS, we show you how to make learning easier for those in your family who could use a bit of help.

Little Giant Steps’ Programs have been serving Texas citizens for twenty years.  Now, through the use of technology, we can provide service to families worldwide. We believe God will lead those who need our help to us. So many families we’ve worked with tell us, “Thank heavens we finally found you!  My child can now do what was impossible for him or her to do before.”  We have so many free programs and information available so if you are suffering the pangs of having a child, or even if you yourself are suffering from performance gaps as an adult; we want you to get the facts, try our techniques and programs for free, and if you think Little Giant Steps would be a good fit for you or your child, we will work diligently with you to open the doors of opportunity so the individual who is tested, undertakes a neuro-developmental program will discover their true God-given potential.  I’ll put some links to some of our free resources to investigate below.

Give yourself and your family an experience that will be memorable, heart and soul-filling, and open new doors to a brighter future. Join us at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel June 26 – 28th, 2014 at the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention, even if your child is not homeschooled, the whole family will have fun, become more knowledgeable, and spirit-filled.  The children’s programs are outstanding, as are the workshops like Jan Bedell, M.Ed., M.ND, our founder will be presenting:

Thursday, June 26th  – 6:30 pm -  “Make Learning Easier for Struggling, Typical or Advanced Students”    Location: Lonestar C2

Saturday June 28th – 9:00 am  “Create a Positive Learning and Home Environment (General and Special Needs Population) Location: Lonestar C2

Saturday June 28th – 1:00 pm “We’re Talking, Is Anyone Listening?”    Location: Lonestar C2

#Freebies:  The Survey      Free Test Kits for Auditory and Visual Processing                             Free Math Facts Proficiency Test     Free Webinars

There are all kinds of free articles that will give you tips to do with your child that can make a huge difference in their performance. Also, as with most of our services, you will discover how much our Certified Neuro-Educational Specialists will help you with the Survey, Test Kits, Math Facts Proficiency.  God bless.  See you sometime between June 26th and the 28th in Dallas!

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How Is An Autistic Child A Gift?


Sometimes it is a gift to receive confirmation in your beliefs and an outward sign of what you know is really true.  Here’s one of those special moments I will forever be grateful for:

Little Giant Steps has been working with Autistic Children, Teens and Adults (all learning disabilities, actually) for over 20 years. I’ve seen our Neuro-Educational Development Program have tremendous results. But, Jesse, an autistic child,will forever be burned in my memory.
Jesse came to us as an 8 year old, non-verbal little girl. Her only outstanding feature was that she “clicked” her tongue incessantly!  There was no eye contact, no acknowledgement of someone speaking to her, and her mother, Marge, would just continually have to position her and lead her around.  When I first saw her I suspected she might be profoundly mentally challenged.
Well, just to prove you can’t tell a book by it cover, after she was evaluated by Little Giant Steps’ founder Jan Bedell, M.Ed, M.ND; an individualized program was given to Marge, and training was provided.  When we’d finished her session, I walked Marge and her little “clicking” partner to the door.  As I closed the door, a big lump welled up in my throat.  I was overcome with emotion regarding this child.  Then, I prayed, “Lord, is our Neurodevelopmental Program big enough help this child? I’ve seen it work, but can it work for this child?”  Jesse seemed to have so many issues and seemed so disabled.  I just stood there and wept for a few moments hanging on to the door.  For the first time I felt powerful grief caused by the doubt in my heart, as to whether we could be successful in setting this child free from this life-label of Autism.  I’d not seen a child quite like her before.  For such a case, would the Little Giant Steps ND Program work?
Marge & Jesse returned 4 months later (as is our practice) to be re-evaluated.  When they walked in the door of our clinic, she looked up at me when I greeted Marge. I thought, “Wow, this is a good sign.”  So, I tried to engage her.  She followed me for a short amount of time, but noticed the toys on the floor in the play area. Then, I noticed there was no “clicking”!  I commented about that, and praised her and she looked my way and gave an ever-so-slight grin, but turned toward the toys.  After Jan had completed her re-evaluation, Marge came into my office to go over the new program.and make sure all questions were answered, as we embarked on the second phase of this child’s program.
Suddenly, I was aware Jesse was peeking around the door-way. I invited her in to sit with us and gave her permission to play with the little tactile-finger toys that resides on my desk for moments such as these.  She came in, sat in front of the toys and immediately began to put them on her fingers and play.  I continued my instruction and review with Marge, when all of a sudden Jesse began to count!  She counted to 10! I looked at her with amazement!  Then I turned to Marge and asked, “When did she start to talk?”
Marge replied, “Well, once we got her to stop the clicking, she seemed to start paying more attention to what was going on. Then about 3 weeks after doing the activities on her program, she just started to talk!”  “When did she start to count?” I asked.  “Once she started talking, we started to do the things you do with little kids and she just started to pick things up really well.”  Marge paused, her eyes dropped to her lap. There she sat in silence. Disturbed by this lengthy silence, I broke in, “Marge, are you okay… is there something else?”  With that I saw Jesse scoot off her chair and hold Marge’s hand…. my eyes began to well with tears as I saw this child who had been so totally unresponsive to any living entity show signs of ….. of what….. of empathy?  Fear?  Upset?  I couldn’t imagine what was going on with Jesse.  With another touch of Jesse’s hand, Marge lifted her tear-filled eyes to engage my tear-soaked face and she said, “Jesse seems like she loves me for the first time.”  I looked at Jesse, afraid my emotion might be upsetting to her…. a slight twitch of her mouth gave me no clue what she was experiencing.  Then I saw her pat Marge’s hand and look her in the eyes just before Marge pulled her up on her lap, hugged her and said, “I am so grateful God lead us to Little Giant Steps… I only wished I’d found you earlier…. but I trust in God’s timing, and what Jan has given us in these past 4 months is a miracle and I can’t wait to see my little girl grow into who God has planned.”
With that, we got up, had a group hug prior to walking them to the door, and as I closed the door after our goodbyes; I looked up and thanked God that the LGS Neuro-Educational Program was big enough to bring this child a very far distance from where she’d been as the child I’d met 4 months prior. Please share this with those who are walking with a child with learning disabilities. The brain can change, and when that happens, the door to experience life in a total and unique way is available as never before.  LITTLE GIANT STEPS WILL BE AT THE TEACH THEM DILIGENTLY HOMESCHOOL CONVENTION IN DALLAS JUNE 26TH – 28TH, 2014 at the SHARATON DALLAS. Register now.  Come see Little Giant Steps in the Exhibition Hall we will be there to talk with you answer your questions, and give you lots of free resources, literature, and special convention deals on our curriculum. Be sure to check the schedule to attend Jan Bedell’s Workshops.


