ThankfulnessLESLIE NUNNERY, OF TEACH THEM DILIGENTLY, reminds us ( in her newsletter) of the many things we have to be thankful for in our heart of hearts, deep within our souls.

Little Giant Steps has so much thankfulness, because we are fortunate enough to hear God’s call to serve those in need. Every day we get that privilege as we, our families and students apply the principles of The Neurodevelopmental Approach. This modality, which creates, renews, and strengthens the function of the brain, results in improved academic abilities, social interaction, and self confidence for those with whom we share our skills and talents.

These words are from a song written by by Keith Getty and Stuart Townsend. It is especially appropriate when our clients have to step out in faith to do the work in order to reap the benefits of leaving a learning disability behind, discovering they no longer struggle with school, and for many, in life in general.  You see, when the brain gets organized, the processing abilities become age appropriate, and other areas of learning issues are fixed, it seems like a miracle. Little Giant Steps have been working for over twenty years with children, teens and adults, and I am sure you can understand the joy of having problems fixed where learning is concerned. To share in the joy, follow this link to our Success Stories.

Just to let you know, Little Giant Steps serves families throughout the State of Texas, but we also have developed excellent “At-Home” Programs.  I would encourage you to visit our store and review Early Learning Foundations 1, 2, 3 levels (depending on the age of the child),and Developmental Foundations has helped so many children become higher functioning throughout the world.  Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD, M. ND, has been working feverishly to bring forth even higher achievement in her new “At-A-Distance” ND Programs, which will be coming out before Christmas!  Just so you’ll be looking for them:  Advanced Brain Training will be the first release.  We’ll keep you posted.

Remember learning disabilities, difficulties, syndromes, and many more learning issues DO NOT HAVE TO LAST A LIFETIME!  It’s a God-created feature in the brain that allows us to retrain, and change the connections in the brain and when you get all the senses together in concert as early development is supposed to happen; that’s the miracle that we are so thankful for knowing about, knowing how to apply, and see a new child, teen, or an adult move out of their disability into their God-given potential.  Truly we are blessed to play an educational and neuro-developmental part of God’s restorative power.  The best news: parents like yourself can experience these miracles with your children, as well.

We are counting our blessings, we hope you will too!


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What A Difference With The ND Approach

boy-NDEveryone In The Family Has Improved

This mom was not looking forward to the school year. The summer had been so high stressed and challenging due to the negative disposition of her son, but at least they could get him off the medication the school insisted he take while in class. There were mornings she was would wake up dreading the constant bickering between the children, because her son, Daniel was out of control so much of the time, each day was like being on an emotional roller coaster.  Daniel wanted to do good, but he had no patience, no impulses about being generous. kind, nor considerate.  It was like a battle raged within him, and of course when he went off his medications, it took a month to find any equilibrium at all for him. Needless to say, school was difficult for him. He couldn’t remember from day to day what he’d learned.   Quite frankly, when school was about to start, his mother said, “I just can’t put him on drugs again. He is not who he should be, he’s a ghost of who he is….. I just have to find a better solution for him.”

Luckily for this family, they found Little Giant Steps.  Daniel was evaluated and there were issues discovered that the Neurodevelopmentalist felt quite sure could be remedied.  An individualized program was written.  The parents went through the online training, and the ND Program was now a part of their daily life.  Thankfully this mother was so committed to the program, as there was a good deal of “push-back” from Daniel, but also Daniel’s dad wasn’t convinced this would work. He was willing to give it some time, and had a wait and see attitude, which didn’t include embracing the activities for Daniel.

It Takes Time, But It’s Worth It.

You can’t predict how quickly the brain and it’s connections will develop, but for this young man it was evident within several weeks.  One of the things the mom reported was that the emotional outbursts were noticeably reduced.  She noted he didn’t seem to be so irritated or frustrated with people and events going on around him. Within two months the success and change from his brain organizing activities were evident as he began to show organization in his room, his play and even his thoughts and speech. Then, it was noted he was beginning to show empathy in situations before-hand would never have occurred. His dad even had a few encounters that made him say he was glad Daniel was on the program. What these parents have noted as of late, was that the whole demeanor of the family has changed, as Daniel has become a happier and more confident boy. They’ve had meals together without conflict and trouble.  They, too, are discovering the “normalizing” of the whole family, and Daniel’s sensory, processing issues, and brain organization under-development was being addressed, and fixed.  The one I was so delighted about was Daniel offering, “I am doing everything better. I like it.”  I’ll let you know how his school year goes in a later post.

