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The best part of participating in Book Fairs, Homeschool Conferences and the like is when a parent comes to our booth to tell of the wonderful things that has happened to their child as a result of them working with their child utilizing the Neuro-Developmental Approach Programs we supply.  In some cases, they have just listened to some of Dr. Jan Bedell’s presentations she gives at these events. She teaches parents the basics of what needs to happen with Intensity, Short Duration, and Frequently over a period of time.  When Dr. Jan returned from the last convention at Woodlands, TX, she related this report from s mom who took Dr. Jan’s teachings to heart and did the work!

“Last year at the Woodlands Conference a single mom came to the booth with concerns for a child that was very low functioning.  She got The Neuro-Developmental Approach DVD and has been working on the activities described in the DVD for a year.  Her report, when she came to the booth this year, was glowing.  She mentioned the child could do things she had never been able to do in her entire life.  Thank you Lord for equipping this mom with the determination to press into the knowledge and apply the techniques to change her child’s life.”

We are so blessed to learn of cases like this one.  In fact, these results are daily occurrences at Little Giant Steps!  Brain Training takes symptoms of a problem and turns them into functional abilities! Why?  Because, humans are developing creatures, and far too often these days our infants are missing vital steps that turn their crawling / cross-patterning movements into brain and body neuro-connections. The good news in all this, is that we never loose our ability to impact the central nervous system, as the neuro-plasticity of the brain [the ability to change and create new neuro-pathways and connections between the brain and body] last our entire lifetimes!  You are never too old to improve your ability to learn , recall information, comprehend, and perform in an organized manner. It takes practice.  But, as one mother told me recently, “My son now experiences what it’s like to try and practice something and it results in success.  Prior to him doing his Neuro-Developmental Program, it didn’t matter how hard he tried, he never could make progress in his learning, sports, or thinking.  Oh, and by the way….. he’s loving his college experiences and is handling it like we never dreamed possible.”

A Parent Discovered Simple, Effective Tools

1-kidsHappyThere Is So Much You Can Do

Here’s a mom who wanted to let you know what works! Be sure and check out the side bar on the home page for many free services to help you discover how your child is functioning, and many tips – even a free review of a survey by a Neuro-educational Specialist with recommendations.

“I have a praise. My six year-old son was evaluated at the beginning of October. He was stuck at 3 auditory. [That means he could only retain 3 numbers (digits) and repeat them back to her after hearing them in a prescribed sequence. Children should be able to process the same number of digits as their age up to age 7]. My ND showed us how to bridge to 4′s. Last week Vince was consistentlyDigit Span Cards doing 4′s!!

I was originally going to make my own digit span cards, and it never got done. So, I bought some (Digit Span Cards) from Little Giant Steps. (These are cards you practice and play games for 2 minutes, twice a day.)Digit Span Cards

I bought some digit span cards. I love them. It is so much easier to get things done when everything is right there and done for you.  (Editors note:  We suggest you order a Free Test Kit to establish the current functional level of your child’s auditory and visual processing abilities. All directions are included with our products)

I bought the whisper phone- love it. My son is now saying Vincent instead of Sincent. I have also been using it with my other kids. My 8 year-old had a hard time saving virgins (a bible quiz answer). Immediately he could say it correctly. Also, my almost 3 year-old has been using it.

The service was very quick. I received my order in just a few days. (Thanks Jan) P.S. Don’t forget there are a world of free information offered on their website, too!” ~ investigate, educate and bring your struggling child into his/her real potential!

NECHE – Iowa Homeschool Convention Next!

LGSLogo1Little Giant Steps will be bringing our ND Services, Education and Dr. Jan Bedell’s Presentations to the great State of Iowa! The conference begins this Thursday, June 9 -11th in Des Moines, IA.

Dr. Jan’s Workshops are as follows:

Thursday    3:30 – 4:30pm      101-103     Helping the Mother’s Hurting Heart

Friday – Session I
11:00-Noon             107           Just When I Thought I Had it Together as a Teacher, My Bright Child Starts Struggling

Saturday – Session VI

9:30 -10:30am        104          Strengthening the Foundation: Sesnory Issues That Affect Learning


Florida Parents Educational Association Winners!

AndTheWinnersAre1-300x172Announcing our winners:

Friday – Michelle Combs
Saturday – Cyndi Smith Young

Thanks for taking part in our Gift Certificate Drawings in Orlando, FL!
Little Giant Steps and Staff

Learning Struggles Can Be A Matter of Development


Neuro-Developmental Screenings are a very quick snapshot of the current functional abilities of your child.  A Neuro-Educational Specialist will observe your child doing cognitive, physical, and sensory activities (parents are welcome to sit in on a screening because they can learn , as well, a new base of knowledge and techniques that they can apply to help understand ques and clues about learning issues.