Life Lessons To Remember


Little Giant Steps has existed for over twenty years.  It came into being because of a baby girl arriving in this world with her feet deformed, a cleft palet, and later it was learned she was mentally challenged.  Her name is Jenee’ Bedell (pronounced Jen-nay).  Her mother, Jan Bedell, founded Little Giant Steps, because after she’d watched Jenee’ languish in public and private school until she was fifteen years old and still unable to read; the thought of her daughter being left without life skills was abhorrent to her mother. To some parents this would just be a matter of accepting what was, but Jan was a professional teacher. She recognized that despite Jenee’s limitations there was ability.  Jan was certain with the right instruction, Jenee’ could learn to read.  So, after many years of teaching in public and private schools, Jan made the decision to become a homeschool mom.  She would teach her two daughters without the preconceived notions of what was and was not possible. She had her work cut out for her, as while Jenee’ was diagnosed with a 40 I.Q., her sister Alysa was testing as gifted. Jan’s quest to find the right tools to reach Jenee was an answer from God.

Jan became aware of the Neuro-developmental Approach. She sought training and applied the program to Jenee’ as instructed.  She began to see phenomenal positive changes!  Along the way, Jan began writing curriculum based on the techniques she’d learned.  She saw her daughter with the low I.Q. able to read and do math at a 4th and 5th grade level!  The more Jan invested in developing programs, the more Jenee’ came into her own. Against all odds, Jenee’ got a job, lived in a group home of Christian young women adults, and happily took part in church, bible studies weekly, had a social life, and friends until this past fall.  Jan discovered the calling on her life and became a certified Master Neurodevlopmentalist.  She and her husband have served so many people, as well as their family.  Alysa, still a very talented young mother, is the operations manager at Little Giant Steps.

As sometimes happens, life has turned grim. Jenee’ is now with her parents, Jan and Allen Bedell.  She is suffering from 4th stage cancer and is receiving hospice care.  We don’t know what God’s desire is today. We all are praying for recovery.  However, when you think of gifts we’ve been given because of this life, we really must count Jenee’s life as such a blessing. We are so grateful Jan and Allen responded to her needs in such a powerful and positive way.  Thousands of children and families’ lives have received the blessing of being able to know how good it feels to be able to experience a fruitful life of learning.  Being able to receive, retain and recall information, and know that they can succeed in academic endeavors, despite the disability, or diagnosis.  Jenee’ has been a miracle to all of us who know her. While she may never know and appreciate the legacy she is established in the beginning, and the door she opened for not only her dedicated parents and their family, but for all of us who have personally been impacted by seeing our own children flourish once their brains became organized, their processing abilities were brought up to their grade level, and so many more subtle, yet profound advantages they have received indirectly through Jenee’s life and The Neuro-developmental Approach.  Take stock and count your blessings each and every day.  Learning difficulties and issues do not have to be a life sentence.  God bless all. Please keep the Bedell family in your prayers.