Learn more about the ND Approach and Learning Disabilities.  There are many great articles for you to read.  And… if you had some concerns about whether Little Giant Steps can be of help to someone you suspect to have learning difficulties, please consider taking the Survey.  You fill it out, send it to a Neuro-Educational Specialist to review and then respond to you with recommendations.  Of course, the Auditory Processing Test Kits are still for free, just order it!


Do You Know How Proficient Your Child Is In Math?


Many children struggle with math-facts. Typically math can seem like a new language, and in fact, it is.  Little Giant Steps (LGS) has been successfully addressing those struggles and turns them into positive experiences, as well as a skill-set the student can master with ease. A student’s grasp of math-fact mastery is the vital foundation for all math that will follow.  We help your student get it right from the beginning.

The ND Approach to learning includes enough neuro-input for any individual to learn math at any age.  Too often students are left behind because they’ve simply not had enough input to master and understand, or it may be due to lower-level brain disorganization, poor auditory, and visual processing. or other developmental issues. Why would that be the case? It has to do with the development of their neuro-network or connections between the brain and body. What LGS provides that is missing in all other math programs, is the specific stimulation that results in the creation of new neuro-pathways. Our programs work toward raising the functional levels of the brain, which results in greater neuro-efficiency.  The greater the neuro-efficiency, the greater the ease of learning.  Increases in thinking, auditory and visual processing, and memory abilities are a by-product in the specific design of all of Little Giant Step’s curriculum and supplemental programs. When the student is working with ease at grade level, LGS’s job is done!



Little Giant Steps knows parents can set realistic performance expectations if they know the current level of proficiency with regard to their child’s mastery level.  Go to this page. Follow the directions.  From that point on you will be working with a Certified Educational Specialist.  Here’s what happens:

  1. You administer the assessment tool.
  2. You report the results per directions on the page, (It’s on our home page, too. Just look for the picture like the one on the right and click on it.)
  3. The neuro-educational specialist evaluates and scores the assessment.
  4. Makes recommendations.
  5. Emails to you the results and recommendations.  It’s that simple!

Remember, there are lots of freebies on our site, i.e.  Auditory and Visual Processing Test Kits, and information that help you make learning easier for your child. Many hours of video have been provided to educate and train you in our methodology. Go to: God bless you.




~ a neuro-developmental / educational math facts program + more.  

It works, or you get your money back!  All you have to do is follow the directions and apply the program, which is specifically designed to work with the brain.  The neuro-developmental approach will be a bit of a paradigm shift, because it focuses on “Input”.  Intensity, Frequency, and Short Duration is what it’s all about, and parents say their students stop struggling with math.  That’s because in this math program series their visual, auditory, and tactile processing abilities improve.  Our goal is to impact the greatest learning tool of all ~ the brain. We create stronger neuro-connections (pathways), improve short term memory, and help lower-level brain organization while they are learning math facts.  THIS IS THE MATH FOUNDATION YOU WILL WANT FOR YOUR CHILD.  It doesn’t matter what age or I.Q., everyone gains when the program is administered as directed.  The best news…. kids love it, and they especially love witnessing their own success.


A viewer wrote:  (and we we responded)

Do you have a coupon for your rapid recall system going right now?  I have the addition and subtraction and will need multiplication and division for the fall. 


The fact recall after completing the addition was AMAZING.  Our son has dyslexia and a great memory but pulling up the information is an issue.  This has solved it for us. We were so happy and he is so much less frustrated now with math. Thank you. ~ S.H.



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“My daughter had a very difficult time ‘getting’ her math facts. We tried a lot of different approaches but nothing worked. Still searching, we tried the Rapid Recall System. Somehow, she began to know her facts before we studied them! I am so impressed and thankful for Rapid Recall. I recommend it to everyone with elementary students!” 

- S. Phillips, Houston, Texas

FYI – we have a school in Oklahoma who sought help for their 6th graders. It was so successful (in just 5 months) they have instituted it in their entire middle school.  They have gone from unacceptable math scores on their state tests, to acceptable! Even adults can do the program and find success! What are you waiting for?  The sales end Sept. 15th, 2014!