Individuals can gain an understanding of themselves or their child through a screening. We are shifting the focus from looking at the symptoms to looking at root causes and learning why those symptoms are occurring. It is in finding the cause that the remedy becomes clear. Typically it’s a simple matter of development.

Little Giant Steps has many resources on our website. You can even attend our webinars for free!  Most parents are unaware of the positive significant impact they can have on their child’s learning abilities! Also, check out the right sidebar on our home page and discover other important free services.

If you wonder why your child has difficulty: following directions, remembering what they’ve learned from one day to the next, struggles with new concepts, is disorganized in their thinking or physical maintenance; we have over twenty years experience in working with families in bringing The Neuro-Developmental Approach into your lives where you can see significant change, functional abilities develop, and a happier, more self-confident child emerge.  It is truly a life-changing program that can bring children, teens, and adults into their fullest God-given potential.

Introducing Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD, M.Ed., M.ND.



Jan Bedell, aka Brain Coach™, has been a master neurodevelopmentalist for over two decades. Her experience as an educator in the public, private and home school realm has allowed her to bring forth her true passion–helping parents better the lives of their children by enhancing their brains.

This approach to learning was life-changing for her own daughter with special needs and has proved the same for those who have applied these brain building principals over the years.

Jan is the founder and president of Little Giant Steps a group of Christian neuro-educational specialists. Over the years Jan has developed an abundance of curriculum and training programs for parents and professionals. The constant goal of Little Giant Steps is to help make learning and life easier for millions of individuals.


JanAtlLittle Giant Steps headed out to meet, greet, educate, and minister to those who will be attending the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Sandusky, OH. May 12th -14th at the Kalahari Resort.
Dr. Jan Bedell will be giving five presentations covering many aspects of learning challenges, the value of brain training, and life-changing techniques to take a struggling student to one of excellent academic performance. Here’s her schedule:

Thurs.– 6:30pm   Rm: Kalihari Ballroom D

  • “Helping the Mother’s Hurting Heart”

Fri. – 3:00 pm      Rm: Crown Palm Hut

  • “Riding the Reading Roller Coaster of Dyslexia”

Fri. – 6:00pm      Rm: Kalihari Ballroom F

  • “ADD/ADHD – The Absent Minded Professor”

Sat. – 9:00am     Rm: Crown Palm Hut

  • “The Art of Teaching Writing & How To Evaluate It”

Sat. – 3:00pm   Rm: Kalahari Ballroom F

  • “Just When I Thought as a Teacher,

            My Bright Child Starts Struggling”     


Arlington/ TSHC Convention Winners

AndTheWinnersAre1-300x172Congratulations To Our Winners!

Friday and Saturday at the Arlington Convention were good days for these two lucky people:

Friday – Johnna Johnston

Saturday – Eva L. Twombly

We so appreciate you coming by our booth, and entering the drawing for the Gift Certificates.

THSC / Arlington Homeschool Convention Starts Today


Little Giant Steps welcomes you to a great opportunity to learn and visit with our staff in the Exhibit Hall (Booth #713). Arlington Convention Center | 1200 Ballpark Way | Arlington, TX 76011 

Stop by and speak with our Neuro-Educational Specialists. They are there to make a difference for you, as they have been for thousands of families with students who may be gifted, typical, or challenged.

Get answers to those puzzling  questions when you know your student is intelligent, but:

  • Why is he so disorganized?
  • Why does she act like a younger child?
  • Why is his room such a mess?
  • Why is phonics so difficult?  I have tried several different phonics programs and she is still struggling.
  • Why is he so rough with his friends and siblings?

You can find answers for the root causes of these symptoms by talking with our staff. We hope this convention becomes a positive game-changer and we are there to inspire and bring hope to all.  Sign up for gift certificates drawing, too.  Every hour in our booth we will give a mini-workshop to help you understand what and how a Neuro-Developmental Program works. Stop by to get a personal consultation regarding any learning challenges you experience as a homeschooling parent. We offer lots of free resources, as well as, programs you can add to your school day that can improve learning performance. With new knowledge you can help your child experience greater success than ever before.


doubt-female“I know my child is intelligent
* Why is he so disorganized?
* Why does she act like a younger child?
* Why is his room such a mess?
* Why is phonics so difficult?
* I have tried several different phonics programs and she is still struggling.
* Why is he so rough with his friends and siblings?”

You can find answers for the root causes of these symptoms during workshops at TTD Convention in Sandusky, OH.
NeuroDevelopmental Screenings are also open to Teach Them Diligently attendees on Thursday, May 12th.

For details: ND Screenings

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