Celebrate A Life

Jenee'On August 6, 2014 our dearest Jenee’ got her angel wings, and now resides with the Lord in heaven. Little Giant Steps is Jenee’s legacy. Without her coming to this earth, and her mother and dad (Jan and Allen Bedell) answering the call to help her reach her full potential, there would be thousands of families, children, teens, and adults who would have missed the opportunity to make significant changes in their functional abilities. Thank you, sweet Jenee’, for being so special to all of us. Never will we forget the deep and sincere hugs you handed out so generously that touched us so deeply. We will miss you, but we know we will encounter you again when our time is up on this earth. All of us will be standing in line for another one of your “oh so special hugs”.

Developing Success For Students Early



Early Learning Foundations, a multi-sensory, neuro-developmental program, is showing terrific gains in the pre-school, and kindergartens, and 1st grades in the schools reporting back to us.

Teacher’s now understand that having students who are neurologically efficient (lower levels of the brain organized, their auditory and visual processing skills functioning at grade level, and their neuro-connections between the brain and body being like lightening fast information highways) has resulted in very happy teachers, as well as students ready to achieve their true potential!  The debate about “teaching children before their ready” does not apply with our neuro-developmental programs, as they are crafted very differently and for different reasons.  We are addressing learning issues due to parental practices which put the child in a less than “best condition” to learn, and retain information. Our focus is developmental, not academics. However some things being used will come into academic play when the child starts school.  The good news about our programs; they will work positively regardless of whether the individual is gifted, typical, or challenged.  The age or I.Q. does not matter when you are building neuro-pathways, and neuro-efficiency.  They require intensity (fun), short duration (2 min.), and repeated frequency (at best, twice a day). If you’ve got 4 minutes to invest in your child’s future superior functional abilities, then be our guest! Please!


What is evident is our cultural practices of placing our infants in seats, jumpers, walkers, and keeping them off their tummies during those early developmental stages leaves our children in an incomplete state of development.  It is when our tiny-tots are on their tummies most of their waking hours, the brain gets mapped by experiencing the world in which they live. Babies need to be feeling the sensation of pressure, temperature, texture, and having their neuro-pathways between their brain and body created through these vital sensory activities which can happen easiest when they are  in a prone position on the floor.  All senses drive the developmental processes early on. And, we mustn’t forget how vital the development of the neuro-muscular system is, as well. Without being on the floor on their tummies, babies can’t fully develop their head, neck, shoulder, arms, hips, legs, and feet muscles.  It is by being on the floor, the baby’s muscles in their eyes develop so they can track and learn to focus.  They learn to control their head, back, arms, feet and toes, because there is immediate feedback that occurs from the contact with the surface they are on.

WHAT ABOUT SIDS?? (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

Yes, it is a concern when babies (infants) are placed on their tummies in their beds or cribs. Do not do that!   What I want you to be very clear about, is when we teach parents about the importance of “tummy time” we always say, “During their waking hours!”  That is the crucial difference in what we teach and what the medical community is warning about.


In our current society our children are exposed heavily to visual processing, as a way of learning TV, Computer, I-pad, Leap Frogs, and the like.  That’s important, but what is lacking is the other piece that affects every person’s learning ability – Auditory Processing Abilities. You see, the good Lord created us with a brain that has lots of storage room so we can remember what we’ve learned.  It is the Auditory System that effects us globally when it comes to short and long-term memory.  When we screen children almost across the board there are two very important developmental skills missing or at best sorely lacking.  Auditory Processing is typically behind, therefore the child can’t follow directions, retain information short or long term. The other issue that is devastating to their learning ability, is having the lower levels of the brain unorganized. The brain has many uniquely primitive areas that must be developed so we can receive, organize, comprehend, store, and recall information.  Just these two issues alone, if addressed, could make a significant difference in a child’s academic success.  However,  ELF not only addresses all those areas, but exposes the child to words, numbers, actions, gross & fine motor development, short and long-tem memory, but many other neuro-developmental requirements that must be completed, if a child, teen or even an adult will be able to function easily at their appropriate grade level.  That’s important!

Please visit our website.  Under the “0-99″ tab on the home page, I would encourage you to watch the Infant video with Jan Bedell, our founder and Master ND.  In our store (a tab at the top of our home page) there is so much information about the unique and wonderful experiences that are available through the EARLY LEARNING FOUNDATIONS.  Please look around, as we have many “freebies” (Auditory & Visual Processing Test Kits, Math Proficiency Assessment, The Survey  as well as articles, videos, and free seminars. You are welcome to learn and grow in your own knowledge (at your convenience) to help your child become the best possible student he or she can become!

LGS Dream Team

DreamTeam '14


See the Little Giant Steps Dream Team at the THSC Home School Convention in Woodlands, TX. Come by the booth and get the freebies they have waiting just for you!

Great Deals In The Woodlands -THSC


THSC Convention is going and Little Giant Steps is there to listen, explore, teach, consult, and minister to all who grace our booth! Come see us in the Woodlands. TX!


One thing you must consider, you can make a significant difference in improving your child’s academic performance, and unlock their true God-given potential! We know the way, and are there to make life better for the entire family!

Where Do You Go Without A Starting Point?

THSC-ad-2-13-BYou can’t reach an unknown destination without some idea where you are. Little Giant Steps (LGS) sees so many children with below grade-level auditory processing skills. We would like to offer every parent a FREE Auditory Test Kit, as it is a sure remedy. By checking your child’s current processing level, it will establish an understanding of where your child is functioning in their auditory processing ability in relation to their age and grade level.

Once you know that start point, then the destination to improve, succeed, and create confidence in their learning journey can begin! I’ve listed more of the benefits below.
Auditory Processing can make the difference in a person’s ability to receive information, hold it in short-term memory, and then recall and utilize it. If a person can’t hold information in short-term memory, then the ability to move it into long-term memory fails. Here are a few other benefits of having an efficient auditory processing ability:
* Phonetic Utilization
* Behavior
* Following Directions
* Comprehension
* Conceptual Thinking
* Conversational Language
* Staying On Task

Your Test Kit arrives via email. You print it out, read the directions, then spend a few pleasant minutes sitting with your child calling out sequences, supporting them, smiling, and being animated when they “get it”.

To order your Free Auditory Test Kit follow this link Auditory Processing Test Kit, or go to our home page ( and on the side bar, you‘ll see the Auditory Processing Test Kit Request box directly below our newsletter sign-up. If you will work with your child twice a day for 2 minutes, and do this Monday through Friday for several months, you will be truly amazed at the improvement, and the confidence you’ll see!

I talked to one mother at a book fair about doing auditory processing activities with her son, and the difference I thought it could make for her son. The next year she saw me at the same book fair, ran over and hugged me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a clue who she was, since I’d spent such a short time with her. But, as she recounted our conversation, I began to recall her and her son.

As she told me, “Thank you so much! I went home and did just what you said, and my son had a turn-around in his whole school experience.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“At first I noticed, he was retaining much more of what he read. I could ask him questions the next day, and he’d remember not only the information, but he could articulate what he liked about it, or what he thought about it in context with his own life. This just blew off my socks, but what really touched my heart was his change in attitude about learning. Before, it was like pulling teeth every day to get his lessons underway. He would figet, wonder out of the room, forget things he needed in order to start his studies, you name it, he’d do anything to put off school. Now, he jumps in and gets it done.”

I told her,“I am so glad  you were committed to working with him in a unique and different way.  Not many parents think they can significantly change their child’s learning experience, when, in fact, it’s true. You can!”

Then her eyes welled up with tears, her lower lip quivered as she stated, “He likes himself now! He told me one day, he’s so glad he can try and get things right. He said, he never could figure out what was wrong with him. He knew he wasn’t like other kids, because he couldn’t think right. But now, it’s working, now he can remember things!”

Now it was my turn to hug her and softly tell her congratulations on unlocking her child’s potential. She went on the faith and did the work!  We at Little Giant Steps know and see every day what seems to be miraculous changes with our clients. When you change the brain, you change and improve functional abilities. Each one of us at LGS have had at least one child who struggled in their own special way with learning. Some of our kids were challenged, some of them typical, and some were gifted. I know this mom’s heart, as I, too, remember seeing my own child blossom into his great potential. I felt so blessed when his confidence soared, and he could finally attempt things he’d been unsuccessful in doing, only to see them changed into successful academics, career choice, and become a contributor to his fellowman and community with an abiding faith in God. Yep, it makes me struggle to hold back tears of gratitude, even today, many decades later.